What can I wear with gray tights?

Gray successfully replaced perennial favorites: black and flesh-colored models. The reason – in the fashion for sophisticated and sophisticated color combinations in dresses. Moreover, gray, dense and matte, the models are not inferior to black neither in universality, nor in their impeccable ability to give legs harmony.

Asking the question “what to wear with gray tights?” Choose the pastel color palette that is fashionable this season. And especially – dresses and skirts of pale pink, violet-lilac, cream and beige tones. They are especially gentle and elegant look in the spring and autumn images that can not be imagined without pantyhose.

Gray tights allow you to collect in a single image things complex, but very fashionable colors. For example, orange coat and purple dress. Soft low-contrast combinations with accessories allow you to create completely new and unusual images from quite familiar things.

A very fashionable combination is obtained, for example, complete with denim shorts.

See how these photos of gray tights look in a variety of images:

The first thing to start with is the selection of shoes. Perfect in terms of excellent taste, shoes will match the tone to match. This technique, by the way, is better than others visually lengthens the legs.

But designers of this season advise not to get involved in completely monophonic clothes. Look for the contrast “duets” – each of them will be fashionable. In combination with gray models will look great shoes all shades of brown, purple and dark green.

Such combinations will allow you to complicate the selection and range of colors not only clothes, but also bags and jewelry.

What exactly wear gray tights to solve is not difficult. They go great with classic styles of skirts or black dresses. Even the combination with brown and blue doesn’t seem boring.

And do not forget about fashion prints. Stylish models in a checkered, striped or with a funny naive pattern will make any image play with new colors!

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