What shoes to wear jeans – the rules of creating a fashionable image

Denim clothing is considered one of the most versatile solutions that will provide full comfort, all-day functionality and a stylish look. Especially popular have always been and remain denim pants. But from year to year, fashionable women keep wondering which shoe to wear jeans with.

Fashionable shoes under jeans

In the new season of stylish styles of fashionable pants has become even more, and designers do not stop experimenting with cut. And just in such a rich variety of models it is difficult to determine the choice of completion in the image. That the bow was harmonious and emphasized figure virtues, and at the same time provided confidence and convenience, it is important to build on a number of criteria – the style itself, the style of the whole combination, the colors, the presence or absence of decoration. But the most important is seasonality.

  1. What summer shoes to wear jeans? In the hot season, the basis of the image lays its comfort and functionality. Vietnamese, shale, sandals, open sneakers are considered comfortable for every day. Sandals or clogs are suitable for more sophisticated ensembles.
fashion shoes under jeans 2018
  1. What shoes to wear jeans in winter? In the cold season, the most popular choice for denim trousers are uggs. Natural warm boots on a flat course look stylish and able to protect against frost. But if your basic style corresponds to the romantic direction, stop on ankle boots or boots with fur.
what shoes to wear jeans in 2018
  1. What kind of demi-season shoes to wear jeans? The choice of shoes for the off-season is the most diverse. In warm, dry weather, closed shoes can be worn, either with heels or flat soles, sneakers or slip-on sneakers. In the rainy season, rubber boots or leather accessories are considered the most relevant.
shoes under women's jeans

Jeans with shoes in heels

The versatility of fashionable denim pants allows you to blend in several styles at once in one look. A striking example of this is the ensemble casual clothes with the completion of the heel. If you are on your feet most of the time, it is worthwhile to dwell on models with a stable shoe. The most practical are accessories with wide horseshoe or low kitty heels. Feminine and romantic solution would be jeans with wide-heeled shoes. And in this case, the style of the shoe depends on the cut of the pants. But stylists also offer a versatile option – jeans with pumps.

jeans with shoes in heels

Jeans and shoes with a flat sole

If you lifestyle is different activity and energy, do not burden your bow with high pads. After all, regardless of the stability of the heel or wedge, this option will still lead to fatigue of the legs. An alternative solution that looks no less stylish and spectacular has become shoes for women’s jeans on a flat run. In the warm season, these are open sandals, flip-flops, sports accessories. In the cool season, suitable boots, shoes, shoes in the English style. The choice of completion depends on the style of the pants and the direction of the image as a whole.

jeans and shoes with a flat sole

What shoes to wear with jeans for women?

An important criterion in the question with which accessories to wear denim pants, is the type of figure. It is important to remember that girls of tall stature should not experiment with 10-meter heels. Fashionistas, whom nature has endowed with full legs, should be lengthened to the maximum height and emphasize harmony. And in any case, not only accessories play the main role, but also clothing. Let’s review – shoes under jeans by style:

  1. What shoes to wear ripped jeans? Models with a ragged decor, surprisingly, are considered versatile. Such products can be worn as with a win-win accessories in sports style, and sophisticated shoes or ankle boots.
what shoes to wear with jeans women
  1. Flared styles. Flared cut always emphasizes the femininity and romance of the bow. But such models should be combined with the heel, because the extended leg is able to visually shorten the growth. Low fashionable women better pick shoes with a combination of heel and platform.
shoes under jeans
  1. Skinny. Slim fit style accents sexuality and grace. In an ensemble with neat pumps, ballet shoes or skinny sandals they will create a romantic feminine bow. Tight pantscan be combined with high boots, tucked inside, or a massive finish – grunge boots, high platform.
women's shoes under jeans

  1. Boyfriends. Comfortable male style of free cut is considered a purely casual element of the wardrobe. Boyfriends can be supplemented with a thin heel, which slightly flattens the casual street style. An unbeatable choice would be shoes in an identical style – sneakers, sneakers, slipona, sneakers.
women's shoes to jeans

  1. High waisted. High landing is popular because it visually lengthens the growth and makes the figure smooth and slender. But the choice of accessories here depends on the patterns. Tight-fitting models can be complemented with coarse and massive boots. Loose styles are best worn with a neat classic finish.
shoes to jeans

