What can I wear with a denim shirt dress?

Recently, light dresses of free cut, resembling an elongated shirt in appearance, have become increasingly popular. One of these models is a dress shirt made of denim, which, in addition to its attractive appearance and wild popularity, is also famous for its incredible convenience and wearing comfort. Let us consider in more detail how and with what to wear such a product, as well as the most popular models and color prints.

With what to wear

A denim shirt dress is a completely independent thing, so it often does not require additional combinations with other things. But still, among the diversity of models of this dress, there are several rules of combination with other things.

With pantyhose or leggings

In a cool season, a denim shirt dress will look great with thick dark tights, such as black, maroon or dark brown. To choose the tone of the tights should be based on the shade of denim, as well as the color of accessories that you plan to complement the image. If you are planning to wear a very short shirt dress, you can safely combine it with tight fitting leggings.

With outerwear

Choosing a combination with outerwear, you should be careful, because not every model of a dress shirt will look good and appropriate. For example, a leather jacket of a leather jacket or a leather jacket, which emphasizes the waistline with its length, is best suited to a shirt-dress, creating a contrast with a rather light denim fabric. In addition, a warm trench coat or cardigan is perfect, which in length will coincide with the length of the dress or will be somewhat longer than it.

How to wear

Since the denim shirt-dress is a rather simple and at the same time rather complicated piece of clothing, you should carefully combine it with other things and carefully choose the image in accordance with the situation in which you are going to wear it. Do not wear too short dresses, not complementing their leggings or tight tights.

You also need to choose a dress on the figure, so as not to create a visually excessive volume, which you will not need if you are the owner of magnificent forms. In addition, a shirt dress made of denim in some cases can be used as a cardigan, combined with narrow or straight dresses made of other fabrics.

Fashionable models

Like any other clothing, a denim shirt-dress has a rather extensive model range, allowing many girls to choose their own options to their liking. We decided to tell you about the most popular and stylish models of this season.

Without sleeves

This model of denim shirt dress is most relevant in the hot season, as it is easy to use and combine with other things. In addition, it is suitable for many life situations, whether it is a walk with friends, a trip to the beach, it may even be suitable for working in an office where the dress code accepts such bows. In the cool season, such a dress can be combined with a variety of jumpers, blazers, cardigans, and with a successful combination, you can even wear over a thin tight turtleneck.


Long denim shirt dresses are hardly appropriate for visiting an office or a business meeting, as they simply will bring some discomfort because of their length. Most appropriate of all, this model will be for spending time in an informal setting, where the length of the dress will not embarrass you, get under your feet and slightly hinder movement when walking.

In combination with light, delicate accessories you can create a very attractive image suitable for a romantic date.

For full

Fat women often have difficulties in drawing up their wardrobe, because it is rather difficult to find a stylish model of a suitable size that would fit perfectly, without focusing on the flaws, but on the contrary, visually hiding them. A denim shirt dress is just one of those options, where the right model will hide your flaws, and the wrong choice, on the contrary, will attract too much attention to them.

For owners of magnificent forms, the model of a free cut is well suited, with a slightly fitted silhouette, as well as a decor in the form of a light waist strap. This model will help to reduce the amount of hips visually, and thanks to a light accent in the form of a strap, the waist will seem somewhat narrower.

How to make a shirt from a denim dress?

Perhaps there is nothing easier than to make a shirt out of a denim dress, since the principle of cut is almost identical. To make a regular model with a straight bottom, you just need to trim the hem of the dress, tuck it and hem it on a typewriter. If you want a shirt with an unusual cut, for example, elongated at the back and shortened at the front, you should fold the dress in half, with two seams to each other and make a cut in a semicircle, without sharpening the long tip, but making it slightly rounded. Further actions are no different from the previous version, to complete the manufacture of a shirt, you need to bend and hem the hem.

Successful images

Every girl, whatever thing she wore, wants to look attractive and stylish. Denim shirt dress is no exception. Therefore, we have selected the most stylish images for various kinds of situations. Let’s take a closer look at what accessories and what situations a denim shirt-dress will be appropriate for, and where it doesn’t fit at all.

For summer

The ideal option for summer walks is a denim shirt-dress with a free cut, buttons and a nice belt from the same fabric, tied at the waist. In itself, this dress already looks elegant and does not need additional decoration in the form of accessories. But you can still complement the image with stylish ballet shoes or sandals, sunglasses and a small handbag with a shoulder strap. This kit looks stylish, comfortable and summer-like simple.

For a date

To conquer your chosen one, wearing a denim shirt-dress, you should choose a model, flared to the bottom of the waist line, because it looks the most feminine and emphasizes the dignity of a slim figure. To add an additional touch of romance to the image, you can make a hairstyle in the form of a light disheveled beam, pick up a stylish handbag on a chain, a couple of colors lighter or darker than the color of a dress and shoes with heels that will make your legs longer and slimmer. In such a dress, you immediately spot your soul mate.

For work

An excellent working option can be a denim knee-length shirt dress with a straight, slightly loose fit. This dress looks very elegant, discreet, somewhat feminine and incredibly stylish. You can complement the image with a strict hairstyle, for example, a slanting or tucked-in beam, brown knee-high boots and a thin waist strap that matches the tone of the shoe.

This image is quite suitable for a business meeting, because it looks restrained and attractive.


A long denim shirt dress fits perfectly on slender tall girls, as it favorably emphasizes a stately silhouette. Such a dress does not need any additional accessories, it will look stylish with turned-up sleeves and shoes with heels. You can make the image slightly relaxed by undoing a few buttons from the top or bottom, thus creating a touch of sexuality through a small notch.

A short

As in the case with a long, short dress shirt made of denim will look amazing on slender girls, because this model focuses most of all on the figure. This dress will be perfectly combined with elongated knitted or knitted golf, length above the knee. You can complement this image with a lightweight wrap, matching the tone of the golf, as well as a large stylish bag. Such an image is quite suitable for cool weather and, undoubtedly, will attract many admiring glances.

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