What color of the shadows to what eye color is like

It is known that in order to make women look luminous and expressive, the use of decorative cosmetics is the best way.

However, in fact, not everything is so simple, because the image will be harmonious only if you follow certain rules for applying cosmetics. First of all, you should know to what color of eyes which shadows are most suitable.

Makeup artists remind all girls that the main purpose makeup – emphasize the natural feminine beauty. To emphasize the upper part of the face, namely, to give the look expressiveness and charm, find out what color of the shadows are suitable for the eyes – brown, blue, green and gray.

What are the colors of the shadows for any eye colors: the rules of choice

Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine the color of your own eyes, so it is not always possible to do it right away To determine this, you need to carefully look at the iris, standing in front of a mirror in a well-lit room. It is interesting that in one person the iris can have mixed colors, then it is said about gray-green, caret-green, gray-blue and other shades of the eyes. Owners of such a unique appearance were more lucky than the rest of the fair sex, because the choice of shadows in front of them is much wider.

It happens, you look at a girl and you are surprised at the beauty and brightness of her eyes, while the shadows are applied to the eyelids are very light, almost imperceptible. Another situation is also familiar to many: the eyelids are made up of a rich color, but, surprisingly, the brightness of the eyes is lost. It is in such cases that it becomes obvious that it is necessary to know which colors of the shadows for which eye colors you need to select when creating a make-up.

Makeup artists say that there are such colors of shadows that are suitable for everyone without exception, no matter what girl’s eyes are brown, green, blue or gray. These are gray shadows, they are so universal that they allow to emphasize the brightness and expressiveness of any eyes. The whole secret is that gray has many shades, among which every girl will be able to choose the palette suitable for them. Gray shadows are well combined with black mascara and eyeliner, but the line of arrows should be very thin.

When choosing the shadows should remember the following rule: dark makeup visually reduces the eyes, light, on the contrary, makes them larger and wider, the look becomes more open and expressive.

Makeup artists draw girls’ attention to the fact that the contrast is not an entirely good choice, if the eyes are light and the shadows are too dark, then against such a background they will appear quite pale.

With dark eyes and dark skin, experts do not recommend applying light shadows on the eyelids, such make-up will not look beautiful.

What colors of shadows are suitable for green eyes: makeup artists tips

What is the color of the shadows coming to the green eyes, want to know the green-eyed beauty. Not every girl can boast of such an unusual appearance. Make-up should, above all, emphasize the natural beauty of green eyes, their unusual and charm. In fact, according to the advice of many makeup artists, it is not so easy to pick up the shadows for green eyes, because they have many shades that significantly change the appearance of the girl.

The color of the shadows that matches the green eyes more than the rest is, of course, green.

However, if you take any green shadows yourself, it does not mean that you will be able to apply beautiful makeup, because you first need to decide on the shade of your own eye.

Green eyes can be different – light, dark, bright, saturated, and in some girls they are even turquoise. Eye color shade determines which particular make-up is most suitable for a girl. In some cases, even blue shadows will be in harmony with such eyes.

What color of shadows fits green eyes, if they are dark? The darkest, deep enough shade of the green female eye is considered universal, since cosmetics are the easiest to pick up for them. Girls can choose almost any shades of green shadows, while the darker they are, the more gorgeous the female image will look. You can choose absolutely any shade of the liner to the dark green eyes, but the dark brown color of this decorative cosmetics looks the most beautiful.

Eyes the color of aqua – the rarest, but very beautiful. Under such a bluish-green color of the shadow should be chosen very carefully, because not all are suitable. Makeup artists are the perfect choice for such beauties to call light or medium shades of shadows. Cool shades of green shades with bluish undertones will also look beautiful. It is better to refuse dark cosmetics for a century, and here the eyeliner will make eyes brighter and more expressive.

Light green eyes often with small golden dots on the iris – a true green color without any other shades. As a rule, too dark colors of cosmetics for eyelids such girls do not fit, unless you put it only on the outer corners of the eyes. A good choice will be the shadow, not darker than the color of their own eyes.

Gray-green eyes – another kind of such unusual and rare eye, the choice of shadows for them often becomes extremely difficult, sometimes it can be done only by an experienced specialist. Knowing how to create makeup for light green eyes, the girl will look charming and mysterious. The secret is simple: closer to the eyebrows should be applied darker shadows, and on the moving part of the century – a little lighter. It is advisable not to use intense deep shades. Owners of green eyes during the application of cosmetics should be excluded blue, blue and pink colors.

What color of shadows fits brown eyes: the opinion of professionals

What color of the shadows is suitable for the brown eyes – one of the pressing issues. Brown eyes are really the most common, so many people want to hear the opinion of professionals.

It is impossible to say exactly which color of the shadows is suitable for brown eyes, everything is much simpler here. Makeup artists recommend brown-eyed girls to choose the color of the shadows in the colors of their wardrobe. If you are dressed in pastel colors, makeup should also be in discreet colors. Wearing a bright outfit, make-up should also match the image, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, so as not to look defiant. When creating evening makeup it is recommended to use brown, bronze, gray and olive shades. It is undesirable to put on the eyelids orange and hot pink makeup products.

Green, menthol, brown, and muted purple and pink makeup for the eyelids is best suited for kare green or walnut green female eyes. Sometimes you can meet a girl with kare-blue eyes, such a beauty should opt for green, gray, brown and blue shades of cosmetics.

Dark brown eyes are called black, they can also be considered universal, as it is easy to choose cosmetics for them. However, you should know that the shadows should be dark, otherwise the eyes will not work out. It is not recommended to use light pink, light green and lilac shadows.

Gray, blue and blue eyes: what colors of shadows are suitable?

What color of shadows is suitable for gray eyes, hurry to find gray-eyed girls. This is a universal eye color, so their owners can apply practically any shadows to the eyelids, as long as they are darker on the 1 – 2 tones. Also, experts recommend during the creation of make-up to avoid the use of bright colors. Gray-beige or gray-blue shadows will help to give your eyes brightness and natural expressiveness.

What colors of shades are suitable for gray-blue eyes – the answer to this question is often sought by the owners of such mixed eye color. Girls with gray-blue eyes are also suitable for blue, blue, pink, pastel lilac, brown, gray-green shadows.

You do not know what color of the shadows is suitable for blue eyes, but what exactly is the color of your eyes? Makeup artists recommend using blue, lilac, purple, and blue shades of varying intensity to owners of heavenly-colored eyes. If experts ask what color of the eye shadow is suitable for blue eyes, they call the same palette, which is recommended for blue-eyed beauties.

Take note: matte eye shadows are used for daytime makeup, mother-of-pearl are used for evening makeup.

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