Women’s Rings – Exquisite Finger Jewelery

The most exquisite jewelry for the fingers of the female hand that human civilization could come up with is the rings.
Every girl, girl and woman know how to wear rings. But to choose the right jewelry – this is a separate science.
In this article, you can learn about the main types of rings, the rules for their selection and combination in everyday, business and evening manner.
Stylist tips on how to properly wear rings will help you navigate the variety of these modern jewelery and make an informed choice in accordance with the overall style of your image.
These small accessories, which are both decoration and symbol, can conceal a great sense. Often these are the most personal elements of the jewelry collection, be it bright engagement rings or classic seals.

Common Ring Types

Here are the most common types of rings:
RING FOR THE BENCHER – usually with a diamond or a precious stone, is given as a sign of intent to marry.
WEDDING RING – worn after the wedding ceremony as a symbol of marriage.
SOLITER – a ring, which is a simple bezel with one large precious stone.
RING OF FAITHNESS (OR PROMISE) – types of female rings, symbolizing a special status of relations, usually with the image of linked hands or a node.
RING OF ETERNITY – a ring with precious stones in an individual frame throughout the diameter.

COCKTAIL RING – catchy ring with a huge precious or semiprecious stone, often made of inexpensive materials.
ANTIQUE RING – a decoration with a long history.
The ring on the phalanx – a small ring, worn between the first and second knuckles.
SEAL – custom -made ring with emblem, emblem or initials.
FINGER – a ring symbolizing belonging to a society, group or organization.
Now you will learn how to properly wear elegant rings, how to make a composition of collection rings so that it does not look cumbersome, how to wear rings on fingers, and not only.
Look at the different common types of rings in the photo, where interesting design types are demonstrated:

Cheat sheet size

Knowing the size of the ring for a female finger is useful if you pick up a classic piece of jewelry, want to redo an old piece or order it online and cannot try it on yourself.
To find out what size your female ring is, wrap a thread or a thin strip of paper around your finger and make a mark. Each finger has its own shape, so it is better to measure the fingers on the hand on which you are going to wear a ring.
Measure your finger in millimeters and check the size chart. If your result is midway between two sizes, it is recommended to take a larger ring (this method of measurement is also suitable for rings on phalanges).

How to make a stack of jewelry

Although the rings are relatively small jewelery, they can play an important role in any image. Make a bold and bright composition of cocktail rings or an ensemble of thin gold jewelry. Here are some tips on how to stack.
Select items. Before wearing rings on your hands, remember that the secret of a successful composition is the right texture and variety.
Small ring chains, wire rings with round beads, square and round wire rings, small rings with precious stones can all become part of a single harmonious ensemble.
Do not be afraid to mix. As soon as you have a decent collection of rings, it will be time to create. There are no clear rules on the location of the jewelry, but it is better to place the rings of different styles at a certain distance.
Place the rings between the phalanges. The height of the stack of rings depends on the length of your fingers. If you are going to make a bright composition (for example, like on your middle finger), do not go beyond the limits of the phalanx so that your fingers can bend freely. If you have short fingers, then there should be fewer rings in the stack.
Play with the proportions on different fingers. If you have one bright composition, let the other fingers be decorated with more restraint, two or three rings on a finger.
Choose a few massive rings: these can be cocktail rings, jewels with gems, different metals, unusual tracks of different widths. Do not be afraid of bright colors and eclectic, go for it!
Choose one ring for each hand that will become the center of the composition. Ideally, the largest massive ring should be on the middle finger, and the rest will line up around it. On the right hand, the center is a massive vintage ring with three stones (on the left – a ring with two stones on the ring finger). Around proportionally smaller rings are located.
Together more fun! There is no need to put rings on all fingers (“empty” fingers will balance the overall look), but for greater effect it is better to decorate both hands.
See how to wear rings on the photo, which shows a variety of compositions of jewelry:

Above and below

Pick up the rings on the phalanx. Phalanx rings (or midi rings) are small pieces of jewelry that are worn between the first and second knuckles, above and below. Most of them are elegant and discreet, so they are easy to combine with other accessories.
Strength is in diversity. Usually the rings on the phalanx are thin, but even here you can find a wide variety of shapes and combine them with each other. It can be rings on two phalanxes, openwork and embossed jewelry, made of forged and twisted metal.
Use all phalanges, not just the first. You can wear the rings on the phalanx one by one, but with classic stacks of rings, they will look even more impressive. Unleash creativity – decorate your fingers with rings at different heights.
Do not forget about proportions. As with any jewelry composition, balance is extremely important. If you have already put a few rings on one finger, then the next stack should be lighter, then a little more massive, and so on. Do not overload the image – let a few fingers remain empty, then the overall picture will look much more refined.

In service with the geometry of the rings

DIRECTLY. Put on several rings of the same width on the same level – on the index, middle and ring fingers. Simply and effectively!
ISOSCELES TRIANGLE. Choose two rings, one put on your index finger, the second – on the ring finger. Finish the midi-ring composition on the first phalanx of the middle finger – you get a perfect triangle.
RIGHT TRIANGLE. To make a right-angled triangle, put the thinnest ring on the ring finger, then the ring wider on the middle finger and, finally, the widest ring – on the index finger.
CREATIVE NATURES. Put some square rings together and one with a round gem to create a spectacular composition.
BROKEN STONES. Thin rims, accessories in art deco style, cocktail rings – all these decorations will complement each other, as long as the result is a solid image.
EASY CLASSICS. There is nothing more traditional than a stack of diamond rings in combination with a signet ring emphasizing an individual style.
MODERN BOHEMA. Do not be afraid of bold wide rings with Indian motifs – they perfectly complement your bohemian image.
See how to wear rings on your fingers – the photo shows all the possible compositions:

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