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Brilliance attracts fair sex, but many girls do not know how to wear glowing clothes in their daily lives. One of these garments is a lurex dress. This dress is very luxurious and does not fit well with others.

Dress with Lurex – fashion

Since fashion trends are constantly changing, there is not much time for many girls to follow. So some young women ask if Lurex dresses are outfit this season or if the stylist encourages them to avoid those items. These apparel items are in trends at this time because they can be seen in many collections of contemporary stylists and designers, including fashion specialists who set the mood for the way women dress in different ages .
Nevertheless, it can not be said that dress with Lurex has become the main trend of the season. This is because it is extremely difficult to use to create other images. In most cases, these wardrobes belong to an evening or cocktail party. While you can attend friendly meetings or club parties, it can be very difficult to combine with other things in your daily life.
Is it fashionable with Lurex?

dress with lurex

The attractive model with Lurex can be found in many collections of well-known designers and designers from around the world. At the same time, it is not easy to meet these products in the mass market. Fair sex is not popular and rarely appears in regular stores. With Lurex you can focus on the following brands of famous fashion professionals who offer a new and colorful collection.
  • Marc Jacobs;
  • Michael Kors;
  • Chloe;
  • Missoni;
  • Dolce & Gabbana – The collection of this brand offers many exciting options, but the most popular is the beige dress with rutec that emphasizes the feminine outline on the owner’s silhouette.
lurex and dress 2019

A line dress with lurex

The A-silhouette model is very popular during fair sex. Because they look good on girls of any type. “Trapezium” style products are available in all lengths and in everyday evening versions. In most cases, this decision is made by the extra young women themselves who want to hide from the eyes of the silhouettes, but they look beautiful to slim fashion professionals.
The stylist recommends that a beautiful woman prefer the following models depending on her physique and the nature of the situation:
  • Long dresses with ruffles that should be complemented with elegant high heels are perfect for evening events. This model is overly hidden in the buttocks and hips, while at the same time focusing on the luxury breast of young women and emphasizing the image and natural charm of women.
  • Short model is perfect for summer. They can go to a party, have a friends wedding or take a walk. On the other hand, these products open the eyes of the owner’s peripheral legs, not suitable for women with appetite-type or lower-limb defects.
  • The ideal solution for most women is a midi dress with Lurex that hides silhouette defects and presents the picture with the most favorable lighting.

dress and silhouette by lurex

I wore lurex and a dress.

The wrinkles of women’s clothing are abundant and attractive, but they do not know how to use it properly. The frilly dress with lurex is unique and unique, so it’s not easy to fit into the image. Modern fashion . There are several types of these products:
  • Options with wrinkled skirts – Move the focus down and make the image of the owner feminine and elegant.
  • The model described in detail. For example, the wrinkles in the sleeve visually hide the fullness of the arms and the upper part visually increases the volume of the chest. Also, wrinkling can help to draw attention away from the broad hips or the protruding abdomen.
  • Wrinkled dresses full of lurex give a sophisticated and festive feel. These products are only used at celebrations and are inappropriate for informal events.
I wore lurex and a dress.

Dress noodles with lurex

The Charming Noodle dress accentuates all curves and rounding, so it is only suitable for slender girls without flaws in the picture. On the other hand, appetite women can purchase such products if they have the right proportion of their body shape. If you have extra pounds in this case, you might prefer a dark tint and a monochrome design. Therefore, one of the most optimal solutions is considered a black dress with lurex made in mid-length.
Dress noodles with lurex

Knitted dress with lurex

Dresses made from knitwear with Lurex have length options and are suitable for daily wear. These models have mostly dark monochromatic colors, but some are lightweight ones that can be visually filled. Knit closet items vary in the thickness of the material. Thin linen is suitable for the warm season, but for autumn and winter it is best to choose a dark knit dress.
Knitted dress with lurex

Lurex Wrap Dress

“To the smell” style can express the appearance of a representative of fair sex with the best light. Due to the features of the cut, such products emphasize the thin waist while at the same time emphasizing the attention of others in the luxurious breasts and female thighs. However, models with an abnormally wide color range smell are only suitable for parties and outlets. A gray dress with a knee-top rotech can be appropriate at work and is a great solution for corporate parties.
dress with lurex

