What principles do casual suits follow? The best fit for you

Casual suits are popular because they are more colorful and not as restrained as formal suits, but many people are not very suitable. The following small series will introduce you to the principle of men’s casual suits. Interested friends, just take a look.

1. Slightly rolled up sleeves, together with suit shorts, create a gentle spring and summer feel. The color is matched with a soft yellow-orange with a retro-style purple, and the vintage has a stylish vibrancy. The overall look is retro but not fashionable, the sun is handsome and the street is very eye-catching scenery.


2, I feel that black, gray, brown and other suits are too ordinary, but do not like too high-profile? This blue casual blazer definitely meets your requirements, with the same color sweater shirt is very harmonious, winter cool, with A black scarf can look great on fashion!


3, bright candy color, just need a set is enough to make you shine all season, a unique pattern T-shirt to increase your charm. The neat cut makes the man look taller and taller. The pattern of the t-shirt just neutralized the bright color of the candy, and the overall look was not exaggerated.


The above is the principle of men’s casual suits. You can follow the above introduction and try to do some matching, you can find the best match for you.

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