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There are accessories that are dictated primarily by the season and weather conditions. These are hats, scarves, shawls and gloves. They are well protected from cold and wind, any bad weather. However, each of them can be used for another important purpose – to serve as an ornament, to give completeness to the ensemble in clothes. A good example of the decorative use of popular accessories is elegant black satin gloves, the main task of which is to emphasize the beauty and grace of delicate female hands, the elegance of an evening dress .

Gloves are made of leather, suede, fabric and other materials. Also distinguish them from the following types:

  • classic;
  • without fingers (mitts);
  • with leggings.
long black gloves

Women’s long and short black gloves

black high gloves

The breadth of the model range of glove products is explained by their difference in length, variety of materials, manufacturing techniques. They are:

  • elongated to the elbow;
  • long – above the elbow;
  • super long – reaching to the shoulder;
  • classic – closing wrist;
  • short – to the wrist;
  • super short to the middle of the palm;
  • sewn;
  • knitted.
black leather gloves

High stylish black gloves

women's black gloves

Fashionable short black gloves

women's black fingerless gloves

The choice of style is dictated by its compatibility with the suit and its purpose . The color solution is different, but black products are most in demand: they are universal, fit well with almost any clothing. An important advantage of such gloves is that they can be worn by girls with thin fingers and fragile wrists, and owners of full hands. Depending on the purpose, there are:

  • for evening dressing;
  • wedding;
  • everyday;
  • workers;
  • automobile;
  • for sports, fitness.
black velvet gloves

High black gloves

black fingerless gloves

Black leather gloves

The criteria for evaluating any thing are its quality, functionality and pleasant appearance. In the case of clothing and its accessories, you can still add – and compliance with fashion trends. With all these requirements, the undoubted hit among the glove products – women’s black leather gloves. Their main advantages are:

  • universality;
  • practicality;
  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • possibility of combining with other materials;
  • excellent aesthetic qualities;
  • variety of modifications.
black leather gloves

Thin leather gloves

women's black gloves

Everyday gloves

black patent gloves

Black long gloves

The ability to change the length of glove products contains great potential for experimenting with their styles and models. In recent seasons, eminent brands prefer a length that exceeds the average mark. Increasingly, they demonstrate on their models black gloves to the elbow and above, and many fashion houses choose natural leather as the prevailing material for their fashion ensembles.

For a long time, long styles were worn only with evening and ball gowns, but today outerwear without sleeves and fur vests are relevant, to which black leather long gloves remarkably resemble. They can be decorated with fur, metal rivets, fabric inserts. Gloves with graceful bracelets and other jewelry put on top look impressive.

stylish images with black gloves

Stylish images with black gloves

fashionable black gloves in a harmonious image

Fashionable gloves in the image

black high gloves

Black Lace Gloves

Beautiful, stylish clothes – this is a demonstration of the social status of its owner. In ancient times, one of the noble markers of origin was absolutely useless in terms of practicality, but luxurious, made of expensive materials and richly decorated items of clothing. Black openwork gloves – from their category. They were woven from natural silk and were real works of art. Yes, and cost the same.

Nowadays, the main purpose of such products is to serve as an ornament and a spicy accent in the created image. They are appropriate with evening dress, light outerwear – jackets, coats, cloaks. Increasingly, they began to wear and with everyday clothes , especially the short version. A harmonious combination with the ensemble, respect for the proportions of the length of gloves and sleeves creates a complete image, full of charm and refinement.

black lace fingerless gloves

Short Lace Gloves

black lace gloves

Long black lace gloves

black transparent gloves

Black knitted gloves

The fashion for knitted things is relevant in the 2017-2018 season more than ever. Before the onset of products from coarse and knit knitting, even furs and leather recede. Such things are soft, comfortable, cozy, and now also in a fashionable trend. Knitted glove products are mainly made of yarn, knitted fabric and lace. When choosing a model, it is important to observe a balance between the density of the binding and the texture of the material from which the outfit is made. If knitted black gloves are universal and due to their inconspicuousness they go well with any clothes, then openwork products can set the tone for the whole ensemble.

black wool gloves

Black Fingerless Gloves

Familiarity with the new collections of glove products from leading manufacturers of fashion accessories amazes with a variety of stylistic solutions. Among them, one of the leading places is occupied by women’s black fingerless gloves. Short leather mitts look spectacular on avtoledi, are a recognizable sign of club style, indispensable when practicing fitness. Black fingerless lace gloves look especially sexy and glamorous, their length can vary from super long to ultra short.

women's black fingerless gloves

Fashionable fingerless gloves

black fingerless gloves

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