Winter knitted hats – the most popular female models of this season.

With the arrival of cold, the base wardrobe will be replenished with headdresses. For active everyday wear, winter knitted hats remain the most popular from year to year. A varied selection of stylish styles and their finishes will help each woman of fashion to choose the best option for a specific image and taking into account personal preferences.

Winter knitted hats 2019

In the latest collections a variety of stylish accessories is very large. Even the most capricious women of fashion will be able to easily find the optimal solution that will not only ensure the practicality and comfort of the image, but also help draw attention to the extraordinary and creative style. Popular trends are distinguished directly by yarn, technique, color and decoration. Often, hats are complemented with an inner lining of fleece or bikes, which even better protects against cold. But let’s see the most fashionable women’s winter knitted hats 2019:
  1. With braids . For several years in a row, the design with beautiful textured patterns has become a fashion trend. Braids can be volumetric and narrow, vertical and transverse. A stylish solution is the Lalo-style cut.
winter knitted hats 2019
  1. Kapor . This option refers to the most practical and comfortable products. A stylish bonnet combines a headdress and a scarf at the same time. Choosing this style, your image will look less cumbersome and volume due to the absence of unnecessary details.
women's winter knitted hats 2019
  1. With jacquard . If you want to draw attention directly to the accessory, then in addition to bright or contrasting colors, a stylish solution is the choice of design with drawings. Geometric jacquards and in the Norwegian style with deers and snowflakes are considered the most popular.
fashion winter knitted hats
  1. Winter knitted sports hats . Head protection is considered a mandatory criterion in the image on an active ski vacation. In this case, not so much the style is important, as the composition of the yarn. The actual products will be made of natural wool and models with fleece lining.
winter knitted hats for girls

Winter knitted hat with lapel

Cuff models have become one of the most popular solutions. This detail may be narrow or wide. But in any case, the main advantage is the additional protection of the forehead, ears and neck, the most important parts of the head. Women’s winter knitted hat with a lapel is presented both in a single color and a contrasting combination. The latter option remains more popular because it looks attractive and original. In the trend combination of colors low-key and rich palette. A striking and unusual addition will be the design with jacquard or melange yarn.
winter knitted hat with a lapel

Volume winter knitted hats

Another popular trend for more than a year in a row remains the oversized style Such models differ in a volume cut and look bulky. But just this difference is the main highlight. Knitted winter hats for women always attract attention. And even in low-key colors, such an accessory will be visible, which will help to exclude additional catchy details from the bow. The three-dimensional design is presented in two variants – from thick yarn and with a variety of textured patterns, for example, a composition with braids and arans. Even more cumbersome add wide lapel.
volume winter knitted hats

Winter knitted hats with pompon

A stylish addition to an image in any style would be a headdress with a playful and flirty supplement in the form of a soft ball. In the trend of the product with one and two pompoms. Finishing can be both laconic and large forms. As a rule, pompons are placed on the crown, strings or in the ear zone. One of the most popular decisions became fashionable winter knitted hats with fur. In this case, the pompon is presented from both natural and artificial pile, often of a contrasting shade. Especially relevant are products with arctic fox, raccoon, fox, silver fox and others.
winter knitted hats with pompon

Winter knitted hats with ears

If your basic style corresponds to a relaxed street or youth direction, then the actual choice for you will be a style with an attractive finish in the form of ears. This addition can be an element of cut or a laid-back decor. Winter knitted hats with ears for women are presented in the animal theme – in the form of a cat, lynx, squirrel, wolf and other animals. Popular solutions have become models in the style of cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and others. This accessory will not only attract attention, but also emphasize your originality.
winter knitted hats with ears

Mohair knitted winter hat

The most common are hats made of wool and acrylic yarn. However, designers offer interesting alternatives. Mohair accessories have become one of the most popular solutions. The advantage of such threads is the fine texture and very high practical and protective qualities. Mohair is incredibly warm even in a knitting and unlined lacy. Winter knitted hats for girls look good with a pattern of leaves. But craftsmen offer products and technology surface, scarves. A light downy yarn adds sophistication, which is especially suitable for romantic bows.
mohair knitted winter hat

Winter fur knitted hat

The most beautiful, elegant and sophisticated are hats made of fur. Such models are made of special fur yarn. In comparison with products from whole animal skins, such accessories are budgetary in price policy, but look no less luxurious. Designers use and artificial fur, but natural pile remains more popular. The most popular are winter mink hats. If you are limited in means, then the style of a rabbit will be the actual choice for you. In the trend and the combined yarn of sheared and fluffy fur.
winter fur knitted hat

Knitted Winter Bini

This style remains one of the most popular for active everyday wear . Bini are distinguished by a laconic, fitting cut without overhead and voluminous decorations. This option will be a stylish addition to any image, but the focus on the headdress can be done only with the help of contrasting colors. Small, symmetrical textured patterns will add a touch of attractiveness. Models of knitted winter hats, as a rule, are supplemented with an inner lining of fleece or bikes. Knitwear, wool, acrylic are considered to be suitable yarn for beanie.
knitted winter hat-beanie

