What can I wear with a gray sweater?

Who will suit

Gray is considered a classic, noble and refined. For this reason, for stylists, gray and its multiple shades are perfect undertones, giving the fashionable look elegance.

Gray color, which some people consider boring, is extremely diverse and gives an incredible amount of combinations with other colors and shades. For each fashionable outlet a unique ensemble with gray things is selected. A gray sweater or jumper is perceived as part of such a set, complemented by pants or a skirt, original accessories and shoes. The woolen gray sweater is not only comfortable and warm, but also versatile, which makes it indispensable in the wardrobe.

Do not get involved in combinations of gray with the same intensity of brown or beige. You also will not be able to achieve harmony between gray and gold. Although gray and yellow colors get along well in a suit.

Color combinations

Noble gray smooths ultra bright and catchy shades. It looks advantageous with blue, red and pink. Strict gray-black gamma today is indispensable in a business suit. Like a gray-white chord, win-win in a stylish set of clothes.

The original tandem is purple and burgundy with gray and its shades.

If you don’t like experiments, gray will always have a lighter and darker shade to create a monochrome outfit. This will help such valuable varieties of gray, as anthracite and marengo.

Light gray and dark gray, gray blue, metallic and asphalt remain trendy shades from season to season. Combining with each other shades of gray, you need to remember that special texture gives such a union a variety of textures.

Trend Models

1. Office Style.

Light gray thin jumper, pants or jeans. The business kit is best supplemented with brighter accessories. A jacket or a jacket is worn on top, successfully combines with a sweater and a white shirt with a collar.

2. Casual.

The street style is characterized by elongated models of sweaters, resembling a short dress or tunic. Do not do without such fashionable in this season, narrow jeans. To the ensemble it remains to pick up beige-colored boats and a dark gray bag.

You can wear a gray sweater or pullover over a dress with a collar and a full skirt. Feminine look will be supported by black shoes with bows.

3. Grange

For a fashionable look, you need: a gray elongated jumper with a round neckline, a wide-brimmed black hat, a black jacket with a fringe, and narrow knit pants. In the tone of the jacket and hat, half ankles with a narrow nose are selected. The kit consists of three colors – two shades of gray and black.

What to wear and how to choose

You can wear a gray sweater with almost any kind of dress, be it a skirt or pants. Pants fit both wide and narrow, tight, narrowed to the bottom. For trousers the combination with the lengthened style of a sweater is characteristic. But also a short sweater looks good if the waistline of the trousers is too high.

Blue jeans stand out against the background of other things, in harmony with the gray sweater. In addition to blue, this season is popular white denim, and jeans with slits as well as possible fit the gray sweater and black leather jacket. Elegant outfits will complement the outfits with a gray sweater – ankle boots or boots with heels, high boots without heels.

Elegant, tight-fitting leggings made of shiny fabric or knitwear and leather trousers are worn to a voluminous gray sweater. For this style, choose a bag with a snake, zipper and shoes with buckles, stylish sneakers with decor, leather gloves.

Ladies older than 25 years are fine pink and light gray sweaters. Pastel colors look no less impressive and interesting than bright ones.

Slender girls can safely wear a tartan skirt with a gray sweater. Any bright pattern will do; gray color will make the ensemble richer and emphasize the originality of the chosen palette. Under a gray sweater, you can try to wear everything – from a white skirt to the floor to shorts with tight tights.

How to decorate

If the ensemble has a combination of several shades of gray, it is appropriate to emphasize the harmonic row with a bright scarf around the neck. In a fashion variety of scarves with prints, necklaces and beads of bright colors, black and white.

If the neckline on the sweater is deep enough, a pendant on a chain or cord will fit. Do not forget about the plum or burgundy belt on the skirt in a tandem with a gray sweater.

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