Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women

Often, the celebration of marriage is appointed at a time when the future wife is already awaiting addition, and her forms have taken on completely new outlines. Under such circumstances, should consider fashionable wedding dresses for pregnant women, designed by stylists with all the features of this difficult situation.

Maternity Wedding Dresses 2017

Beautiful and fashionable wedding dresses for pregnant women of 2017 are designed in such a way that there is no undue pressure on the rounded belly of the hero of the occasion, as this can lead to negative consequences for the little ones. In addition, it is necessary to take into account a noticeable breast augmentation – in some wedding toilets the bust is pinched or opens too much, as a result of which it looks unattractive.

The style of performance and style of such formal attire may be different. In 2017, the most relevant will be the following options:

  • retro wedding dresses for pregnant women;
  • Greek draperies;
  • models with lush skirts ;
  • extravagant short outfits.
Maternity Wedding Dresses 2017

Beautiful Maternity Wedding Dresses

Maternity Wedding Dresses 2017

Fashionable Maternity Wedding Dresses

maternity wedding dress

Summer wedding dresses for pregnant women

Pregnant brides in wedding dresses should not experience any discomfort, since this may adversely affect the future baby and bring the beginning of labor . This is especially important in the summer, when the child in the womb is already very difficult. Best of all for this purpose, suitable wedding dresses for pregnant women from thin weightless fabrics that hide the tummy in numerous folds.

As a rule, in the hot summer beauties try not to wear too lush and cumbersome decorations. On the contrary, during this period, it is right to give preference to short toilets, which open the eyes to those around slender and seductive legs, or to feminine and romantic items in the Greek style. In addition, it is very well suited concise dress straight cut, not overloaded with decorative elements.

summer wedding dresses for pregnant women

Summer wedding dresses for pregnant women

pregnant brides in wedding dresses

Maternity Wedding Dresses in Winter

Variants for winter are made of dense fabrics that protect their wearer from the piercing wind. In such products there is always a lining that improves their thermal performance. In this case, a wedding dress for pregnant women with sleeves can be a self-sufficient unit of the solemn ensemble, while the sleeveless models are almost always complemented by a cape, jacket, bolero, fur coat or short coat. Such a set of two products that are fully in harmony with each other in color and style of performance, allows the expectant mother to look stylish.

maternity wedding dresses in winter

Maternity Wedding Dresses in Winter

Maternity Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Which wedding dress is better to choose pregnant?

The choice of wedding dresses depends on many factors. So, some pregnant girls in wedding dresses tend to hide their “interesting” position from prying eyes and try to disguise rounded shapes. Others, on the contrary, like to show the public their new outlines, for example, noticeably rounded breasts. In addition, the selection of the optimal option is very much dependent on the duration of the pregnancy and the general condition of the young bride.

what wedding dress is better to choose pregnant

Best Maternity Wedding Dresses

pregnant girls in wedding dresses

Lush Maternity Wedding Dresses

Luxurious robes with crinoline are the dream of many beautiful ladies. However, expectant mothers should be treated with extreme caution. Thus, a retaining structure in such decorations may exert too much pressure on the abdomen and, moreover, cause mechanical injury. For this reason, lush and beautiful wedding dresses for pregnant women should be purchased only in specialized stores, products in which meets all the necessary requirements.

Products designed for delicate women can be of the following varieties:

  • a dress with a fluffy tutu or a multi-layered knee-length skirt and short bustier corset . Due to the special performance of the upper part, such a corset does not overtighten the stomach and looks great;
  • wedding dresses for full pregnant girls with a flared skirt and a V-neck. This model will attract the attention of others to the changed bust and hide the tummy from prying eyes;
  • a robe with a lush hem on thin straps looks incredibly elegant and elegant;
  • besides, the high-waisted style and the sun-skirt with a luxe petticoat is very popular.
Lush Maternity Wedding Dresses

Lush Maternity Wedding Dresses

beautiful wedding dresses for pregnant women

Short Maternity Wedding Dresses

Pregnancy is no reason to be wrapped from head to toe in a shapeless robe hiding all the outlines of the future mother’s figure. On the contrary, in this position, you can put on a fashionable short toilet, seductively opening slender legs and emphasizing a rounded tummy. Short styles of wedding dresses for pregnant women may have a high waist, flared skirt or straight cut.

Although it is customary to supplement shortened models with shoes or sandals with high heels , it is not recommended for beautiful ladies in a delicate position to do so. This is especially true of those women who marry in the second half of the waiting period for the baby. To minimize the possible risks and eliminate discomfort in the legs of the future mother, it is much better to give preference to beautiful and elegant ballet flats on a flat sole.

short wedding dresses for pregnant women

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