What to wear with sandals – 40 photos of fashionable summer looks for all occasions

Open and comfortable shoes are considered to be the actual choice to complete the look in the summer season. And even considering that such models are universal, fashion trends do not stand still. Therefore, it is important to know what to wear with sandals in order to look harmonious, stylish and confident in yourself.
What to wear with women’s sandals?

In the new collections, the choice of stylish summer shoes is very diverse. Designers are experimenting not only with the color scheme and materials, but also directly with the form. Such an extensive range allows you to choose a good option, both in a universal style for every day, and for a specific outfit. In addition, such accessories can be worn from late spring to early autumn, changing closed-fitting clothes , but also lightweight products and vice versa. Let’s see the most popular ideas of stylists:
What to wear with flat sandals? This version of the shoe is considered the most relevant for active everyday wear. In this model on a flat course suitable for walking around the city, and departure on the nature or relaxing on the beach.

Bright design . Shoes bright colors will be a great solution to add a bright accent to the image. In this case, the top is better to choose in sober colors or denim. However, rich and printed accessories are suitable for contrasting combinations. And here it is important to bear in mind that in one bow there should not be more than three colors.

Leather models . Leather goods are universal for an image in any style. Such models perfectly complement the strict and discreet combinations, feminine romantic ensembles and comfortable bows casual.

How to wear closed sandals? The models with closed fingers remain in the trend. This option is ideal for the completion of business summer bows, where it is important to observe a strict dress code.

How to wear heeled sandals?

The main difference between such shoes and sandals is the shape of the pad. Here the heel always has a wide stable shape. At the same time, the design can be contrasting or decorated – transparent, carved, engraved, attached. Fashion models with a bracelet on the ankle, beautifully accenting slender legs, have become the fashion trend of the recent seasons. In the question of what to wear high sandals, stylists suggest not to close the legs, but to complement the bow with a short hem or shorts. A more convenient and practical choice for active socks are accessories on a low horseshoe.

How to wear sandals on the platform?

A fashionable solution is massive summer shoes with high soles. The platform is often combined with a thick heel or goes into a graceful wedge. In any case, such a completion necessarily attracts attention due to its bulkiness. But this is the highlight of the design. Indeed, in the image will always focus on slender legs. To look not look rude, stop on models of light colors. If you are wondering what to wear with white sandals on the platform, then the most stylish solution will be a romantic look or a total look style band , which is ideal for the heat.

What can you wear with thick soled sandals?

The style on a thick relief basis has become a stylish alternative to the bulky platform. Tractor outsole does not go out of fashion for several seasons in a row and remains a practical solution in everyday style. Therefore, the current choice is considered clothing casual. Win-win in the question of what to wear sandals on the tractor sole, will be products from denim. However, due to the popularity of mixing several styles in one bow, in the trend and ensembles of corrugated shoes and beautiful dresses or skirts with a flying hem of light fabric.

What can I wear with wedge sandals?

Feminine and spectacular looks shoes on an elegant shoe in the form of a neat triangle under the heel. This option looks as refined as a heel, but at the same time it is more resistant, which is important for active use and long stay on the legs. If you decide what to wear with summer wedge sandals, creating an image in a romantic style will be a win-win. Dresses, skirts, light blouses, tunics and blouses, cropped trousers and classic shorts – the range is very diverse, to be different and show their individuality.

What to wear with roman sandals?

Comfortable and very popular in the past few seasons remains the high-top style. Such models differ, as a rule, with a flat sole, but there are also heels or wedges. The main feature of this design is a variety of strap or long laces, beautifully framing the lower leg, conveying the effect of summer boots. In this case, the strings can be fixed on the ankle. A stylish answer to the question of what to wear gladiator sandals will be an image in a romantic or urban style. However, Roman shoes are found and original combinations on the beach.

What to wear with sport sandals?

Sport shoes will suit especially energetic and active women of fashion. And such models are appropriate both in sports ensembles and casual combinations. Practical styles are distinguished by a smooth, cushioned sole and upper in the form of textile or leather loops that securely fix the foot. Constrictions can be with velcro or buckle, parallel, cross, through the finger. The main advantage in the matter with which women’s sports sandals are worn is their compatibility with socks, which is excluded for all other styles.

