Yellow color in clothes

Energetic, bright, cheerful color that personifies summer and the energy of the sun. With what and how to combine yellow color in clothes, how to wear it and to whom it suits. And help us in this photo and recommendations from this article.

yellow color in clothes

In psychology

Yellow evokes pleasant memories, encourages action. Light yellow has a light, calming, calming effect.

Types of yellow prefer open, sociable, courageous, joyful, creative people. Despite the brightness, it can be worn anywhere and at any time of the year. Color is not limited to a certain style and age. Yellow clothes are good for summer wardrobe and accessories, casual and evening wear. However, for winter, autumn, they are also suitable, to disperse the autumn depression and depression.

yellow color in clothes

Despite all the beauty of color, in large quantities and very bright, it can tire.

In history

In ancient times, yellow was considered a sacred, divine color. The upper classes often chose him as the main for their vestments.

In the Middle Ages, preference was given to dull, dark gamut, and yellow attires were treated very cool.

In the Gothic era, the desire to dress brightly, cheerfully and with mood again became fashionable and the ladies shone in their luxurious, pompous clothes in a sunny palette at balls.

In the XIX century restraint and seriousness of the color scale returned to the wardrobe. Standing out with the help of clothes was considered a sign of bad taste. Only at the end of the century, representatives of the fashion industry remembered their love for yellow.

Today, yellow can be found in the collections of many fashion designers Jacquemus, Nina Ricci, Marques’Almeida, Tory Burch.

Shades of yellow

All of them are quite diverse, vary in lightness, saturation, brightness.

shades of yellow
  1. Pale yellow – in it is slightly pink and white, it belongs to pastel shades. It is quite a gentle, soft color. It goes well with: beige, coral, blue, green, turquoise, gray → About Pale White >>>.
  2. Cream – bleached tone, goes to girls with blond hair and tanned skin.
  3. wheaten – a little more clarified, warm. It is best combined with cold colors: blue, turquoise, green, blue, and the same with coffee.
  4. Canary – bright clean shade of yellow, it is very refreshing, improves mood. Combinations: light pink, light brown, purple. He goes to brunettes with a light olive skin tone.
  5. Neon – for swarthy beauties.
  6. Golden (Saffron) – warm, golden, suitable for a cool season. It can be combined with a brown gamma, red, dark blue, green, flesh, with lighter yellow varieties. → About SHAFRANOV >>>
shades of yellow
  1. Citric – juicy yellow-lime is ideal for summer. To emphasize the brightness and saturation will help darker colors: dark blue, black, burgundy, purple, etc. → Article about LEMON >>>
  2. Chartreuse (pear) – yellow tinged with green. Located between these two colors, but still decided to attribute it to the sun. However, he has the qualities of both. Bright, refreshing, energetic. It looks best on red-haired girls and women, brown hair and brunettes can use a lighter shade.
  3. Mustard – very warm. It is not for all girls, if you have very pale skin, you can refuse it, it can enhance this effect, make it look painful. It coexists well with: red-brown, dark blue, beige and other shades of the sun. → Article about GUESTRY >>>
  4.  Amber – dark yellow, a little more orange in it, it is the most deep and rich than all the others. It combines with: darker colors of orange, brown, dark blue, white.
  5. More rare shades: oil, corn, banana, honey, dijon, calendula.

Who is yellow

Light yellow (fawn) is suitable for all blondes, brunettes, brown-haired, red. With any eye color and skin tone.

who is going yellow

According to the basic color types, the distribution is:

  • “Spring” – warm tones that are close to orange – amber, mustard, as well as all bright shades of yellow (champagne, corn, lemon);
  • “Autumn” – Your beauty will be emphasized by shades of yellow – golden, French mustard, saffron, yellow-orange tones;
  • “Winter” – Pay attention to the cool options – lemon, chartreuse, mimosa, canary;
  • “Summer” – light pastel colors will suit you – wheat, corn, fawn, cream. Shades with a cool blue hue.

Yellow in clothes – combination

  1. Visually warm, light colors add volume, which can be used to correct the proportions of the figure. For example, if the lower part of the body is more voluminous, then wear a yellow shirt or a sweater with black pants (jeans).
  2. For business sets, yellow tones should be used carefully, because in large quantities it strains the eyesight. Use light colors or in small quantities in the form of accessories (bag, earrings, bracelets, scarf).
yellow color palette
color combination in clothes yellow – palette

The right harmonious combination with other colors emphasize your appearance, make the image vivid, memorable. You can choose classic combinations, or you can try something unusual.

+ White

The combination of yellow and white (milk, ecru, vanilla) is one of the most common in the collections of designers. This is a classic choice for summer. They are both self-sufficient, in a pair create an attractive memorable image (as in the photo).

