Wedding shoes 2018 year and their photos

The perfect dress is waiting in the wings, the flowers are ordered, the guests are convened … It remains only to find the most 5 beautiful wedding shoes. It is not necessary to postpone their search for the last day, but first it is necessary to exactly imagine what exactly they should be.

In the 2018 collections of the year, wedding shoes are presented for every taste. The main thing that designers insist on is to create a whole, very feminine and gentle, but at the same time personal image.

Beautiful wedding shoes

The most famous wedding shoe, as you know, was crystal. Modern designers do not leave attempts to make something equally beautiful and elegant. This year, white lace shoes trimmed with rhinestones, pearls and embroidery have become the trend of classic bridal fashion. The most elegant models in this style really resemble crystal of the finest cut.

The impression is enhanced by a simple, closed style and a low, literally “girlish” heel. They are ideal for a dress in a modern European style – an elegant “case” or flared new look.

Another option that refers to the image of a fairy-tale princess image is models with floral decorations. Large roses, lilies and peonies from textiles and laces are today one of the most fashionable jewelry that, unfortunately, is very rarely brought in everyday life. High showy heel and the most open style – very elegant and at the same time gently support the idea of ​​floral decor. Such models of today’s designers offer both in the classic pastel range, and in bright colors. This is a great addition to colorful dresses, which are increasingly being chosen by fashionable brides.

The third, but no less attractive, trend was the shine of precious metals. Leather with “gold”, and this season, especially with “silver” coating, perfectly meets the idea of ​​the celebration itself. Many designers enhance the noble shine with the brilliance of inlays of crystals and stones, but in any case, such models look very impressive, especially in combination with classic “ball” cut dresses: with crinolines and corsets. They can be the perfect shoe for a color outfit of any fashionable pastel shades.

Look at photos of wedding shoes from the 2018 collections of the year – each pair is worthy of a princess:

Fashionable wedding shoes and their photo

Finding the one and only pair in fact is sometimes no easier than a dress of perfect beauty. First of all, you need to decide on the style of the image, which will tell you the exact style and color of the shoes.

For classic snow-white outfits, with long fluffy crinolines and loops, elegant boats – leather, satin or lace – are perfect. The optimal height of the heel in this case – the average, giving the slimness and lightness of the silhouette. This season’s trendy pointed nose fits perfectly with the dresses of “historical” styles, as well as the rich expressive décor – bows or pearl-tone embroidery to match. White wedding shoes like this photo are the perfect choice for classic looks.

But today in a trend – not only snow-white models. To set a delicate color accent, you should pay attention to the clean pastel shades. Ecru, peach, mint, bleached pink, lavender – in a snow-white outfit they will be supported by decorative or live flowers of the same shade. And the more stylish such models look in an ensemble with a fashionable color dress of the bride.

Selection of shoes dress tone to tone in this case would be the ideal option. But finding an exact match is almost impossible, so for colored dresses you should look for a fashionable contrast solution. For example, a combination of lavender with mint or pale pink with ecru. In any case, the shades of both colors should be very delicate and clean.

Wedding Stiletto Heels

Classic outfits, and therefore shoes, according to statistics, selects three-quarters of brides. But today’s wedding fashion is responsive to global trends. And dresses in a variety of current styles are increasingly becoming dresses for the bride, who value their own individuality. Sustain the chosen style to the smallest detail, designers advise, and then your image will be not only magical, but also impeccably elegant.

One of the most fashionable trends – dresses in the style of new look in the most fantastic interpretations. Wedding options on stiletto shoes are perfectly suited to them: these can be either frivolous “shoes” with a delicate and delicate finish on a low heel, or elegant, laconic style colored models on a very high and sexy stiletto.

The theme of early retro in wedding dresses is very spectacularly revealed in dresses in the style of 60 and 70. They definitely need shoes in the same style – on the platform and high heels, the stud in this version looks just as perfect. In such combinations models with leather with metallic effect look very advantageous. The higher the heel – the shorter the dress, the fashionable rule says, which means you can safely wear an elegant and simple mini dress. Pay attention to how this photo wedding shoes stylishly combined with the outfit.

But dresses in the style of “Empire” or the Greek style of the same studs are strictly contraindicated. Classic models with low heels are ideal for them, the effect of which lies not in the cut, but in the decoration. Textile flowers, large buckles, trimmed with rhinestones, embroidery and even feathers are fashionable signs of wedding shoes for dresses in these current styles.

Wedding shoes: 2018 fashion

Even the most stylish and avant-garde women of fashion when choosing wedding images show enviable conservatism. Everyone wants to be like a princess, but today designers offer non-trivial and bold solutions to such images.

The freshest shoe trends in wedding fashion are transparent platforms, complex heels, bright inlays with stones and rhinestones. The only stylistic rule on which the creators of such models themselves insist is the tenderness and coquettishness of the style, without aggression and frank sexuality. And it is recommended to wear them with dresses of free and simple styles.

Fashionable wedding shoes without a heel will appeal to any bride, it is not surprising that their popularity is growing day by day. Under the crown, you can go in sleepers, the reputation of the most stylish bride. But most accurately the trend reflects the beloved ballet flats.

White and colored, decorated with bows, lace, flowers and inlay with spectacular rhinestones, they will make almost any outfit elegant. By the way, all models with a length of “maxi”, both classical, ball, and in the Empire style, look very advantageous in combination with ballet flats.

But most importantly, they will be indispensable at the ceremony with any scenario and venue – from an expensive restaurant to a beach cafe. The best organizers of the celebrations will definitely advise you to get ballet shoes as a “shift”. It is in them at the end of the official part and the photo shoot you can have a good time at your own wedding.

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