What shoes to wear a coat

What shoes to wear a coat to be in trend? Stylists, without thinking, answer: with any, convenient, practical and that which is pleasant. The strict canonical rules have sunk into oblivion, the modernity is very democratic: having chosen even a fitted maxi coat that you like, you can safely look at a pair of sneakers.

Coats and shoes

Spring shoes under the coat is replete with diversity, and what and with what is combined, you can see, looking at the collection shows of leading fashion designers. The lawmakers of the style continue their tradition of combining what is incompatible at first glance. One thing remains unchanged – dress codewhich regulates the rules of appearance in a particular company. If business classics are taken as a basis, then outerwear and footwear correspond to it, otherwise deviations in the direction of European fashion for offices are possible.

coats and shoes 2018
shoes under the coat 2018

Spring is full of bright colors, and, answering the question, what shoes to wear a demi-season coat, so that the images are fresh and original, fashion experts recommend a closer look:

  • to thread shoes, on diverse heels, sole, wedge, platform and low speed; for shoes on the “tractor sole”, loafers, oxfords, boats, and shoes with the transition platform in the heel;
  • boots, boots and half shoes, half boots and ankle boots in retro-vintage style, brutal “male” military, timberland, boots, stockings, ethnic shoes and fur products.
shoes under the coat 2018 year
shoes under trend coats

Sports models for several seasons do not go out of fashion, because it is comfortable and comfortable, to be on your feet all day in such shoes, if it is perfectly combined with a coat of any style, especially youth and oversized. Sandals, clogs, espadrilles and slip-ons, which fit easily into everyday life, became a hot hit, and for elegant ensembles shoes and boots with elegant or modern heels will always be in trend.

fashionable coat and shoes 2018 year

What shoes to wear a long coat?

To look feminine, you should combine shoes with a long coat that you not only like, but also do not fall as a separate “spot” from the overall harmony of the unique bows created. The best combinations are high and medium elegant boots: “accordion”, “stockings”, classic, Cossacks, shoes with a cowboy sock and various decorations, and modern shoes in the style of tango with straps, or neoclassical, but not sports shoes.

what shoes to wear long coat
long coat shoes

For creating experimental unique images, lovers to look great and wear non-trivial things will always be able to choose a style of coat with asymmetry, and shoes, depending on personal preferences, in this huge number of options. Nobody forbids combining berets with maxi coatif the general “outfit” is sustained in the hit brutal multi-layered styles.

shoes with a long coat 2018

What shoes to wear with a coat to the knee?

What shoes to wear a coat below the knee and the traditional midi? First, this is a great option for office clothes, so shoes must comply with the rules of the company: discreet shoes and boots, kept in elegant neoclassicism, deviations are possible, for example, variations with a discreet decor and a variety of curved, concave and transparent heels or inlays. Feminine shoes, low shoes, ankle boots and high shoes are allowed.

what shoes to wear with a coat to the knee

what shoes to wear a coat below the knee

What shoes to wear coats in youth and bohemian smart-casual look, streetwear and urban chic? Different combinations are possible:

  • sandals and slippers;
  • sneakers and sneakers;
  • slipons and sneakers;
  • shoes with low soles and wide heels;
  • chelsea and oxfords;
  • trendy inflated shoes with socks.
what shoes to wear with a midi coat

What shoes to wear a short coat?

The length of the mini dictates certain rules, and the shoes under the coat above the knees should be harmoniously combined, bringing to the general look that feminine zest that will emphasize the visual appeal. Although boots and high boots are now at the peak of popularity, it is better not to wear them under short clothes, if you are wearing a coat and skirt, shorts or a dress of the same length. With “pipes”, “cigarettes”, skinny jeans and rascals, but short coats are appropriate for any shoes, and with elegant clothes it is better to prefer shoes and sandals, according to the weather and the purpose of the images created.

what shoes to wear short coat

What shoes to wear a short coat?

shoes under the coat
shoes under a mini coat

How to choose shoes to coat?

For many years, shoes to coat were chosen strictly according to the canon, its color had to strictly correspond to the shade of the bag, but the lawmakers of the style decided to deviate from this rule. For several seasons in a row, the most unexpected combinations are allowed, with one but: various models of shoes can be selected for different styles of outer clothing, taking into account that the shoes will match with some color combination: coat, accessories, hat, sweater, dress or skirt or pants.

how to choose shoes to coat
shoes to coat

What shoes do you wear a coat? French style – shoes in neutral, beige or saturated dark or dazzling white, with shine, under a coat. English gloss, but also inherent in the legendary house Chanel – everything is in tone, when accessories and boots, shoes or sandals repeat the print of clothes. Trend options: low shoes or high shoes under a smooth coat in the style of casual, oversize, ankle boots and stiletto heels or steady heels – under the A-silhouette, poncho, cape and a fitted coat.

fashion shoes to coat

What shoes do you wear overlays?

