Women’s socks – 50 photos of the most fashionable models for all occasions

Women's socks - 50 photos of the most fashionable models for all occasions

One of the most necessary accessories are women’s socks, which are used for warming, additional comfort and decoration of ladies’ legs. The range of modern manufacturers presents a variety of variations of such products – from concise monochromatic to playful and flirty models, decorated with bright prints .

Women’s winter socks

With the arrival of winter women’s warm socks are beginning to enjoy particular popularity. The representatives of the fair sex wear them at home and at work, combined with tights and different types of shoes. Women’s warm socks are made from a variety of materials with excellent thermal characteristics – mohair, angora, wool, and so on. In addition, such products can be easily linked independently, if the young lady has at least initial skills in needlework.
women's winter socks

women's warm socks

Knitted women’s socks

Women’s beautiful knitted socks look very stylish and attractive. Such products can be monophonic and colored, they are often decorated with geometric elements or ethnic ornaments, pretty patterns, charming striped socks are very popular with girls and women.
Knitted patterns allow you to keep the legs of its owner in the warmth and comfort, at the same time improving blood circulation in the lower extremities and contributing to the weakening of discomfort. Meanwhile, in order for such accessories to influence the improvement of health, it is necessary to choose women’s knitted socks made from natural yarn – sheep or camel wool, cashmere, angora or cotton.
knitted women's socks
women's beautiful knitted socks

Women’s Wool Socks

Natural wool is one of the most preferred types of yarn, which perfectly warms, reliably retains heat and, moreover, does not bear any harm to health. As a rule, woolen accessories are used in the winter season, however, they can be an excellent solution in warm weather. So, women’s thin woolen socks can be worn even in summer, as they prevent excessive sweating and eliminate unpleasant smell, providing maximum comfort for the feet.
women's wool socks
women's thin wool socks

Terry Women’s Socks

Choosing warm socks for women for the winter, it is impossible not to pay attention to products made of terry. Such accessories are surprisingly soft and warm, they do not cause discomfort at the time of wearing at all, but at the same time they are excellent in heating. Meanwhile, pure mahr is not an elastic fabric, so in most cases these socks are made of a blended material, in which mahr has a larger percentage.
Terry women’s socks have several varieties:
  • winter Such products in most cases are made of dense mat with the addition of wool or cashmere;
  • double;
  • demi-season – the composition of these products includes natural cotton or bamboo;
  • Terry socks, slippers – the perfect choice for home.
terry women's socks
women's warm socks for winter

Women’s Angora Socks

Models of angora, or angora, are incredibly soft and fluffy. Such products weigh almost nothing, but they also perfectly warm and reliably retain heat for a long time. In addition, Angora perfectly pushes away external moisture and absorbs internal, which provides additional comfort in any weather.
Angora women’s socks have excellent therapeutic and prophylactic properties – they are completely safe for people suffering from frequent manifestations of allergic reactions, and, moreover, help reduce pain and improve general well-being in arthritis. Since the angorka is difficult to paint, colored accessories from this material are rare and are not cheap at all. For this reason, the most popular variety of such products are gray, white and black women’s socks, which are perfectly combined with any wardrobe items , shoes and accessories.
women's socks with angora

Women’s downy socks

Rabbit down accessories are also incredibly soft, cuddly and fluffy. Meanwhile, they have a significant drawback – since the rabbit down is extremely unreliable fixed in the yarn, it is very quickly and strongly peeled off, with the result that such products become unattractive in appearance. In addition, downy models, especially white women’s socks made of rabbit down, are incredibly demanding to care – they can be washed only in cold water with a mild shampoo, without resorting to automatic washing machines.

