Wedding hairstyles with braids, flowers and tiara

The choice of wedding hairstyle is a very important matter for each bride. Proper styling will create a vivid, memorable image. It should fit the shape of the face and be in harmony with other elements of the wedding dress.

If the dress is simple and stylish, the composition must be supplemented with a sophisticated wedding hairstyle using various hair accessories. In turn, more natural hairstyles are suitable for exquisite extravagant toilets.

Look at the photo, what kinds of wedding hairstyles we have chosen for you:

Wedding hairstyles: bet on curls

Large curls, soft waves or elegant small curls. Curls remain the same favorites among wedding hairstyles in 2018.

Lace Wedding Dresses

Wedding hairstyle curls photo 5
Wedding hairstyle curls photo 4
Wedding hairstyle curls photo 3
Wedding hairstyle curls photo 2

wedding hairstyles curls

Bridal Hairstyle: Easy carelessness for long hair

The sloppy bun is a very stylish and elegant wedding hairstyle for long hair. You can fully surrender to emotions, dance and take pictures without worrying about your appearance.

Trendy Short Wedding Dresses

wedding hairstyle bun photo 1
wedding hairstyle bun photo 2
wedding hairstyle bun photo 3
wedding hairstyle bun photo 4

Wedding hairstyles with braids: plaits and braids in images.

Wedding hairstyles based on the ability to weave braids are endless and varied. Choose the option that will maximize your youth and purity, making it irresistible in a wedding photo.

Wedding Dresses

wedding hairstyle with a scythe photo 1

wedding hairstyle with a scythe photo 2
wedding hairstyle with a scythe photo 3
wedding hairstyle with a scythe photo 6

wedding hairstyle with a scythe photo 7

Wedding hairstyles with flowers: flower fairy tale.

The most popular jewelry for wedding hairstyle in 2018 are flowers. Live or artificial, gently woven into long hair or attached to a hairpin, they will add to you a special refinement and tender romance.

Wedding flower boutonnieres 
Wedding hairstyles with flowers

wedding hairstyle with a braid and flowers
wedding hairstyle with flowers
Wedding hairstyle - a bunch of flowers

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