What can you wear with shiny sandals?

If you want to focus on fashionable completion, but at the same time prints and contrasting shades are not appropriate in your combination, then shoes with a shiny coating will be a stylish choice. Trend in the collections of such products has become a design with a top of patent leather. In the fashion of the classic universal colors and spectacular shades of metals – gold, silver, bronze. However, designers offer color models – lollipop pink, “May beetle”, northern lights. If you decide with what to wear bright sandals with a shiny coating, then a good choice would be a club or outrageous style in the image.

What to wear with sandals?

A lot of laces in the design of open summer shoes remain a stylish addition that will always attract attention. In a fashion model with corset lacing in front. Such items are often presented in heels or wedges, which makes them an alternative to elegant ankle boots in the summer season. Therefore, a good solution to the question of what to wear sandals with lacing, will be classic and not bound by a strict dress code business bows. Laces in the design of accessories for the feet can be decorative or act as a functional fastener, for example, at the ankle.

Fashionable images with sandals

Outdoor summer shoes are considered the most relevant choice for the entire period of heat. And often these accessories are essential in the wardrobe for every day. But given the variety of models, decorative, printed and brilliant design is perfect for elegant, evening and club combinations. Practical completion can act as a complement, and a bright accent. At the same time, the basic style in the bow does not matter, because in the trend there is mixing of several directions simultaneously. Let’s look at what clothes to wear sandals:
Beach bow. For images of the sea, you should choose the most comfortable and simple shoes that are easy to take off and wear. In this case, the appropriate ensembles of models on a flat course with a tunic, shorts, a short dress on the smell or in the style of a shirt, sundress.

Romantic style . Beautiful feminine combinations perfectly complete accessories with elegant heels or wedges. Flying dresses and skirts, cropped trousers and shorts of classic cut can be combined with shoes on a flat course or platform, but then the completion will be only an addition.

Casual . To practical clothes made of denim, organic cotton and flax, you need to add the same practical completion – on the platform, tractor sole, in sporty style and on a flat turn. Jeans, overalls and rompers, knitted dresses are appropriate in the question with what to wear Greek sandals.

Classic combinations . If your dress code is bound with strict frames, then the completion must be selected in a restrained style, that is, with closed fingers. But if you match the classic style not only at work, but also in everyday life, then models with heels or wedges will become relevant.

Image – sandals and skirt

The skirt became actual for the summer season. Such clothing emphasizes femininity and sophistication of style and helps to match different directions, combining both with a t-shirt and a romantic blouse. Summer looks with flat sandals will perfectly complement the lightweight models of long or short cut. Midi styles perfectly underline the tenderness and elegance in the ensemble with shoes with heels or wedges. Accessories in the Greek style is better to wear with sexy mini straight silhouette. A versatile hem to any finish is an asymmetrical hem.

Women’s sandals with jeans

In the heat you want to open the body as much as possible. However, denim pants remain a popular solution for creating practical and functional combinations. Therefore, the question of whether to wear sandals with jeans, remains acute from season to season. Not every style of pants fit the summer shoes. The most relevant are free boyfriends and models with torn decor. Such clothes will be perfectly complemented by comfortable accessories on a flat course, level platform, tractor sole and in a sporty style.

Summer sandals with shorts

One of the most relevant items of clothing in the hot season are short shorts. This choice is not only practical for active wear, but also effectively emphasizes slender legs. Sandals with short shorts should be chosen based on the style. Strict classic models are best suited for shoes with heels and closed form. High gladiatorswill also be a good solution . Long shorts look good with accessories on the platform, wedge or thick heels. However, in this case, the completion should not be bright or catchy.

Summer dress sandals

The most popular choice of clothes is a feminine dress or a sundress. This element of the wardrobe will always emphasize the romance of style and sophistication of the image. The summer short dress with lace-up sandals, with many straps and gladiators is considered a fashionable combination. Oversize models correspond to a casual direction, therefore a platform, tractor outsole or sports accessories are appropriate. Elegant maxi straight or A-shaped silhouette is best to complement neat shoes on a flat course. Fitted styles look perfect with heels.

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