What absolutely can not be worn with crooked legs?

what can we say about the legs, which first attract the attention of men. Of course, each of us wants everything to be perfect, but, alas, not everyone can boast of the harmony of their legs. However, it should be noted that truly crooked legs are extremely rare, more often this is a small deviation from the norm, which is easily corrected with the help of clothes and shoes.

Many girls limit themselves in choosing clothes, believing that legs are best hidden under long skirts and dresses. But is it worth it to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing what you want. I think no. You just need to choose clothing models that will hide this disadvantage. If you yourself do not know how to do this, then I will try to help you. So, let’s start with dresses and skirts.

Which skirts are definitely not suitable?

Long dresses and skirts are something that can always be worn, without any restrictions. Any models, any color and for any occasion. But if there is a desire to wear shortened options, then it is worth remembering that from the whole variety, it is better to choose skirts straight, knee-length or slightly higher, but in no case a mini. It is better to avoid cuts on the skirt, an exception can be made only for the cut at the back, but in this case it is better if it is with a slot. But the side cuts from the hips are permissible only on long skirts.

If you put on a skirt longer than the ankle, then additional clothing details will help to distract attention from your legs, try to switch your attention to your own merits. Highlight your narrow waist with a wide belt , or put on a deep neckline blouse that accentuates your chest. Beautiful accessories also help to distract attention. A colorful print on fabric or an interesting print is also a good move.

These pants cannot be worn with crooked legs.

As for trousers, almost the same restrictions apply here. For crooked legs, cropped trousers – capris and shorts are contraindicated. Pants of a classic cut and simple wide models hide well the curvature. Skinny trousers and jeans should not be worn; it is better to choose a flared model. I advise you to refuse jeans with bleached spots, this can only aggravate the situation. In addition, the length of the trousers should end no lower than the middle of the heel, too long trousers can only be worn by those who have no problems with their legs. The tighter the fabric of the trousers, the better, but the pattern in the form of vertical stripes will further emphasize your flaw.

For crooked legs, avoid tights with a pattern.

When choosing tights, never be seduced by the pattern. Your option is ordinary plain tights. Do not forget that black tights add seductiveness even to imperfect legs, so wear them as often as possible.

Well hide the curvature of the legs with high boots. The higher the boot, the shorter you can afford a skirt. Shoes preferably with an open top and light colors, no bright red or other colors that attract attention. A high heel can be worn only if the legs are covered with a long skirt or wide trousers, in other cases shoes without a heel are preferable.

Observing these rules, you can easily hide those features that do not seem too attractive to you, and a light walk, a smile and goodwill will help you with this.

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