Wardrobe after 30, 10 essential items

Modern reality in many ways removes the framework and erodes the boundaries of the rules. Lists of mastered things, a la a little black dress and a beige trench coat, are already skeptical and have long lost their right to life.

Moreover, age restrictions after 30, after 40 – it sounds completely out of tune with the times and is not relevant.

But! I suggest you approach the formation of the wardrobe thoughtfully and rationally, since minimizing the consumption of things, as well as freeing up space for life and creativity from unnecessary trash, is a completely viable strategy.

So, based on the foregoing, a functional wardrobe is characterized by high combinatorics and the unity of style history.

In addition to the bonus of good compatibility of things, the wardrobe, designed in a single aesthetics, allows you to brightly and individually convey the values ​​of life, reflect your character, as well as profitably present the features of your appearance.

Work on an individual style is not always quick and easy, but always an exciting and deep process. Try to answer the questions: what is closer to you – naturalness or a polished gloss, lightness or weight, attention-grabbing or convenience?

Describe your style with 3-5 words that can be correlated with you as a person, as well as translated into the language of visual signals.

For example, the words that describe the style – tenderness, lightness, naturalness, dynamics. Accordingly, your visual signals will be pastel delicate shades, flying, non-fixed forms, natural matte fabrics, no overload in the accessory group.

Choose the most transforming and combining types of things in order to get the maximum sets with a minimum of things. When choosing, consider not only the type of thing – it will be a skirt or dress, for example, but the color scheme, shape of cut, texture and pattern on the product. Then your wardrobe will be unique and functional at the same time.

Below I will give examples of these types of things.

10 “obligatory” things.

  1. Pants or jeans. Choose current models – pants with a loose fit, jeans- not tight, bananas or boyfriends.

2. For one unit of the bottom (trousers or jeans) to create the maximum number of combinations you need two units of the top. One of them may be a blouse or shirt. Important – freedom of landing!

3. The second unit of top may be a top or t-shirt.

4. An indispensable, well-combined thing will be the unit of the top layer – a jacket or cardigan.

5. The most combined forms of dresses – dress-shirt and dress-combination.

6. In almost any aesthetic, you cannot do without such a unit of bottom as a skirt. Midi length option will suit most women.

7. Of course, shoes are needed. Pay attention to ankle boots, boots and loafers; they combine well with skirts and trousers.

8. Choose a bag according to your proportions. Baguette bags, purse bags, bag-boxes look actual.

9. Coat – a type of outerwear that is appropriate in almost any situation; it combines perfectly with dresses and trousers. Avoid an adjacent fit.

10. What a woman without decoration! I suggest paying attention to brooches – it’s comfortable to wear, you can pin it on a jacket, coat, blouse or even a bag, choose an iconic motif for drawing on brooches – a flower or geometry.

An example of combining the proposed types of things.

We leave to conquer our beloved ones, friends, our city!

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