What underwear should be worn during pregnancy

The question of how to choose underwear for pregnant women is far from idle: future mothers, first of all, should take care of the health of their baby, and of course, do not forget about personal comfort. And this is only possible with the correct choice of bras, panties, stockings and socks. When deciding what kind of underwear to wear during pregnancy, we should not forget about its appearance: even items of the lower wardrobe of non-standard sizes can be aesthetically appealing.

During pregnancy, underwear should be worn exclusively cotton or linen. Natural fabrics perfectly retain heat and do not cause irritation to the skin.Speaking of underwear during pregnancy, you can not ignore bras. In the period of carrying a child, they are necessary. First of all, it should be borne in mind that by the middle of pregnancy the breast is greatly enlarged. If you do not wear a bra during this period, then your own chest will begin to sag.

Subsequently, it may appear ugly stretch marks. In addition, any woman will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, constantly feeling her chest when moving. This feeling will be especially unpleasant if the size of her bust is already not the smallest.

The bra will not only help maintain the shape of the breast, but also protect it from damage. In some cases, you can not take it off even at night. This is convenient when the breasts are really too large and with each movement prevents the pregnant woman.

Night bra should be made from natural fabrics. And in no case should he be uncomfortable.

If the chest is pregnant, medium-sized or small, then you can buy a bra a little larger than the one that fit just before. In the first half of pregnancy will be enough of this. But in the second half, following the advice of specialists, expectant mothers will still need to purchase a bra, designed specifically for pregnant women.

What are the advantages of a special bra? First of all, it is designed in such a way that its size can be increased, guided by its growing forms. Regular bra can not be so useful, and will have to change a few styles and sizes during pregnancy. A special model designed for pregnant women will easily solve all possible problems.

A special model of bra designed for pregnant women is designed in such a way that it has wide straps and a wider belt. That is why the bra will not dig into the body, but on the contrary – will evenly support the ever increasing chest.

In addition to the bra, you should buy yourself a special panties for the second period of pregnancy. This lingerie recommended during pregnancy should be sewn so as to cover the abdomen. Naturally, while the panties can not look so sexy, what are the usual open models of underwear. But, nevertheless, it is time to leave the pursuit of aesthetic perfection, making the choice in favor of comfort and functionality.

Special shorts are necessary for a pregnant woman precisely because they support the stomach and an enlarged ass. In addition, these shorts are very hygienic, as sewn from natural materials. They are perfectly breathable, but at the same time retain heat. They also absorb the natural secretions of the female body. This laundry is very easy to wash, besides its acquisition will not be too burdensome for the wallet.

Beautiful and comfortable underwear for pregnant women are shown in these photos:

How to choose tights and socks for pregnant women

Choosing which clothes are suitable for pregnant women, you should pay attention to tights and socks. Almost all tights are made of synthetic fabrics. Of course, it is impossible to completely eliminate them from the wardrobe of a woman. But, nevertheless, some precautions are simply necessary. For example, during pregnancy, pantyhose with a so-called “slimming” effect are highly undesirable. Such tights are designed to make the figure more slender, but during pregnancy they are simply harmful.

However, some women, namely those who suffer from varicose veins, in the waiting period of the child need stockings, which will support the legs in a special way, preventing the disease from progressing. Stockings are more convenient than pantyhose because they affect the veins on the leg, but do not exert any pressure on the stomach. If a woman wears synthetic underwear during pregnancy, then it is necessary to wash them every day. However, this condition is true not only for those who are expecting a child.

Despite the apparent need for tights made of synthetic fabric, some women during pregnancy are completely without them. That is, they prefer jeans and trousers from natural fabrics, and in combination with them they wear cotton socks. I must say that this option seems far from the worst.

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