In true fashionistas, along with sneakers and sneakers, footwear to overlays coats are in demand, designed in stylish elegance. It can be plain and printed studs and pumps, avant-garde models made of genuine leather and suede, in bright colors: crooked, green, brown, blue and yellow shoes, or sports shoes with interesting designer décor.

what shoes to wear overlays coat
shoes to overlays coat

Shoes under oversized coats with unusual cut, asymmetry and length difference are perfectly combined with interesting boots and half boots on a low speed or hidden wedge or platform, shoes on “tractors” and futuristic sandals. The loose midi outfits in a trending cell perfectly, according to famous couturiers, harmonize with slippers, sandals and shoes in the Greek style.

what shoes to wear overnight 2018 coat

What shoes to wear a bathrobe coat?

If we consider that outerwear without fasteners is more suitable for spring and early autumn, then shoes under a coat and a bathrobe should be selected according to the season. Designers believe that to create extravagant and youth images, this style should be combined with sports models of different, slip-ons and shoes on the trend platform with the transition to heels and flatwear.

what shoes to wear a coat bathrobe
what shoes to wear a coat bathrobe

What other shoes to wear a coat with floors developing or fixed on the side?

  1. To create business ensembles, it is better to pick up the classics: pumps, shoes with stable, not very high heels, low shoes and ankle boots on a “shot glass” or an average stiletto.
  2. Successfully emphasized the effect of developing gender. knee-high boots and boots, and add delicate charm to the game of contrasts brutal boots and military berets.
  3. Unique images can be obtained by combining a coat, bathrobe, trouser suits and loafers or oxfords.
what shoes to wear stylish coat bathrobe
stylish shoes under the coat bathrobe

What shoes to wear a classic coat?

Canon of the genre – shoes under the classic coat of the legend of style: concise shoes on medium steady or thin, but not high, heels. The classic itself dictates the conditions of complete harmony, therefore modern variations are allowed, which will favorably emphasize the general direction chosen:

  • tribute to retro – shoes in the style of tango, pumps, shoes with straps;
  • avant-garde – shoes and sandals on wedge, platform or espadrilles;
what shoes to wear classic coat
shoes under the classic coat
  • neoclassic – high boots “accordion” and “stockings”;
  • ethno – Cossacks and boots with a cowboy toe.
shoes under the classic coat 2018

What shoes to wear cocoon coat?

It is believed that shoes can suit any cocoon coat, the choice depends on personal preferences and the purpose of the image being created. In urban chic, sneakers and sneakers, slippers and ballet flats, sneakers and moccasins are appropriate, especially if trendy hippies are preferred over bows. If we take into account that the cocoon style belongs to vintage ones, then shoes, sandals and half boots will be an excellent combination, and elegant ankle boots, low shoes and modern pumps with designer décor will be used for publication.

what shoes to wear cocoon coat
shoes to coat cocoon

What shoes to wear cocoon coat?

fashion shoes to coat cocoon
shoes to coat cocoon 2018

What shoes to wear a quilted coat?

Who decided that shoes under women’s coats quilting can only be in a sporty style? Even under a short coat and an ultra-modern mini, boots of any height, boots and low shoes are perfect, both from lacquered and with laser processing of leather, natural suede and nubuck. Stylish combination of timberland and quilted coats, and if the style is designed in a business style, then exquisite shoes.

what shoes to wear a quilted coat
shoes under women's coat

What shoes to wear a tight coat?

What could be more romantic boho? This style dictates its own laws, so shoes under a long coat flared under a belt or a semi-fitting silhouette are designed to emphasize the natural femininity and grace inherent in all young ladies. Stylists advise to combine this style with retro free shoes on beveled heels without zippers, half boots or boots with sharp, but not long toe, high vintage shoes with an elongated tongue or closed and low shoes with interesting designer décor.

what shoes to wear tight coat

What shoes to wear a tight coat?

shoes under a long coat
shoes under a long coat 2018

Fashionable combination of coat with shoes

What shoes to wear under the coat? For a real fashionista, the choice is obvious:

  1. Always look favorably contrasts, for example, white top, black shoes, and if the coat has an interesting cut, sustained in the elegance of the French style, then the best choice of shoes will be shoes or half boots “stockings” of dark saturated colors, tightly fitting on his feet. To the light spring-summer military midi, the leading designers suggested choosing sandals with high bindings or “Greek women”.
Fashionable combination of coat with shoes
  1. With what shoes to wear a coat, if it is fitted or double breasted – with boots with laces or retro boots with printed heels. You can choose your favorite boat models and non-trivial shoes. For loose short clothes: capes, ponchos and fly-aways, versatile comfortable models, from sport shoes, until restrained elegant.
what shoes to wear under a coat

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