Types of Neckties | How to Wear Men’s Tie or Neckwear to Fashion?

Fig: Necktie
The contemporary word “Tie”, a shortened form of “Necktie”, appeared first about 1820. The word derived from the form of this accessory garments, i.e., sometimes that tied around the neck. For some time after this, “Tie” and “Cravat”, an entire term, were used as a men’s neckwear that was worn over a shirt, and cravat use as a rather more high-toned way of referring to a necktie.

Anatomy to Necktie: 

Necktie can large in width, sometimes growing to as much as 5² inches, but are more likely to be about 2 3/4 inches to 3 1/2 inches. Lengths vary from 52 to 58 inches. Even longer ties can be obtained by placing special orders with retailers. Traditionally tie fabric is made in silk fiber. However, at present many other fabrics are used.
Different part of tie
Fig: Different part of tie

Types of Ties: 
Here I will mention different types of necktie for men with picture. You will also find out different men’s tie wearing or knotting techniques. How to tie a tie on yourself? They are below: 

1. Apron Necktie: 
The wide ends at the front and back of a contemporary necktie. 

Apron necktie
Fig: Apron necktie

2. Ascot tie: 
a. Wide necktie worn looped over and held in place by scarf pin. The ends are cut diagonally. 
b. Scarf looped under the chin. 

Ascot necktie
Fig: Ascot necktie

3. Bow tie: 
Mans tie, square-cut or with shaped ends, tied in a bow under the chin. Originally introduced in late 19th c. and worn with formal dress for men since then. 

Bow necktie & Butterfly bow tie
Fig: Bow necktie & Butterfly bow tie

4. Bolo /Bola tie: 
Western types tie of heavy rounded braid with metal-tipped ends fastening with an ornamental side. Also called Shoelace tie. 

bolo tie
Fig: Bolo/ Bola tie

5. Windsor tie: 
The Windsor knot is a thick, wide and triangular tie knot. Regular man´s necktie tied in four-in-hand style but large tie knot with suits wide collar shirt. After Duke of Windsor who made it popular in early 1920s. 

Windsor tie
Fig: Windsor tie

6. Four-in-hand tie: 
Long necktie that goes around the neck with one end looping over the other end twice, then being pulled through the loop making a slip knot. 

How to knot a four-in-hand tie
Fig: How to knot a four-in-hand tie

7. Cravat necktie: 
Sometimes used as a man’s wide necktie worn with morning coat and pinstriped trouser. 

Cravat necktie
Fig: Cravat necktie

8. Sailor tie: 
Large square scarf of black silk folded diagonally and worn under square sailor collar and either tied in sailor knot or pulled through strap on front of a middy blouse, which is a type of blouse copied from those traditionally worn by sailor. 

Sailor tie
Fig: Sailor tie

9. String tie: 
Necktie, usually not more than one inch wide, often black, worn in a bow with ends hanging down. Also called Bootlace tie, Southern Colonel tie, and in Britain, Sheriff´s tie. 

String tie
Fig: String tie

10. 7-fold tie: 
Unlined tie made from an outer fabric that is folded over 7 times. As a result no lining is needed, however, due to the cost of such ties, they are now relatively rear. 

7-fold tie
Fig: 7-fold tie

11. Clip-on tie: 
Pre-tied knot like a Four-in-hand or a Bow tie that is fastened to the collar band by a metal clip. 

Clip-on tie
Fig: Clip-on tie

12. Kipper tie: 
Necktie 4 or 5² wide with ends like a Bow tie usually of striped or patterned fabric. Introduce from England in late 1960s. 

Kipper tie
Fig: Kipper tie

13. Hunting stock tie: 
Worn folded over once to fill in neckline of jacket. Used by equestrians when riding in hunt field or show ring. Decorative pins are used to join the two ends of the tie. 

Hunting stock tie
Fig: Hunting stock tie

14. Macclesfield tie: 
Necktie made from silk fabric of a type produced in Macclesfield, England. Fabrics has small dobby weave patterns. 

Macclesfield tie
Fig: Macclesfield tie

15. Rep/Repp Tie: 
Tie made from fabric with closely spaced crosswise ribs. Fabric may be made from a variety of fibers. 

Repp tie
Fig: Rep/ Repp tie

16. Handmade Up Cycle Fashion Neckwear: 
This tie is made from different types of fabric, and it is decorated by leather, stone, or button etc. It is closely wrapped around the neck and mainly worn by women. Mainly used by fashion purposes. 

Handmade up cycle fashionable necktie
Fig: Handmade up cycle fashionable necktie

17. Different uses of necktie: 
Now a days necktie used as a recycled finished product. Fashion designer use men’s neckties to produce different types of fashionable items like tie made dress, hand bag, wallet or photo album, tie made accessories like bracelets, head gear, hats, belts etc. 

Fashionable dresses made by men’s tie
Fig: Fashionable dresses made by men’s tie
 Different accessories made by men’s necktie
 Fig: Different accessories made by men’s necktie
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