Nude slippers and a red (crimson) handbag will be a good addition to the yellow-white set.

with white
color matching clothes yellow
color matching clothes yellow

+ Black

In such a combination, a strong but slightly strict contrast is obtained. The outfit looks most impressive, where one thing is yellow and all the rest Blackor sunny bow supplemented with black accessories – a canary dress with a black handbag, shoes.

with black
color matching clothes yellow
color matching clothes yellow

+ Black and white

A popular, win-win variation in clothing. It is universal, it is easy to use for a strict business suit or walks. Proper use of this palette will help to adjust the figure, for example, to make the hips visually narrower, slimmer, for this, wear a black skirt or pants plus a white blouse, a yellow (wheat) jacket.

yellow color in clothes

Black and white prints, patterns and patterns (especially the strip and the cell) are nice sets with sunny things.

yellow color in clothes
yellow color in clothes
color matching clothes yellow
color matching clothes yellow

+ Gray

With gray (marengo, gray, coal, steel, slate, anthracite) yellow turns out a soft, calm combination. A common, if not classic, solution (assuming that yellow has a light, not very saturated shade) in office attire.

Brighter rich tones (lemon, neon, chartreuse, pear) are good for summer outfit or informal meetings. Outfit with silver accessories suitable for a party or disco.

On photo:

  • light lemon sweater, wide gray trousers plus a silvery clutch.
  • Gray plaid pantsuit, white shirt (blouse), sneakers and a fawn bag.
  • A fawn jacket, a milky silk top, a light skirt, pleated plus nude pumps.
  • Straight short skirt, wheat blouse and bodily sandals.
images with gray
yellow color in clothes
color matching clothes yellow

+ Blue

The blue sky and the sun are the first associations that come to mind at the sight of this combination. But does not mean that it can be used only in summer clothes, in business suits. blue with yellow in pair also relevant.

The overall mood of the outfit is based on the nuances of shades: the brighter the blue (ultramarine, electrician), the richer the whole composition will look, and the softer if it is light (cadmium, cornflower, denim).

Dilute the combination of white, beige, brown things.

with blue
yellow combination in clothes
yellow combination in clothes
yellow combination in clothes

Images with dark blue (ink, indigo, sapphire, nevi).

with dark blue, sapphire, ink

+ Blue (Turquoise)

Gentle blue sea and warm sea sand give us a summer version. Particularly well, such a gamma look on the owners with slightly tanned skin. Autfit can be completely blue eight turquoise and it remains just to add a yellow handbag or blazer. It is appropriate to look blue accessories with a sunny dress.

Black, milk, lilac can be included in outfit.

with blue
yellow color in clothes
with turquoise, mint
yellow color in clothes

+ Red

They are located side by side in the color spectrum, both belong to warm colors, so they combine well, complementing each other. Combination with red (scarlet) – bright, dynamic, bold, bold. It will make others pay attention to you, but keep in mind that such a palette can be tiring visually. To slightly muffle, calm “screaming scale”, add things of neutral tones to it (flesh, snow-white, terracotta, gray).

with red, scarlet
yellow and red
color matching clothes yellow

Beautiful combinations of muted yellow will be paired with orange, coral, peach, apricot.

+ Burgundy

Expression in such a tandem is already smaller than in the previous one. With burgundy(Marsala, carmine, burgundi, cherry, wine) you can wear things of rich yellow tones, in which there is an admixture of orange – amber, saffron, gold, mustard, chartreuse.

with burgundy
combination of yellow and burgundy

+ Purple (Lilac)

Yellow set with purple or its varieties (amethyst, purple, eggplant, plum, orchid) will also be quite original, expressive, memorable.

  • Saffron dress with a purple belt or bag, orange shoes.
  • Purple pencil skirt, sun blouse or cardigan, crimson handbag, pastel shoes.
  • Black leather skinny pants and a clutch, a lemon jacket, amethyst top or bass blouse, crimson sandals.

Coal, white, milky, orange, dark blue, crimson, silver underlined sets, as in the form of a separate thing or accessories.

with purple
with dark purple
with purple

Wheat, pale yellow, mustard in a pair with lilac create a wonderful image, filled with romance and femininity.

with lilac, lavender

+ Green

The combination of yellow and green gave us nature itself, it is harmonious, natural. Suitable for office or summer vacation. With green (although it all depends on its appearance) the color scheme becomes even warmer and more attractive.

  • Green dress looks great with a mustard jacket, handbag, shoes.
  • A maxi skirt of rich emerald color with a canary top or blouse – feminine and romantic summer bow.
  • Saffron pants, green blazer, gray shirt, beige shoes.
with green

Jade, green-turquoise, mint, pistachio with cheerful sunny things in perfect harmony.

a combination of yellow and green

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