You have a big neck and a thick neck, and the turtleneck sweater is

Looking at the beauty of the last century, it seems that everyone has such a black turtleneck. This blouse is like a little black dress, setting off their temperament and exquisite, but also warmer.

  Especially the goddess Hepburn, the same turtleneck, from the young to the late, is still so elegant and decent.

  Not only is the Hepburn goddess era, high-neck sweaters are also necessary every winter! This year, the domestic flowers will be put on early~

  Even Xiu Zhi in “When You Are Sleeping”, which helped the Korean drama to recover, also showed a [high-necked sweater + suit]:

  So, today, I will talk about this turtleneck that has been favored by the Americans since the last century.

  Perhaps you will say that the high collar is really too picky, the goddess wears good looks because they all have delicate face and long neck.

  Telling the truth, the cake feels that it is time to rehabilitate the high-necked shirt. Don’t use the neck and face to define the high collar. It can clearly cover the flesh, strengthen the gas field, keep warm, and be versatile…

  Wearing a turtleneck sweater without a neck and a big face? That’s because you didn’t wear it at all!

  But speaking of it, the turtleneck sweater is really not very good, it is easy to show no neck, more bloated… But is it really “insulated” with the turtleneck sweater?

  Part 1

  | Is the turtleneck sweater not worn? |

  Most girls’ fear of turtlenecks comes from the fact that the neck is tightly wrapped, so that the skin area that can extend the face is blocked, so that the face shape is exposed. So you didn’t dare to try the high collar.

  As everyone knows, in fact, these problems that make you “crisis” may be just because you neglect the importance of [white space].

  1/white under the chin

  If you want to create a blank, you can work hard on the selection. Choosing a turtleneck with a slightly larger neckline allows the collar to form an inverted triangle under the chin, giving the neck a chance to reveal. This inverted triangle color extension can stretch your face very well.

  To compare the high-necked look of my big round face, it is better to modify the face than the one on the left.

  2/Using a half-high collar

  To create a reasonable blank, there is actually a very foolish way, that is, choose a half-high collar shirt. This trick seems to have no gold, but it is very practical for girls who are not very slender in their necks.

  See, You Tianyi and Hepburn have used this trick.

  You can also choose some styles that look like a high-necked collar that is actually a half-high collar. Contrast the mark line we made on the right, the blue line is the visual starting point of the collar, and the green line represents the actual neck and starting point. You seem to be wearing a turtleneck, but you are proud of your neckline.

  3/ comb a neat hairstyle

  When a lot of sisters are arranging for themselves, they choose a pile of items that seem to be suitable for them, but they completely ignore the hair style, which leads to the dress being misunderstood.

  A turtleneck sweater is a typical example. Its collar is poked at the junction of the neck and the hair, so you can mix your hair and collar without paying attention. This kind of practice has little effect on people with small faces, but if it is a pie face, the sense of crisis is still quite strong.

  So, change your hair style!

  It is best to have a ponytail, a ball head, or a clean, refreshing short hair that will make your head completely independent. The white space between the high neck and the hair root will also bring an extended space to the neck, and naturally also plays a role in modifying the face.

  Whitening is like a partial skin loss that can give you the illusion of weight loss.

  To compare the round face sister Guomei chick, is it that the two left-handed high-necked collars will wear a neck curve more than the left-handed high-necked collar?

  In addition to the white space, there are ways to modify the face for you:

  4/ skillfully use high collar to cover the chin

  It is also a wonderful trick to learn to bury your big face in the collar. In the past few years, there was no fashion to wear the hair in the collar. It also brought the gospel to many big faces. Choose a loose neckline, cover your chin, tell everyone: In fact, my face is only so exposed, this part is so big~~

  5/ Create a V-shaped chest

  This point was promoted to everyone before N. In addition to the V-shaped sweater chain for modification, the V-neck effect of various jackets can help you lengthen your face.

  Part 2

  | High neck sweater is the most fashionable |

  After you’ve got the tricks that can make your big face sister hold the high collar, let’s take a look at the match.

  1/high neck sweater + long coat

  In the late autumn and early winter, the coat must be the most practical coat. When the wind is getting bitter, the turtleneck sweater can give the neck enough warmth. Therefore, the combination of turtleneck sweaters and coats must be your first choice for the early winter season. What’s more, such a look can also let you switch between the British and the soft and beautiful.

  2/ turtleneck sweater + suit

  I have written so many fashion trends, and I am sure that everyone knows that this year’s prince suit is hot. You know, suits and turtlenecks are also perfect partners. You are a solid color suit, or a hot plaid suit this year, a turtleneck can give you a warm feeling into the late autumn.

  Worried that the sweater is too thick, the suit sleeves can not be inserted into the sisters, the suit vest is also a great choice, regardless of the sleeve capacity.

  3/ turtleneck sweater + short coat

  In fact, this year’s short coats are also very special, from the bomber jacket to the fur and even the down jacket, all available. Even a sporty sports jacket can also come together. In the warm southern region, the combination of leather and high-necked collars is also a good match.

  4/ Turtleneck Sweater + Fur Jacket

  The cold northern girls have been shouting, and the thick fur can really come in handy! There is also a fur that must be indispensable in the Great North. It can also be prepared. These jackets and turtlenecks are a perfect match.

