What is a tankini swimsuit?

He gathered all the advantages of open and closed swimsuits. And in something even surpassed those and others. The model makes it possible to elegantly and naturally mask the figure flaws. Not surprisingly, Tankini swimwear in 2018 was a real beach hit.

Designers are actively experimenting with the style and colors of tankini swimsuits, so you are unlikely to meet the same. The model traditionally consists of a top and panties, the style of which you can choose to your own taste.

The top in such swimsuits is modeled on the basis of the classic bodice, fashionable “gang” and “halters”. The choice depends only on whether you want to emphasize the true size of the bust or visually add volume. The winning feature of such tops is overpriced, literally under – the waistline and A-shape. He creates a light silhouette and visually makes the figure slimmer.

A great addition to the top will be panties, which will precisely place accents. Want to emphasize the legs – pick up a tanga or thong. Flawlessly give the hips hips slimming classic melting or micro-shorts.

Pay attention, how on these photos the tankini swimsuits perfectly model the figure:

Tankini swimwear and their photos

This year’s collections are built on a combination of sexuality and comfort. Tops this season are presented by a line of simple, but at the same time, elegant models, beautifully emphasizing the decollete area and at the same time possessing a free, flying fit.

In a fashion as the wide classical, concealing volumes of a shoulder strap, and the beautiful asymmetric decisions opening one shoulder. One of the most fashionable trends is the open decollete and shoulders zone, it is successfully supported by the current style of the bodice “gang”.

Tankini swimsuit: 2018 trend of the year

The models of this season are compared with spectacular beach micro-dresses and sarafans. See how elegant the 2018 tankini swimsuits are in these photos.

All shades of blue-turquoise and pink-orange gamut in combination with white are the main hits of the beach season. Among the prints stand out abstract and floral motifs. They perfectly support the idea of ​​top tankini – delicately, but clearly emphasizing the silhouette.

One of the main trends of the summer is a stylish combination in which such models have no equal. Choose monochromatic panties for the top with prints and you will get an impeccably fashionable outfit for the beach.

Fashionable swimsuit tankini pictured:

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