Fashionable women’s socks

In the fashion world there are a variety of types of women’s socks that can be worn in almost any situation. These accessories can be thin and thick, long and short, bright and concise. A huge variety of variations allows each woman to choose a suitable model in which she will be as comfortable as possible.
women's downy socks

Short women’s socks

Shortened models are distinguished by the fact that they do not cover the ankle in height. This makes these accessories incredibly comfortable and versatile – they are easily combined with any clothing, including shortened trousers. In addition, these products do not stick out of shoes, so that they can be combined with various models of shoes, shoes, sneakers and ankle boots. Like all other options, the shortened accessories are presented in an incredibly wide range. In most cases, young ladies use white short women’s socks that look good in any image
short women's socks
types of women's socks

Women’s high socks

Long women’s socks, which in appearance resemble golfs, are a favorite choice of the representatives of modern youth. Such products look very stylish complete with short dresses , skirts and shorts, especially if they are complemented by a bright print or contrast stripes. In addition, among the representatives of the fair sex are very popular openwork models with a pattern that emphasize femininity and romance of the image.
high women's socks
long women's socks

Women’s socks

Miniature socks-socks are designed to protect the feet from calluses, corns and other damage. Especially often they are used in hot weather, when the legs begin to experience discomfort due to overheating and excessive sweating. Such accessories can be made of different materials, but the most popular option is women’s nylon socks, which are made mainly in black and flesh tones.
socks for women

Women’s socks with a pattern

For girls and women who prefer bright women’s socks, models with different patterns are perfect. Images can be very diverse, for example:
  • mugs and peas;
  • stripes, including those located chaotically;
  • geometric elements;
  • cats, dogs and other animals;
  • funny characters of fairy tales, comics and cartoons;
  • variations on sweets, ice cream, lollipops, and so on;
  • romantic motifs – hearts, kisses and more;
  • floral motifs;
  • drawings confined to a particular holiday or event, for example, on the eve of the New Year, many young ladies prefer to purchase accessories with Santa Claus, snowmen and festive trees.
women's socks with a pattern
bright women's socks

Women’s socks with fingers

Models in which each finger is placed in a special compartment, slightly resemble gloves. Many young ladies say that at first they can cause discomfort, however, later the leg gets used to them, and these products become incredibly comfortable. Fingered accessories in casual lookups are rarely used – as a rule, they complement the image for a pajama party or are combined with a tracksuit designed for yoga or fitness.
Socks, gloves are presented in an incredibly wide range – they can be bright and concise, solid and incredibly catchy. The most popular option from the designer collections of recent seasons are women’s colored socks, in which each finger has its own color. Very often, these compartments have a gradient or rainbow color.
women's socks with fingers
women's colored socks

Women’s sneaker-socks

Women’s socks, slippers for home are very popular with beautiful ladies. Such products can have an inner lining-insulation, thanks to which they retain heat for a long time and allow their owner to feel the maximum comfort. Women’s socks, slippers should have a strong felt sole, which does not slip and can move on any surface. Depending on personal preferences, each young lady can choose a model with a high or low top – these options are equally convenient, but they look completely different.
women's sneakers socks

Fishnet socks for women

For girls who like to create feminine and romantic images, beautiful women’s socks with an openwork pattern are perfect. They can be made of different materials, but in most cases knit or crochet from thin cotton yarn. Fishnet models are recommended to wear with light dresses, skirts and shorts. In this case, preference should be given to products of white color and pastel shades – they emphasize the femininity and natural charm of its owner.
Fishnet socks for women

Women’s Seamless Socks

The lack of seams is characterized mainly by women’s sports socks, which should be as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Thanks to the special technology of sewing, such products are not rubbed anywhere and are practically not torn. In addition, these accessories are ideal for older women with diseases of the lower limbs or joints.
women's seamless socks

Cool Women’s Socks

Funny women’s socks will be an excellent gift for any holiday or important event. As a rule, they are decorated with bright images or inscriptions, which, when he is in attentive mood, can cause a smile. So, cool women’s socks can be decorated as follows:

  • a bright pattern that mimics the hooves of a horse or penguin’s paws;
  • unusual shape and coloring, which creates the feeling that the female leg bites a huge shark;
  • three-dimensional image of a funny animal, for example, a pig;
  • funny inscriptions, such as “I am the queen”, “Miss fitness”, “There is no limit to perfection”, “Mom is tired” and many others;
  • a black and white image imitating skeleton bones;
  • socks-week – 7 pairs of different accessories, made in the same style and designed for each day .
cool women's socks
funny women socks

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