Sneakers for jeans

A universal choice for denim pants of any style is considered to be sports-style shoes. Sneakers always look harmonious and help ensure a comfortable functional bow. This season, jeans with sneakers of bright and printed colors have become a popular combination. In this case, the main emphasis is on completion. This option will successfully fit into the image with a t-shirt, short top, racer shirt, sweatshirt, sweatshirt. In the cold season, sports accessories can be combined with a bomber jacket, a down jacket or a free-cut coat, oversize, short coat.

sneakers for jeans

Sneakers and jeans

Sneakers are another win-win choice. This option is no less convenient and practical than the sneakers, but is considered inappropriate during the period of rain and slush. In addition, there are a number of nuances when choosing certain models of shoes. High women’s shoes for flared jeans or classics will be a bad decision. This option is better to wear with cropped or tucked trousers. Skinny skinny can be complemented with both low skin and overpriced sneakers, but accessories on a platform or a hidden wedge will look stylish and attractive.

sneakers and jeans

Jeans with shoes

Universal for any style of classic shoes are boyfriends. This option looks great in eclectic combinations, where appropriate ensembles of several styles at the same time. Shoes under skinny jeans can be picked up both on a heel or a wedge, and a flat move. The same rule applies to the clothes of classic straight cut. A good choice would be oxfords, derby or brogues with trousers of a single color without decor. And to make your legs appear slimmer, you should open your ankle with a shortened length of 7 / 8 or with a gate.

jeans with shoes

Ankle boots with jeans

This type of accessories should be chosen very carefully. After all, a closed ankle, but a low ankle can visually add fullness to the legs. Therefore, girls with the parameters of the size plus size is better to give up ankle boots. An excellent solution would be such women’s shoes for jeans with a narrower and skinny cut. High-rise trousers should be complemented by a high-heeled or wedge heel. If you are afraid of incorrectly correcting the height or smoothing the elegance of your constitution, wear clothes so that there is space between the legs and the top of the accessories.

ankle boots with jeans

Moccasins with jeans

This style of women’s accessories is not very attractive, but is considered one of the most comfortable and practical for active everyday wear. Such comfortable shoes under jeans will provide a confident and functional look for the whole day. This combination is appropriate for active leisure or city walks. Moccasins are best worn with trousers straight or flared from the knee cut. In this case, monotonous products without a striking finish are appropriate. A valid decor would be a small embroidery. A bright finish must be supported with a bag of the same shade or with a scarf around the neck.

moccasins with jeans

Sandals for jeans

Choosing summer shoes with heels, it is worth remembering that in such an image a note of romance and femininity is always emphasized. The appropriate solution would be sandals for jeans with prints or bright colors. An open end on a heel, glass or wedge will perfectly complement the trousers of the fitting style or the shortened length of 7 / 8. In this combination, you can include a beautiful top with a flounce or a delicate blouse made of chiffon, lace and silk. Models on a flat course will approach the torn boyfriend, free pants with backs in the ensemble with a simple T-shirt or shirt.

sandals for jeans

Slip-ons with jeans

Slip-ons have become a stylish alternative to sports sneakers and sneakers, but they can reflect sophistication and accuracy in the image. A fashionable choice is considered to be metallic color models or in contrasting colors of the upper and sole. A win-win choice is denim slip-on sneakers, but in this case it is important that the fabric matches the texture and shade of the clothes. A fashionable solution is considered to be stylish shoes for jeans 7 / 8, straight or narrowed cut. Completion with lace, rhinestones or prints can be added to the pants with the effect of acid washing, ragged decor or embroidery.

slip-ons with jeans

Jeans with boots

One of the most relevant decisions in the demi-season period was closed comfortable shoes. The most popular models are accessories with lace-up and with a wide ankle. Such shoes to skinny jeans will help to visually lengthen the growth and make slender legs. But at the same time you will provide full comfort for the whole day. The fashionable decision is the choice of trousers with turns or short lengths. As a top in such combinations, a park, anorak windbreaker, a strict jacket or a denim twist will be successful. Do not wear coarse shoes with wide and flared styles.

jeans with boots

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