Winter uggs – which models are in fashion this season?

Several years ago, uggs appeared in the wardrobe of almost every woman, regardless of age, and do not lose their positions, annually offering fashionable women new interesting models. Winter ugg boots are stylish, comfortable and very warm shoes that can be worn even in the most frosty weather.
Fashion ugg boots 2019

The globally popular winter Uggs for the first time appeared in sunny Australia among sheep farmers. After the first boots were brought to the United States, the excitement began around the world. And this is absolutely justified – fashionable ugg boots have a lot of advantages:
natural warm sheepskin is used for their tailoring;
Soft suede finish for a stylish look;
simple style, thanks to which winter shoes can be safely called “unisex” ;
waterproof in wet or rainy weather;
wide range of styles and colors.

There are a lot of questions around the topic of their impermeability – many have had to face such unpleasantness as moisture inside their shoes in rainy weather. Uggs couldn’t happen with natural branded shoes, but there are a lot of fakes on the modern market that are difficult to distinguish from the original. Therefore, buying uggs, make sure the quality of the boots, and you should not look for cheaper models to save money.

The advantages of winter boots uggs can be attributed, and their easy compatibility with any style of clothing, especially with casual. So, they look great with jackets, down jackets, coats, including cocoon and oversized models that are popular this year . Tall, elegant models with narrow tops can be combined with classic clothes, such as slim coats, long coats, and sheepskin coats.
Uggs with fur

Natural uggs with fluffy fur that, like the shoes themselves, are of the highest quality look very stylish and original. These boots are beautifully combined with outerwear, on which there is a fur trim – fur coats, vests, coats, down jackets, hats. Such models of shoes, as a rule, are not high, they are very warm and comfortable. For the durability of the fur, you can not worry – the natural material will not suffer from moisture and rain. But it is worth considering – girls of small stature with a magnificent figure, they, most likely, will not fit.

Short uggs

Stylish and warm uggs, the height of which is just above the ankle – the favorite winter shoes of those who prefer an active lifestyle. In these boots will always be warm, they have a small weight, soft comfortable sole, which makes them the most comfortable option for warm shoes. Short winter uggs have another important advantage – they are easily and harmoniously combined with any everyday option of outerwear – a warm jacket, park, down jacket, coat. If there is a fur trim on outerwear, you should pay attention to short ugg boots with fur.

Uggs with rhinestones

One of the favorite decor options for women’s clothing, shoes and jewelry – beautiful and brilliant rhinestones, instantly transforming any thing, making it elegant and festive. Winter ugg boots are no exception – models with different decoration options for rhinestones are becoming increasingly popular:

on top in a circle;

rich front decor;

small rhinestones around the boot.

Any color shoes, decorated with rhinestones, will look stylish, luxurious and feminine, but due to the effect of contrast, black uggs are the most popular. To create a harmonious image it is better to choose an accessory for boots with the same decor option – gloves, hat, bandage, handbag.

Leather Uggs

Traditionally, winter uggs are made from natural suede, but modern fashion offers the widest range of models. Smooth women’s leather uggs that go well with outerwear made of the same material are very popular. The main plus of shoes made of smooth leather is ease of care, such a surface can be tinted with any cream, and any contamination can be easily removed with a damp sponge, unlike suede, which requires special cleaning products.

Winter leather women’s uggs are:


The range of colors of leather winter ugg boots is very wide. Due to the fact that such boots are often selected under leather jackets, models in black and brown are very popular. Among young people there is a high demand for creative colors – golden, silvery, black with glitter, and also bright models with beautiful decor.

Uggs moccasins

Manufacturer of winter shoes uggs does not stop at the traditional and familiar to all version – boots. Warm moccasins appeared on the world market several years ago and gained incredible popularity. What are shoes, known as mini-uggs ? Outwardly, these are the most usual comfortable moccasins with a dense top made of natural suede, but inside they are insulated with a thick layer of sheepskin. The peculiarity of the shoe is that it can be worn in any weather – from +24 to -30 degrees.