Winter knitted melange hat

In the period of closed and practical bows, stylists suggest not to abandon the original and catchy additions. Such accessories will help to dilute the gloomy shapeless bow and emphasize their individuality. Fashionable women’s winter knitted hats made of melange yarn have become a stylish decision. The notes are distinguished by a contrasting two, three or more colored colors. Depending on the knitting technique, melange falls into a beautiful abstract pattern. Adding braids or aranes, the whole product acquires a certain texture, which looks very impressive and unusual.
winter knitted melange hat

Winter knitted hat with a visor

Another successful solution in the cold steel products, complemented by a visor. Such a finish often plays a very significant role. Thanks to the protection above the eyes, you are not afraid of snow or bright sun in snowy weather. In the latest collections, designers presented styles with a laconic and narrow size visor. Especially relevant are the models of winter knitted hats for women with the addition of beveled or embossed shapes. As a rule, this type of finish is suitable for cutting bini, with a pompon, hood. In the modern market there are even accessories with a visor of fur yarn.
winter knitted hat with a visor

Winter knitted hat-Kubanka

This style is often made of fur. The main difference between the cuban is the high rigid form of the cylinder without fields. Thule has a streamlined shape, and the bottom is always flat round. In the collections of products from yarn, fashionable cubantes are also represented from fur yarn. The last season’s trend was products from thick threads. This yarn has become relevant due to the ability to keep clear boundaries. Beautiful winter knitted hats are often supplemented by overhead additions – these can be flowers, leaves of threads, brooches. In fashion and design with wide cross braids.
winter knitted hat-kubanka

Women’s winter knitted hats with earflaps

Another popular solution, especially in severe frosts, was products that cover the ears. Fashion earflaps arepresented from a wide variety of yarns. Here are relevant supplements such as fur edging, pompons, textured braids and braids-strings. In the trend of the combination of materials of different textures, for example, knitted or wool motif with leather or suede inserts. Warm winter knitted hats must be complemented by an inner lining of fleece, bikes or faux fur, which is perfect for an active ski holiday and in very snowy weather.
women's winter knitted fur hats

Winter images with knitted hat

Fashionable accessories from yarn are considered as a universal addition for any everyday look. A stylish solution would be to choose a set with a scarf or snood. In this case, the colors and design of products in general does not matter, since two identical wardrobe elements will complement each other in a bow. The most relevant are the ensembles in the urban practical direction. However, the appearance can be feminine and sophisticated. Let’s find out what to wear with winter knitted hats 2018-2019:
  1. Casual . In this case, the actual clothing will be comfortable jeans, leggings, knitted pants and skirts. As a warm top, a park suit, a warm denim jacket, and any element of the wardrobe in the oversized style will suit.
winter images with knitted hat
  1. Romantic . For feminine combinations, outerwear should be a fitted or asymmetrical silhouette, with a fur decor, a clasp on the smell, floral print. Shoes with heels or wedges will be a stylish finish.
winter knitted hats 2018-2019
  1. Strict style . A fur headdress or a laconic beanie will suit the business ensemble. Here, stylists recommend wearing a classic coat, sheepskin coat or fur coat. And the end will be closed shoes on a flat course or heel.
women's winter knitted hats
  1. Sports bows . Modern casual style welcomes and combinations of sport. In this case, short down jackets, knit or flannelet pants, sneakers or sneakers will be relevant. And as a headdress, you can choose a hat, a model with a pompon or a lapel, a bini with a fleece lining.
warm winter knitted hats

Winter coat with knitted hat

Headwear made of yarn look great in an ensemble with a classic outerwear. However, the style of accessories should be selected taking into account the cut coat. Strict, straight or fitted models are best complemented by a laconic beanie or a fur article. Stylish knitted winter hats of large knitting and from thick threads look great with a voluminous oversized coat, masculine style, cocoon. In the trend and short coats. This option looks great in a youth bow in an ensemble with accessories with ears, a pompon, a wide top.
winter coat with a knitted hat

Winter knitted hat with down jacket

This type of outerwear is considered versatile for combining with headwear made of yarn. Ensembles of short bulky jackets and accessories made of thick threads, a fitted elongated cut and bini, a design with a fur decor and fluffy winter women’s knitted hats made of identical fur are considered successful. As shoes, an excellent choice would be classic boots on a steady run or platform, rough boots, tractors, warm sneakers or sneakers, comfortable ugg boots, moon rovers and even high fur boots. And to make the image harmonious, add a scarf in the same design with a hat.
winter knitted hat with down jacket

Winter knitted hat with a fur coat

For lovers of warm and sophisticated fur coats, stylists propose to pick up a headdress made of fur yarn identical to outerwear. If you wear artificial products, then in this case there are no strict restrictions on the choice of accessories. Short coats look great with the addition of thick threads, with a pompon and even ears. Versatile are concise bean. Regardless of the naturalness of the pile, if the outerwear is different in natural colors, winter women’s hats made of knitted mink are perfect for her. And in this case the same shade will be relevant.
winter knitted hat with a fur coat

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