What to wear with leggings

To understand what you can wear leggings, it is worth a little to remember the history of fashion. For the first time this item of women’s wardrobe appeared more than 30-years ago, making a real sensation. It is the style of 80-s, which today more than ever in fashion, will give the most accurate answers to the question.

The combination of a slinky “bottom” and a voluminous, free “top” is the main key to creating a fashionable image. In no case should not be in this outfit other frankly sexy things, for example, tight tops with open neckline. At a minimum, it will save the outfit from the rage of vulgarity. Leggings themselves will set the fashion intrigue.

A mini-dress, or a sweater dress, can act as a volume, but light top. This combination will provide many options especially for autumn-winter images. When deciding what to wear with leggings in the winter, be sure to pay attention to it. The ensemble will perfectly complement the beautiful scarf or snud, and the perfect make comfortable shoes with a short shaft – ankle boots or sneakers.

To reveal all the advantages of the figure and hide its flaws will allow paired with leggings tunic length to mid-thigh – this, by the way, is an ideal option for those who are not sure of the perfect slimness of their figure.

A very stylish effect will give the use of layering. Long feminine blouse paired with cardigan or a jacket with success will play the role of an absolutely suitable bulk top. But try to avoid tight-fitting and shortened things – this rule works fine even for very slim and tall girls.

What to wear with black leggings and with what shoes to combine them

In choosing the right model, the color and texture of the material plays a huge role. Matte leggings of dark shades will always be universal and possess ideal advantages. What to wear with black leggings will tell you the exact combination of colors. A voluminous and light upper, for example, based on a classic men’s shirt, will become the “base” for a variety of images. To avoid unnecessarily dramatizing the image, exclude other black things from it – preferring gray or purple shades of high saturation.

The black color, especially without gloss, perfectly “slims” the legs, and properly selected shoes only soften this effect. When deciding with which shoes to wear leggings, do not forget about shoes with heels. Graceful shoe boots, pumps or sandals from leather neutral shades, such as nude or low-key “silver” will add to the image of sophistication and the exact answer to the question “what do black leggings wear?”

How to wear leggings with flowers to slender girls.

But the most insidious question “with what to wear leggings with flowers?”. They are trendy and certainly attractive. Before trying on such a model, it is worth considering that the print, especially the contrast one, and even more so in combination with the tight-fitting silhouette, visually adds size to another. Therefore, such models look good only on very slim girls. How to complement this outfit? Any clothes of free volume, sustained in monochrome scale.

Choose some shade of a print and pick up a blouse or a tunic to it. What to wear with leggings in this case will tell your own taste and sense of proportion. These leggings are “solo” and it’s not worth interrupting them with bright details and expressive shoes.

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