When is the best time to cut hair?

A woman’s hairstyle always attracts the attention of both the woman and those around her. As a rule, it leaves no one indifferent, someone likes it, someone absolutely does not. And here it is not in the hairstyle itself, but in the taste preferences of people.

Often women are interested in, and when is it better or when to cut their hair so that they grow well? Referring to some sources on the Internet, we can conclude that you can cut your hair only on favorable days according to the lunar calendar. True or not, it’s not for us to decide. But what do professional stylists and hairdressers think about this? Do they stick to the lunar horoscopes, which advise when to cut hair? It turns out not always. What else do they think about national signs, and what recommendations do they give regarding hair cutting? Let’s find out.

How often do I need to cut my hair?

Contrary to popular belief, the more often you cut hair, the faster and thicker they grow, in practice it does not work. That is, if you have a tendency to slow hair growth, and you do nothing to speed it up, but only regularly cut your hair, then we will have to disappoint you. Often, as proof of this theory, an example of the rapid growth of stubble on a man’s face is given, ostensibly because of the fact that the man often shaves them (and this gave rise to another myth that one-year-old children must be trimmed baldly). In fact, the hair on the face of a man grows a little faster than on the scalp from the influence of hormones. Yes, and on the face one grown-off millimeter of bristles is much more noticeable than the same millimeter, by which the length of hair in centimeters 15 increased.

Stylists, in response to the question “How often do you need to cut hair?”, Recommend that you do it no more than 1 times a month, if your head, of course, is not shaved “to zero”. During this period, the hair on your head grows on the 1 centimeter, which is recommended to cut off in order to refresh your hair. If the minimum period is set, then there is no maximum. But at the same time, common sense suggests otherwise. If you plan to grow long hair, then occasionally you will still need to cut it. Firstly, to preserve the well-groomed appearance of your haircut, and secondly, to combat split ends. Then the hairdressers advised to slightly cut off the ends at least once every three to four months. And you need to care for your hair every day.

When can not cut hair?

When to cut hair well

According to the prescriptions contained in the lunar calendar, there are several such days in the month. But today we are not talking about them. In the recent past, the only reason for which it was forbidden to cut hair was pregnancy. From where the legs of this superstition grow – it is now quite difficult to find out. But what is interesting is that even some doctors categorically prohibit pregnant women from cutting their hair. Allegedly, in this case, all the forces of the body will work on hair growth, and the child will not grow. Quite doubtful theory, isn’t it? And what do hairdressers think?

And they argue that hair growth during pregnancy does not stop, and does not even slow down its pace. And both trimmed and non-trimmed hairs take from the body a strictly defined amount of nutrients. And in the cutting procedure itself during pregnancy, only advantages are found: the appearance of the future mom improves, respectively, the mood and self-esteem rises, and such positive emotions are very necessary for the baby; Yes, and put yourself in order better before the birth, since after them the time will be much less.

When is it better to cut hair if there is an important event ahead?

There is no consensus on this score, and the opinions of the stylists are divided in half. Some people advise you to have a haircut on the eve of the event, so that if something happened, there was time to do another haircut, and styling just before an important event. The latter do not see such a need, and believe that everything needs to be done on one day, if time permits, then on the day of the event, and if not, the day before. Although by and large all this does not matter.

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