Fashionable shoes that will make the ankle visually slimmer

What shoes will make the ankle visually slimmer

Long and slender legs with graceful ankles are the dream of every woman. However, nature has not endowed everyone with ideal parameters, and the problem of a full ankle is relevant for many women. However, you should not despair, because it is easy to hide the existing flaws with the help of correctly selected shoes.

High heels

Women with imperfect ankles when buying shoes should follow a few simple rules, the first of which says: buy shoes exclusively with heels. Especially this statement applies to shoes – both weekends and everyday. However, there are some restrictions here, so you should not too hastily sweep off the counter options on high heels or platform. Shoes with only the correct length and shape of the heel are capable of making legs visually slimmer and longer.

For women with wide ankles, the following types of heels are preferred:

  1. Low. Ladies with small stature should pay attention to models with heels from 1.5 to 2 cm. This option is not only practical and convenient as casual shoes, but also goes well with any type of clothing: trousers, skirts, dresses, and so on. Tall girls with long legs can safely buy loafers with a heel of about 0.5 cm.
  2. Tall. Most women are mistaken that only the highest possible heels can hide imperfections and make legs slimmer by visually lengthening them. This is not entirely true. The optimal size of the heel should not exceed 7 cm. More daring options will cause difficulties when walking, forcing to stoop and bend your legs, and this will only aggravate the situation. In addition, high-heeled shoes are not the best option for going to work or shopping. Another thing is to use similar models for special occasions.
  3. Wide. Such a heel is not only the most stable and comfortable, but also makes the ankles visually slimmer. It is ideal for girls with extra centimeters on their calves, ankles and hips. Stylists advise picking up summer shoes with a wide heel in dark shades (brown, black). White and cream models can visually expand already full legs.
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Shoes in the same color scheme with trousers

To make the legs longer, and the ankles are slender, shoes of a similar color with trousers or tights are capable. Such a simple technique is available in the arsenal of each stylist. Under dark tights and stockings, you need to choose concise models of black, dark brown, gray, and under light summer ones – cream, white, beige tones.

In addition, the continuous color line in this case should be followed in clothes. This will help create a harmonious bow and not focus on the flaws of the figure as a whole. Contrast shoes, on the contrary, are contraindicated for girls with imperfect legs. This is especially true of summer sandals with flashy motley colors, lots of belts and lots of jewelry.

No to the straps

Shoes and sandals with straps are the most disadvantageous option for a wide shin for the following reasons:

  • visual separation of the leg line into two parts;
  • excessive attention is drawn to the full ankle.

Particularly disadvantages will be striking if you combine shoes with fastening on the calves or ankles with medium-length skirts or with shortened trousers. You need to bypass the pairs with massive decor: bows, ribbons, lacing, clasps, buckles in the ankle, which visually expand the legs and cut their length.

The only exceptions are shoes with a thin and soft drop-down strap that does not lock on the ankle and does not fit snugly on the leg. Such shoes should be worn in tandem with short shorts or jeans narrowed to the bottom, visually stretching the leg.

Long sock

Models with sharp noses visually slim the figure and make the legs longer, and the ankles are more elegant and slimmer. The only limitation is the height of the heel. It should not be too tall, especially for ladies with small stature. Shoe models with a round or square toe will visually expand the already full ankles and make the leg length shorter.

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Maximum open leg

Stylists have one simple rule: the longer the shoe profile, the more elegant the full calves and ankles look. In other words, shoes or sandals with a deep neckline in front or with an open block create the appearance of long and slender legs.

In the summer, you should make a choice in favor of couples with a maximum open top, which will cover only the fingers or part of them.

Shoes with a closed top, on the contrary, visually shorten the length of the foot, make it visually thicker and heavier. The exception is closed shoes, the shade of which matches the color of tights or trousers. In this case, the shoes will be a continuation of the clothes and visually lengthen the full legs.

V neckline

V-neck shoes are a good option for girls with wide ankles. In combination with skirts or elongated jeans, such models allow you to make the transition between clothes and bare skin almost invisible. At the same time, the legs will appear more slender and the ankles narrow.


Boots made of leather and suede fitted around the leg are a simple option that makes the leg visually longer. With the help of such shoes, it is easy to hide not only curvature, but also full ankles. Moreover, the height of the shaft is also important. The higher it is, the slender the leg looks. However, there is one caveat: the color of the shoe should ideally harmonize with the color of tights or trousers, creating a continuous line. But contrasting boots are able to divide the leg into two parts and visually shorten it, focusing on all the existing flaws.

In the arsenal of stylists there are a lot of tricks that will help make the leg visually longer and slimmer, and full ankles more elegant and thin. In this case, priority should be given to the competent choice of shoes. Suitable shoes, sandals or boots can hide imperfect ankles and create a harmonious and memorable image.

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