Types of necklaces and necklaces, their difference

For someone there is no difference how to call the jewelry on the neck – a necklace or a necklace. But if you consider yourself a fashionable girl, then it is important for you to know the difference between these beautiful and beloved jewelry. Indeed, they are often confused, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them from one another.

How does a necklace differ from a necklace?

The word “necklace” comes from the Old Slavic word – “mouth”, which meant the neck, or rather, “throat.” It turns out “necklace” – this is something around the throat. In Russia, a necklace was called a collar or collar of chain mail, and then they began to call various ornaments that were worn around the neck.
The necklace  came from France, and also means “collar” in translation. It turns out, it seems, the same thing, but in fact the necklace and necklace in Russian are used to name different neck jewelery. It now remains to figure out which one is a necklace, and which one is a necklace.
Necklace – necklace in the form of a chain with inserts of precious stones or beads, mounted in a frame. The frame can be made of precious or non-precious metals. The links of the frame make up the product as a whole, which can be a flexible or rigid structure. Inserts in the necklace can be homogeneous or close to homogeneity, the same applies to the size of the inserts. All elements in the decoration are distributed over the entire length relatively evenly.
How does a necklace differ from a necklace?
Necklace is a decoration of a more complex design, in which the central part has the most pronounced decorative effect, and stands out for its size. As central elements there can be stones, crystals, beads, various kinds of pendants – medallions, pendants, amulets, brushes, etc. The central part can be made as a single element, usually massive, or a group of elements.
To consider what types of necklaces and necklaces, we note also – and what are the beads. The beads in the simplest and most precise understanding are crystals strung on a string or beads that do not have a rim.
Neck ornaments are classified according to various criteria. Consider some of them.

Varieties of necklaces and necklaces along the length of the product

Collar jewelry can be either a necklace or a necklace. Collar (collar) in English means a collar. The length of this jewelry is the shortest – about 30 – 35 cm, so it fits snugly to the neck. Such jewelry – both a necklace and a necklace can consist of several rows of various inserts: stones, pearls, crystals or beads. They look great with deep cleavage, in other words, in evening dresses.
Collier Collier
“Choker” has a literal translation as “strangler”. Its length is slightly longer than the collar — 35–40 cm. If the collar encircles the neck somewhere in the middle, the choker is located at the base of the neck and fits snugly enough. A choker can also be a necklace and necklace . This version of neck jewelery fell in love with ladies in the Victorian era. The choker is a magnificent classic necklace that has been a symbol of elegance and grace at all times.
Necklace choker
“Princess” – necklace length 42-48 cm. The classic version of “Princess” are beads. The length is perfect for restrained casual wear, and as a necklace with a pendant in the central part. What will be the suspension in size, quality and decoration, it depends on you. The necklace in this version can also be. 
These jewelry will fit to different cuts, that is, outfits can be with deep cuts and completely closed.
Princess necklace
Princess necklace
The decoration of the “matine” type has a length of 50-60 cm. This decoration is well suited for the office and everyday images. Its length is just above the chest line. These are usually beads and necklaces. Gorgeous necklaces of homogeneous semi-precious and semi-precious stones, about the same size, for example, amber or pearl necklaces.
The necklace-opera has a length of 70-85 cm, falls slightly below the chest line, but does not reach the waist line. In this version of fashionistas please beads and necklaces.
What you need to know about necklaces and necklaces, how they differ
Rope or Sotuar
The longest decoration on the neck is the sotuar. Its length should be at least 112 cm, and the maximum length – 180 cm. Remember Coco Chanel, and the sotuar will immediately appear before your eyes. It can be worn in several rows, wrapping around the neck and thereby adjusting the length. Only the name Sotuar is more often applied to this model, occasionally calling it a necklace or beads.

Varieties of necklaces and necklaces by design

Consider only the most common types:
The necklace of Riviera is one of the most beautiful jewelry for an evening out. It consists of identical or homogeneous stones, fixed so that the attachment points cannot be seen, and therefore the decoration looks like a river flowing just below the base of the beauty’s neck. Translated from the French word riviere means river. So the name of this necklace accurately conveys its essence.
Fermoir (Fermoir – translated from French – clasp). Decoration is also better to use as an evening. Because the clasp plays a major role here, and should not be behind the neck, but, on the contrary, in front, so that everyone can see the beauty of the precious stone. Although the clasp is a clasp, however, both the necklace and the necklace with the precious clasp are called clasps. And how to distinguish one from the other, you already know.
Necklace Fermoir
Warehouse Translated from French, it means slavery and, accordingly, a collar. A bracelet necklace is a strip of fabric on which a bow, flower or other similar elements made of precious stones are usually fixed in the center. This necklace fits snugly to the neck, and the precious pendant lies in a hollow.
Necklace – stock may consist of several chains or pearl threads forming a strip. Inserts of precious stones or beads are fixed in the frame.
Collar collar
Necklace plastron. This extraordinary beauty is often called a necklace. Рlastron – roughly translated as “breastplate” in French. This decoration covers part of the neck and part of the chest. Choker-plastron can be a luxurious addition, especially if you are in a little black dress or in a minimalist style dress, where nothing overshadows the beauty of the jewelry.
Necklace plastron
Now you know the difference between a necklace and a necklace. Each of them is able to transform your outfit beyond recognition. Even going out in your favorite little black dress will be a completely new way that will surprise your girlfriends.

Costume jewelery is much cheaper than jewels, so you can fill your “malachite box” with various kinds of necklaces and necklaces. Women who are 40+ should choose jewelry with special care, trying not only to the face and along, but also paying attention to the high quality of the product.

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