What can I wear with a burgundy sweater?

Burgundy color – one of the most fashionable colors of recent seasons. In the cool season, you can also remain a fashionista and choose a burgundy sweater.

And we will tell you how to choose a stylish model, choose the desired color and effectively combine.

Fashionable shades

Burgundy is a mixture of brown and red. It has a wide range of shades. We will consider those that are at the peak of popularity.

Let’s start with the most trendy hue – Marsala or wine. A sweater of this shade is perfect for everyday life or for the office. Depending on the model, you can also wear it as an evening dress.

Sangria hue is another bright fashionable shade. It is distinguished by the most reddish tone. Suitable for both blondes and brunettes. A great option for a walk or a date.

Burgundy – one of the cool shades of burgundy. A stylish sweater of this color is perfect for creating a casual look.

Dark maroon – a rich shade with a predominance of brown. A sweater of such a calm and harmonious color will be appropriate in many cases. This shade is more suitable for brunettes.

Of course, this is not the limit, the variations of burgundy – countless. Girls can easily find a color that suits them, which will favorably emphasize the complexion and hair.

Color combinations

Maroon perfectly with the cold range of colors. These are blue, gray, muffled green and other not bright shades of colors.

Of course, burgundy and all its shades are perfectly combined with black color. This is a win-win.

Burgundy and purple – another stylish ensemble, in it you will not go unnoticed.

Burgundy more red tone looks great with warm hues. These include beige, coral and pink.

A set of the same color but different shades is the trend of the season. This is the so-called monochrome image. It will look even better if things are made from different textures.

You can highlight the color by wearing gold accessories.

Trend Models

The most popular model is sweater overseas. This is a model of loose fit, it can be worn even over a classic shirt. Despite the fact that at first glance such a sweater seems informal, it is quite appropriate in an office environment.

Models with an asymmetrical bottom – give a playful image. As a rule, this is a shortened front part of the sweater and an elongated rear part. One of the variations may be the presence of cutouts on the sides.

Extra long models are a great choice for the cold season. They are usually worn with tight-fitting trousers or leggings. This sweater can be worn with a thin belt.

Pay attention to the type of cut. It can be round, oval, V-shaped or almost under the throat.

Who will suit

Burgundy, like black, tends to visually reduce the volume, so it suits girls with any type of figure. Thin fit any model, and those with extra centimeters can choose from a variety of models. First of all, these are all styles of free fit and elongated models.

Pay attention to the neckline, so you can divert attention from problem areas and switch the attention of others to the beauty of your chest and neck.

Plus burgundy color is that it suits girls with any color type of appearance. Blondes, brunettes and ladies with red hair color will easily choose their model and shade.

With what to wear

Burgundy fits perfectly into the office style. The classic look is a burgundy sweater in combination with black pants or a pencil skirt. You can move away from the established rules and wear a blue bottom in a set with a sweater. Complement the image with shoes in heels.

For a casual look with a burgundy sweater, jeans look harmoniously. These can be skinny jeans, cropped or frayed models. Complement the image of boots or coarse style boots.

Both in office and casual style, a sweater goes well, worn on top of a thin white or blue shirt.

Want to create an original bow – wear a sweater with leather trousers in black or burgundy color, but in a different shade. So you can go to a fashion event, an exhibition or a party with friends.

In cool weather, put on a beige trench coat or black leather jacket. Complete the image with a bag, it can be small on a long strap or capacious on a short handle.

Here are our tips, burgundy sweater – just a must-have wardrobe of fashionistas. This is a harmonious choice that is fairly easy to combine. It’s time to get a pair of fashionable options and experiment with images.

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