Wedding underwear: stockings, tights and garters

There are no trifles in the bride’s attire. And, although the preparation for the celebration gives a lot of trouble, such an important accessory as wedding stockings should be given special attention.

Even if you choose a long dress that completely covers the legs, wedding etiquette requires wearing them. In addition, it is the stockings – the most piquant detail of the chaste as a whole, elegant and delicate bridal outfit.

What color stockings to choose under the wedding dress.

The choice of stockings for a wedding dress determines the overall style of the dress. Classic dresses of “princess” style with luxurious trim and crinoline, complemented by a long veil will best be combined with models of physical or white without decor. Feminine, gentle, subtle and a little conservative – just as etiquette requires. But as an intriguing detail, beautifully trimmed in the form of a garter gum stockings will perform well. This little secret is addressed only to the groom.

White wedding stockings are a traditional attribute of a dress of the bride. By itself, color symbolizes joy, triumph and at the same time innocence. Such models are used for marriages from time immemorial, and today these classic accessories have also become stylish.

Which ones to choose depends only on your preferences. A win-win for those who doubt – translucent, with a light matte sheen and a wide lace elastic – it is suitable for dresses in any style. But no less organically look and openwork model with a delicate and miniature floral pattern (large visually add volume!).

Stockings for a wedding dress, shortened laconic style – an active, but very delicate addition to the image. Their selection depends entirely on the style of dress, and the choice is rich. Especially if you choose a dress not classic snow white color.

Stockings of neutral flesh color will become the most optimal and neutral option, but at the same time you should not get carried away with too light shades – they visually fatten the legs. Choose a color with a slight shade of tan, perfectly combined with the color of shoes – this is the key to a very harmonious image.

When choosing such models, make sure that their texture is smooth, but only matte, devoid of any shine – it creates unwanted effects when shooting. This is a guarantee that in the photos from the celebration your legs will look perfect. What color stockings under the wedding dress to choose, tell your own taste.

Wedding stockings and pantyhose with imitation seam at the back look very beautiful in such combinations. Plain, without a catchy decor, they are ideal for fashionable shortened dresses, designed in an elegant vintage style. For example, in the spirit of 50-s or 60-s of the last century. But, in this case, as shoes it is worth using only closed shoes and, in any case, not sandals.
Fishnet stockings for wedding dress

When deciding which stockings to wear under the wedding dress, pay due attention to the shoes. White shoes Today it is completely unnecessary for the bride, and if you choose a model of golden or silver shade, then the choice of additions should be well combined with the color of the shoes.

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