What works better – powder or foundation?

Each of these cosmetics has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Powder slightly dries the skin, it gives it an external velvety and matte shade, while evening the complexion, but the visual defects (redness, dark dots) are more difficult to disguise.

The foundation helps to make the skin uniform, with the help of which you can mask it circles under the eyes, freckles, traces of rash and weak inflammation, but it does not matte the skin and can not eliminate the oily sheen.

In addition, in recent years, the combined means, the so-called cream powder, are very popular. They have a soft, creamy texture, they are applied in the same way as a foundation, but they create a powder effect on the face, matting the skin and not drying it, therefore they are considered one of the best products of this kind.

Foundation and powder for different skin types

The better to use, powder or foundation, for each woman is determined individually and depends primarily on her skin type:
For normal skin, both products are equally suitable. For daytime makeup, tonal cream is preferable, and powder will look better as a basis for evening makeup.
For dry skin, the use of powder is undesirable, since even the best products have a slight drying effect, and on the skin of this type the powder will not hold well. For women with dry skin, a foundation with an additional moisturizing effect is best suited.
For oily skin, on the contrary, powder is better, as it absorbs excess sebum and hides oily sheen. If you still need to use foundation choose the least fat, easily absorbed.
For combination skin it is the most difficult to choose tonal resources, and the most convenient choice is the combined means – cream powder.

In addition to taking into account the type of skin, the choice of cosmetics may depend on the weather. It is believed that in winter it is preferable to use a more fatty agent, foundation, as it can additionally protect the skin, whereas in summer it is better to do without tonal means or use powder, because it clogs pores easier and less.

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