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Seeing a tie on the representatives of the stronger sex, no one is surprised. On the contrary, this product emphasizes the strength, masculinity and endurance of its owner. In the women’s wardrobe this thing appeared at the beginning of the XX century. Today it is rare, although much more often than a few years ago. Nevertheless, it still puzzles many fashionistas, as well as their entourage. Most young ladies not only do not know how to tie a woman’s tie, but also in what situations it should be worn and with which to combine.

Initially, it was difficult for young ladies to incorporate this accessory into their image, since it was almost no different from the male one. Today, stylists and designers offer their fans a lot of bright, interesting and original options that are completely different from the element of masculine style. With this accessory, each young lady can not only demonstrate an individual style, but also stand out from the crowd, drawing attention to her persona.

tie in the female wardrobe

Fashion Ties 2018

In each new season, representatives of the fashion industry offer many interesting options for girls and women. The most fashionable ties of 2018 are made of silk and decorated with unusual and original prints. Most of them have a very impressive size, so they can be tied in various ways – in the form of a classic strip, bant, flounce or a jabot.

In addition, this season is incredibly relevant strict accessories that fit perfectly into the business images , stylish women’s Bolo tie, which is a cord with a clip, and luxurious lace options. The latest products perfectly complement the festive images, especially in a situation where the beautiful lady decided to go to the event not in a dress, but in a pantsuit.

fashion ties 2018

Types of women’s ties

Modern fashion offers women fashionable ties of a wide variety of styles and colors. Among the huge range of such products, each young lady will be able to choose the right fit for work, everyday wear, a romantic date or celebration. In addition, some models are considered universal and can easily fit into several different images.

types of women's ties

Women’s bow tie

Stylish bow-shaped ties appeared in the world of women’s fashion at the suggestion of French writer George Sand. Currently, they attract a huge number of fashionistas due to the bright, feminine and original appearance. Such products are a piece of fabric that can be tied in the form of a charming bow or twisted in the usual way. In this case, the material can be both monophonic and printed – all options look great.

female tie bow

Bow Tie for Women

Women’s bow tie is no different from men’s, with the exception of a wider variety of colors and stylistic options. So, young ladies can choose charming products in a romantic style, decorated with hearts, or models made with the help of bright contrasting combinations. Female bow tie of black, dark blue, gray and other colors belongs to the unisex style, so it can be worn with a partner in turn.

bow tie for women

French tie for women

Ties for women, made in the French style, least of all resemble the traditional men’s accessory. They are made of silk, satin or satin and tied like an ordinary scarf. At the same time, depending on the individual preferences of the fashionistas on such a product, you can create both a tighter and a light air unit.

french tie for women

Women’s shawl-tie

For admirers of classic style in clothes, a women’s tie-scarf, which can be tied in many different ways, is perfect. Such a product can be made of various materials, therefore in the winter period of the year it is often used for the original addition of outerwear . Women’s scarf-tie has a sufficient surface area, so its floors in most cases, straightened on the shoulders.

women's scarf tie

Women’s tie regatta

For young girls, to whom the art of tying this accessory is alien, a female tie-regatta, equipped with a factory knot and an elastic band, is ideal. When wearing such a product, it becomes necessary to hide the rubber band, so it must be worn in combination with shirts with a classic turndown collar.

A tie regatta can have many different colors and stylistic variations. As a rule, the representatives of the fair sex complement this accessory business images for working days or business events. The ideal choice in this case would be a black female regatta tie, capable of making the business look as strict, solid and elegant as possible.

women's tie regatta

Women’s jabot tie

Luxurious and refined frill collar is referred to as a tie only conditionally, since it is often an integral part of the wardrobe item. Meanwhile, this product can also be an independent accessory. In any case, such a decoration can “dilute” too strict and businesslike image and make it feminine, romantic and truly charming.

Although not all beautiful ladies understand how women wear a tie, the jabot is known to almost all young ladies, and absolutely no one raises questions. In most cases, this delicate and elegant rim is located around the neck and can reach the bust, and in rare situations it falls below and tends to the waist.

female tie frill

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