  5/ turtleneck sweater + black trousers

  This set has nothing to do with the ingenious eye-catching elements, but always classic and durable, black pants can also choose the current trend style, or with a distinctive bag will not appear too ordinary.

  6/high neck sweater + leather pants

  Sweaters always give people a matte feeling because of the material relationship, so fashion people are very happy to use the shiny material to collide with them, and leather pants is a good choice. Depending on the leg type, you can also choose different pants for you to match.

  7/high neck sweater + wide leg pants

  Don’t rush to collect the wide-leg pants that are super-loving in summer. It is really a good hand to wear a turtleneck. Slim girls can choose to wear loose sweaters with wide-leg pants. You don’t have to worry about high waistlines at all. You can create an atmosphere if you are casual and lazy. If you are not perfect, you can fit your shirt and wide legs. The pants can’t be wrong.

  8/ turtleneck sweater + jeans

  The mix of turtleneck sweaters and jeans is familiar to everyone, after all… (here in the memory of the gods)

  Although there have been many people who have spit out Jobs’s strange costumes of wearing high-necked sweaters and jeans for a lifetime, this does not justify the classics of this body! What’s more, girls also have a wider selection of different types of pants, different sweaters, can create a different image for you.

  9/high neck sweater + half skirt

  Of course, the girls who love beauty can’t miss a man’s skirt. The sweater itself has a gentle attribute, plus a half skirt assists, will emphasize the femininity.

  For those who are afraid of cold, in addition to the warm bottoming socks, it is also a practical trick to choose a tight-fitting boot with a long skirt, not to mention the printed skirt should be used to light the color in winter.

  10/ turtleneck sweater

  For some sweaters that are more fit and have a lighter and thinner sweater, they can be more than just these matching methods. Basically, all summer items are stuffed with a turtleneck, which will allow you to survive the autumn and winter.

  The familiar routines must be high-necked shirts + suspenders. This look extends from the summer T-shirt + suspender skirt, and it is very practical to put it into autumn and winter. Just put on a long coat outside and you can go out.

  The turtleneck can hold more than just a suspender skirt. All of your low-necked dresses can be seen on the jacket, maybe you will save a dress that will be closed to you in the dark room.

  In addition to such a solid color, the ability of the turtleneck to drive the printed skirt is also superb. You are not still sorry because there are a lot of good-looking print skirts in the summer that you can’t wear them. It’s a high-necked shirt, and a lot of thin skirts will accompany you for the winter.

  Then do you think that the turtleneck can only be bound to the dress? Of course not, my big high collar is really super wild!

  The halter shirt is a half-length of the suspender skirt. Needless to say, this body is enough to be the inside of all your winter jackets.

  From a lighter one, like a T-shirt, a sweater, a vest, as long as the circumference is still loose, there is room for the turtleneck to play.

  Including the cake boss also played a lot of back turtlenecks + shirt look, I believe the old powder girls will not be unfamiliar. Whether it is concave shape or really warm and practical, it is in place.

  The way to thicker woolen tops, sweaters, and even low-neck/half-neck sweaters + high-neck sweaters is also worth a try this winter. The layering is like this.

  For the girl who wants to age, the combination of the turtleneck and the bib is worth wearing. And this kind of matching does not need to consider the yarn thickness of the sweater, so some thick sweaters can also be stuffed into the bib.

  11/together with

  After you have figured out these matching routines, you want to wear a turtleneck with a higher level. You can also use the same color matching principle. This way, people can look at the small money routine, how can you not?

  12/Try bright color

  Although the black turtleneck sweater is classic, but if you want to be more special and more eye-catching, try a brighter color.

  About the matching of the turtleneck sweater, I will introduce it to you here. In fact, everyone really does not have to be so terrible to think of the high-collar, we do not mean that everyone must have such a dress.

  Including the tips for refining the face that are shared at the beginning of the article. If the person with a big face wears a high-necked V-neck, it must be a V-neck. However, when you try a turtleneck to keep warm, there are those tricks that will be more face-lifting than if you don’t use them. With these skills, you can not be banned by low-collars for a lifetime. Many candidates have a high-collar collar and will have unexpected gains.

There are so many good-looking round-faced girls who wear high-necked collars. Are you afraid of it?

  Part 3

  | Single product recommendation |

  In the final item recommendation section, I found some high-necked sweaters that are not too pricey. The girls in the slums can also hold the double eleven hands.

  Every year, Zara has countless new sweaters. These models are more oversize and suitable for slimmer girls. If you wear a jacket, pay attention to the sleeves.

  ▲ reference price from left to right: 299; 299; 399

  The following paragraphs are relatively tight, and are very suitable for winter use. There are basic models, there are also designs with cuffs and pearls, and there are also eye-catching models that have been hollowed out.

  ▲ Reference price from left to right: 199; 199; 259

  H&M has been working hard on materials this time, and various cashmere and mohair have joined.

  ▲ Reference price from left to right: 449; 899; 1190

  Dzzit this year, in addition to a color matching pretty bright striped turtleneck sweater, there is actually a dog head patch embroidered, but also poked in the point.

  ▲ Reference price: 618

  Ok, now I’m going to have a sauce, let’s see you~

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