Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose?

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 1

To the choice of their wedding attire girls are with special trepidation, thinking through everything to the smallest detail. And, since the shoes are made perfect and harmonious by the image of the bride, she also receives a lot of attention.

What to choose a bride: sandals or shoes

Traditional wedding dress girls always complement the shoes in white. This tradition comes from the time of ancient Russia. In those days, weddings were most often celebrated in the fall, when everything contributed to the celebration – the weather and the availability of free time. Today, weddings are most often held in the summer. That is why, on a par with shoes, lighter and graceful sandals are popular, which will also successfully complement the image of a happy bride.

Many refuse to wear sandals in favor of shoes, arguing that lightweight summer shoes do not fit well into the outfit for the solemn event. But if your wedding dress is light and short, then there is no reason to refuse sandals.

Another reason that encourages girls to choose shoes instead of sandals – a wedding in a traditional style. Theft of the bride’s shoe is an important part of a traditional wedding. In addition, according to the tradition, the groom during the celebration should drink champagne from this very shoe. And if the bride is shod in sandals, then, you see, it will be difficult to do.

Superstitious brides also should not dress up legs in sandals on this solemn day. If you believe the signs, open wedding shoes will help to ensure that family happiness will flow away from life. To believe or not to believe in such stories is up to you. But do not spoil your mood by choosing shoes that will make you doubt the success of your marriage.

Advantages of wedding sandals

However, along with these, mostly fictional flaws, sandals have their own advantages. Lightweight bridal shoes are perfect for a summer wedding. Choose sandals from soft natural materials on a steady heel and the whole day spent on your feet will not be spoiled by minor inconveniences.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 2

In addition, these shoes fit perfectly into a wedding dress with a short dress. And after the end of the celebration, you can wear them in everyday life, combining with skirts and dresses.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 3

Shoes and sandals for a wedding

Wedding shoes, created by modern designers, differ in their style and appearance.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 4
Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 5

High heels

Most modern brides choose shoes or sandals with high heels. They are not very practical, but allow you to create a spectacular image, emphasizing the beauty and elegance of the female figurine. True, when choosing shoes with heels you should definitely consider the height of the groom, so as not to be taller than him.

If you are not accustomed to shoes with heels, then you should not choose a model on a thin hairpin. In them, your gait will be uncertain, and the mood at the end of the evening – spoiled due to fatigue. It is better to choose less elegant, but practical shoes with a steady heel, which, by the way, is now in trend.

Low heels

For tall girls, stylists recommend complementing a wedding image with low-heeled shoes. In it, you will look harmoniously next to your soulmate. Such neat shoes or sandals look concise and neat.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 6
Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 7


One of the most convenient options – wedge sandals. A narrow, steady wedge makes these shoes ideal for brides who are not used to feminine dresses.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 8

On the platform

We also recommend to pay attention to the shoes on the platform. They will allow to visually lengthen the legs, without causing any inconvenience. True, it should be borne in mind that this type of shoe does not fit all dresses. To shoes do not look too massive, pick up a dress in the Greek style or a tight “fish.”

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 9

Without heel

But no matter how comfortable shoes are on the platform or a steady heel, the most convenient option is a model with a flat sole. These shoes or sandals fit perfectly into a wedding dress in the Greek style. Win-win option – barefoot sandals, complemented by graceful straps or thin straps wrapped around the ankle. In addition to dresses in the Greek style, shoes without a heel will fit under the fluffy dresses with a corset or long skirt.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 10

Fashionable colors of shoes

The traditional wedding look is created entirely in white. But modern brides are not afraid to depart from traditions and make their image more universal. The simplest way to bring a touch of originality in the bow – shoes or sandals of a different shade.


The most successful option is a combination of a white wedding dress with pastel-colored shoes. This image looks very gentle and elegant. Universal light colors – beige, creamy, golden and sky blue. You can also give preference to mint or lilac hues popular in the past few seasons.


Feminine and playfulness in the image will add light shoes or sandals pink. This color is traditionally considered “girlish”, so these shoes are well suited for young brides and lovers of glamorous style.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 11


But do not give up the traditional white shoes. They are perfect for a monochromatic light dress. They make them more original with the help of decorative elements. It can be lace trim, bows, rhinestones or sequins.

Wedding sandals or shoes: what to choose? 12

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