Winter moccasins uggs are varied in design and colors. The most popular are soft tones, close to natural:
the black;
red brown

Many have a logical question, with which you can wear warm winter uggs, moccasins in the cold season. The ideal option for underwear for such shoes is a long warm skirt or dress that keeps you warm. The top style can be any, except for classic models – moccasins have a neutral appearance and are easily combined with modern casual style.
High uggs

Uggs knee-high boots are called high, which look elegant and neat, so they are easily combined with any type of outerwear, even with an elegant coat or fur coat. In such shoes it is very comfortable and warm, unlike traditional classic boots, the ugg boots are very light, so when wearing you will not feel any discomfort. High models come in different designs:
Uggs with ears

Women’s winter natural uggs can be creative, for girls who like lightness and spontaneity. One of these options – warm boots with ears. On the boot there is always a fur trim, in a circle or just in front, and neat ears made of fur or leather peeking out from under it. Winter ugg boots with ears, as a rule, not high, to the ankle. The variety of colors is very wide, but the favorite color of such a model for fashionistas is light or dark gray, associated with the hare.

Knitted uggs

Knitted things are gaining more and more popularity in modern fashion , this trend has not been spared by warm shoes. Winter knitted uggs look very unusual, the top is made of dense knitting with a variety of patterns – all kinds of rubber bands, motifs with braids. The most popular colors of knitted ugg boots are:

white boots;

brown knitted uggs;

gray uggs;

pink uggs .

For heat-retaining properties, knitted ugg boots are somewhat inferior to leather and suede models, therefore, they are more often used as demi-season shoes. They also have significant drawbacks:

Knitted coating does not hold water and moisture. In rainy weather you will quickly get wet knitted ugg boots, so it is best to wear them only in low humidity conditions.
Serious dirt is very difficult to remove from a knitted fabric. Most likely, you will have to resort to dry cleaning services.

Poured Uggs

Uggs with a shiny coating, which has not only aesthetic properties, but also practical, are called poured. Such a boot is treated with a special impregnation that reliably protects against water, moisture and dirt. Indisputable plus of douche models is simplicity in leaving, any pollution, without being absorbed, is easily wiped with a dry or damp sponge. In addition, shiny uggs look very stylish and are very popular among young people, easily combined with modern variants of outerwear. Popular colors of douche uggs are:
Uggs with stones

Women’s shoes uggs are very diverse in design and decor. So, the simplest model can look elegant and elegant, or, on the contrary, stylish and creative, if you add jewelry. One of the options for the Uggs boots decor is a variety of pebbles, with the help of which both light minimalistic decoration and whole compositions are created. Best of all, this decor looks on models of dark color – black, brown, maroon.

Uggs on the platform

For the traditional winter with snow, and sometimes with slush, many uggs will fall on the platform, the base of which has a distinct relief. The advantages of this model are obvious – due to the thick sole, the shoes are warmer and more resistant to slip. With all the external massiveness, ugg on the platform is not heavy – the sole is made of foamed polymeric material, which has a small weight.

The design of winter uggs on the platform is very diverse:
the classic version is a high suede boot;
sporty style – white striped platform, lacing is possible;
glamorous style – decorated with a beautiful and brightly decorated top (as a rule, these are black short ugg boots).

Lace Uggs

In modern fashion, shoes with laces are not necessarily sports models, more often these are casual shoes, sneakers, ankle boots that can be worn not only with a suit, but also with jeans, a skirt and even a dress. One of these shoe choices is lace-up ugg boots, which is not a functional element, but a stylish and eye-catching element of decor. The model is perfectly combined with casual style of clothes.

Uggs on a wedge

Manufacturers of boots uggs and took care of lovers of the heel, offering a range of shoes on the wedge. The top of such boots can be both high and low. All the positive characteristics of boots uggs are present in this model – natural leather or suede upper, light comfortable sole and warm sheepskin as a heater.

Design boots Uggs wedges can be varied:
high uggs on wedges;
short models uggs;
women’s winter uggs with laces;
boots with other decorative elements – buckles, clasps.

Uggs slippers

Very few people know that beautiful ugg boots can be worn not only outside during the cold season, but also in your cozy home. Such comfortable and lightweight shoes will provide your feet with warmth and comfort. What is the difference between winter boots and ugg boots slippers? First of all, it is:

External material . If for the manufacture of boots manufacturer chooses a strong and durable leather, then the house uses a light and soft material. It can be both leather and pleasant textiles, for example, knitted fabric.
The sole . For slippers, thin suede or rubber is used as a sole.

As a heater for sneakers, uggs are used the same warm and high-quality sheep wool as for winter boots, this is an ideal option for home shoes for men who are cold at their feet. Room fashion uggs are varied in design. There are several popular styles:

Uggy Indoor Boots;

homemade ugg boots;

Uggs with open heel .

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