What are the points that the groom wears when he gets married? Not sloppy



Marriage is a big event. It is a big event to do a wedding banquet. Then the question is coming. Do you have any requirements for so many newcomers to wear at the time of marriage? Do you have to check the information when choosing a dress? Xiaobian will give you an answer to the points that the groom wears when he gets married, because these are very particular.

First, the requirements for wearing a wedding suit

1. The trademark of the cuffs of the clothes must be cut off. The grades of the suits need to look at the fabrics and patterns. Some people think that it is only once after marriage, of course, the best brand is to be worn. In fact, it is not good. As you can see at a glance, some brands actually have little difference from the outside, so the main thing is to look at the details. For example, a good suit of pure wool is definitely enough for your face.

2. Never wear white socks. It is a very solemn thing. It is only because you wear it that you will laugh at the big teeth unless you have a unique opinion on your taste.


3. In the previous article, Xiaobian introduced how to choose the shirt in the suit, so I will briefly talk about it here. The main reason is that the sleeves of the shirt are about 1cm longer than the sleeves of the suit. The neckline of the shirt only sees no gaps, and the neckline should be about 1cm higher than the neckline of the suit.

4. The button method on the suit is also very important. Double-breasted suits are either fully buckled or not buckled; single-row 2 buckle suits either buckle the top one, or do not buckle.

5. Belts, wallets, and leather shoes are best a brand, which makes people feel that you are coming to an end.

6. You can wear a vest between the suit and the shirt, but don’t wear a sweater or a wool vest. In fact, if you feel cold outside, you can wear a windbreaker jacket, so that you don’t seem to be out of touch.


Second, the matching recommendation of the wedding suit

Xiaobian mainly introduces you how to choose a suit from the color matching. There are mainly the following colors: first, the black suit, the inner shirt is white or light-colored shirt, with gray, blue and other tie matching the color of the shirt. If it is a gray suit, it can be worn with gray, green, yellow and brick-colored ties. It is also mainly a white shirt. If it’s a dark blue suit, you can wear a blue, blush or orange tie with a white or bright blue shirt.

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