Knitted dress with lurex
In autumn and winter, knit items come to the forefront, and even in the worst frost, heat is kept warm and reliable. These are leggings as well as stockings, or leggings that can make a variety of wonderful images depending on the situation. Among the most diverse solutions, we can refer to black, gray and blue dresses as rutec made from knitted fabrics. These products work well in a variety of images. So they can easily work or go to informal events.
Knitted dress with lurex

A line dress with lurex

Beautiful and stylish dress – The swing is considered a universal option and may be appropriate as part of a solemn occasion, and in everyday life. As an option, models with a midi length of universal hue (mostly gray or black) are best suited each day. Young women who prefer a romantic dress style can choose a pink swing trapeze. This model is ideal for a romantic date.
Trapeze dress with lurex

Lurex and dress tunic

An incredibly sophisticated solution can be combined with a wide range of clothing items in a tunic-shaped short dress with lurex. Due to the special features of the cut, this product distracts the excessively fluffy butt and distracts attention. Also, if the tunic does not fit your body, you can visually observe the overhanging belly.
Dress tunics are not supposed to carry around on a separate topic of clothing. You should wear warm leggings or leggings. In the case of shoes, this wonderful product is not too high ankle boots boots.
Lurex and dress tunic

Full dress with lurec

The appetite-type girl tries to avoid shiny clothes because she visually increases her body size and attracts other people’s attention to the existing shortcomings of the silhouette. Nonetheless, stylists and designers recommend “pyshechkam” for choosing a feminine and glamorous style without sacrificing beautiful and elegant. Therefore, women with obesity Lurex dress should have the following characteristics.
  • 10-15 cm below the knee;
  • Dark and muted tones.
  • Minimal decorative elements;
  • The presence of retail;
  • Which style. For obese women, a charming tunic with a dress with a wrap lurex, swing model, long dress, maxi-fitted silhouette or slimming leggings is best.
Dress with full lurex

Evening dress with lurex

Models with brilliant decor are most suitable for special occasions because they are difficult to use in everyday life. Often, girls in such dresses attend weddings, parties, anniversaries, and other similar events. While the length of such a product may vary, the best option is to keep Lurex on the ground so you do not notice the owner.

Young women who can boast of slimness without defect can give their short taste to their shorts, reveal their slender legs, and emphasize the vulnerability and femininity of fair sex. In this case, the style and color of the toilet can be anything. For example, a golden dress with a lurex mini length or a bright red model with a deep neckline can be a great solution for celebrating the New Year.
Evening dress with lurex

New Year’s Dress with Lurex

The New Year’s Eve is the reason why girls take out all the glittering glamorous outfits from their cabinets. One of the most popular options during this time is a golden dress with lurec. The length can vary. Young women mainly choose the provocative mini, and older women prefer the elegant maxi model.
Dresses wearing Lurex for the New Year can have different colors, and each color is strikingly impressive. So, perfect for holiday, colorful bright bright red products or universal black gowns that can enter various images. Too many women have green eyes, the bathroom is made of emerald green color is surprisingly good.
New Year Dress with lurex

How about wearing a lurex dress?

Incredibly beautiful and spectacular, Lurex’s dress does not go well with others. Therefore, it is recommended to wear the stylist as an independent piece of clothing. On the other hand, in order to create a harmonious image, appropriate accessories and decorations should be added to this product. Women, of course, need shoes that require high heels to make their overall look much more elegant and solemn as well as able to visually increase their silhouette.
For example, a red dress with a lurex looks like a shoe or sandal with a hue on its heel. The upper part is made of a thin gold string. Using a Lurex thread, the small black mini dress perfectly blends with classic black pumps or platform shoes and high heels with silver sparkles.
Reasons to wear a dress with lurex

Jewelry for Lurex and Dresses

In all cases, the stylist recommends wearing it. Closet Item The simplest and simplest decoration of the matte texture should not be overly large. Therefore, the most suitable earrings for dresses with lterium are simple carnations without decorations or small rings. On the other hand, a bold and confident woman who wants to create a deadly image can choose a large metal jewelery that attracts more attention than costumes.

lurex and dress costume costume jewelry

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