What do men really want?

You can deal with this issue endlessly. Men rely on one thing, but women see themselves in a completely different situation. Important points that should be paid attention to in the understanding of men, being fixed on the details, are:

* what kind of man’s experience is behind him (these are his fears and the formed strategies for behavior in relationships) 
* how did your relationship begin (what actions and roles did he use to interest the woman) 
* when did the sex happen and what happened after it (the body gives out all the most important male secrets) 
* how a man behaves in critical situations (stress makes you behave automatically, honestly and truly, the way a man really is)

Let’s figure it out in order

1. In order to understand what a man wants, study his usual model of behavior with women. Of course, you will not be able to interrogate all of his previous novels. But you can identify the key strategy of behavior with your beloved and indifferent young ladies. It does not happen that a man is one, and then categorically different. There is always the opportunity to ask indirect questions in the form of a conversation: how he communicates with his ex-wife, as with his daughter, as with his mother, as with his ex-girlfriend, etc. Be careful. And evaluate exactly the key points of his relationship.

2. The next important aspect of understanding men is starting your relationship. Pay attention in this paragraph to what the man does, and not what he says. Evaluate how much priority you have in him, compared to other aspects of his life. Of course, it is foolish to make a man a complaint and be dissatisfied with his behavior if he reminds himself of himself at any possible occasion, invites you to a meeting and let this happen infrequently. Look at the realities of men. How does he work, how much really free time does he have? And only after that draw conclusions.

3. The intimacy of partners undoubtedly remains the main diagnostic tool to help assess and understand the desires and priorities of the partner, and what is your attitude. Of course, men who are aggressive and immediately demanding sex are not at all interested in relationships. A big woman’s mistake is to agree to everything at once, without first understanding herself, in the first place. If you are afraid to lose a potential partner and take risks, as a rule, women’s expectations are not met. Men want and are more interested in sex than women.

Girls like the romantic and lyrical part of the relationship. To better understand your man, pay attention to how he still behaves after sex? Is he attentive to you? And how do you feel next to him? Know how to listen and understand yourself, then the man will become more clear to you.

4. The main criterion for understanding a man is his behavior in stressful situations. Does he scream? Is aggression? This is what people usually do from hopelessness. When all the arguments are over. Is he lost and resentful, leaving in silence? This is a confirmation that a man needs some pause and this will be better than continuing to sort things out to the final point. You can hear what the man was not going to say, emotions just work out like that.

Listen to his stories of how he overcame difficulties? Did he need help? How does a man generally respond to these questions? This will show how much the man is ready to talk and build a close relationship with you.

Anna Sukhova – psychologist

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