What can I wear with a brown coat?

Brown color for many is associated with warmth and comfort. That is why autumn coats of all shades of brown and popular among fashionistas.

Features brown

Brown is calmer and more muffled than black. It has a large variety of colors. This season in the trend of sand, coffee and chocolate colors. In general, the palette of shades of brown allows each girl to choose for themselves their ideal coat option.

In psychology, it is generally accepted that it is brown that contributes to the creation of a cozy homely atmosphere. In a soft brown coat it will be easier for you to position the interlocutor to yourself, creating a comfortable atmosphere for communication.

With what to wear

Brown color goes well with red, green, blue and all their shades. In general, since the coat looks elegant, it should be combined with things in a classic or discreet everyday style.

Light brown

Light brown coats will go well with darker dresses and suits. For example, they can complement the image with a black dress. Pick up ankle boots or boots with high heels for such a bow and you will get a very feminine look.

Dark brown

A dark brown coat will look great in a set with dark blue or dark red flowers. The format of the things themselves is determined by the style in which the coat is made.


The stylish outerwear option for autumn is a brown suede coat. Suede looks expensive and elegant, but requires special care. That is why such a coat is recommended to buy for early autumn.

With fur trim

For a later fall, you can choose a stylish coat with fur trim. Such an original addition will make the coat both warmer and more refined. The coat with a fur collar can be complemented with a luxurious evening dress, stylish accessories and shoes with heels.

A short

For young and active girls, this shortened coat will be a real find. A short coat does not hinder movement and allows you to create more original bows. A short coat will go well with jeans or skinny pants and boots.

Without collar

Also pay attention to the coat without a collar. This coat can be combined with different scarves. But the choice of scarves and other accessories is worth talking in more detail.

Choose accessories (scarf, hat, shawls, bag, with belt + other options)

In order that the image on the basis of a brown coat looked stylish and attractive, it should be supplemented with properly selected accessories. First of all, you should choose a bright scarf, which will dilute the calm base of this image. The best options are blue, burgundy or lilac scarves. It is also quite possible to choose more classic shades, for example, a beige or dark brown scarf.

A scarf with an unusual print can be an alternative to a scarf. It can be tied around the neck or just thrown over the shoulders.

Gloves and a hat can be both selected to match the scarf, and choose things of different colors and even textures.

What shoes to wear

Since the brown coat looks quite neutral, it can be complemented with bright shoes, as well as more classic and calm. Coats in combination with a dress are best complemented by shoes with heels or a platform. It is good to wear such a set under brown boots with a steady heel or dark-colored suede booties.

Bright ankle boots, in turn, will be an interesting accent in your autumn bow. Choose emerald, dark blue, or burgundy to accurately follow the trend.

More casual bows can be complemented by flat shoes. This outfit looks stylish, but you do not feel inconvenience.

Stylish images

Fashionable bow requires a detailed selection of all its components. The massive coat of light brown color looks harmoniously in combination with the narrowed bottom. Under dark jeans, shoe comfortable brown boots with cuffs. Wrap yourself in a voluminous warm scarf, and fold your things into a big bag with a long strap. In such a dress, you can walk around the city for a whole day.

The second option is more suitable business woman. Classic gray and brown trousers with arrows, complemented by a simple gray turtleneck, go well with a long light brown coat. It can be supplemented with a belt to highlight the waistline and give a figure of femininity.

Many women of fashion neglect brown color, considering it too boring and simple. But this is a big mistake, because, having a closer look at the rich palette of shades of brown, you will definitely find something that will not only fit into your wardrobe, but also please you.

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