Young and talented! Collection of the Russian designer 21DOT12

There are many talented and creative young people in our country who are able to start a new page in the global fashion industry. magazine wishes our designers victory and patience on this difficult path to the red carpet, creative inspiration.

People with an unusual outlook on life are always admired. And for this it is not necessary to dye your hair purple (although … it looks beautiful on someone), it is not necessary to be a freak. You can be bright and stylish without “Christmas-tree” decorations. Individuality can be represented as “tasty”, what we saw in the new collection of our compatriot – designer Nikolai Prokofiev and his brand – 21DOT12.

21DOT12 is a brand of men’s and women’s clothing, founded on December 21, 2016 by the young Russian designer Nikolai Prokofiev.

Working on a men’s classic suit and formatting it to your own style, the Russian brand has established itself as one of the most creative brands.

Clothing brand 21DOT12 brings variety to the style, while remaining respectable and elegant.

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