Trendy haircuts and hairstyles for spring 2020

Trendy haircuts and hairstyles for spring 2020

How often do you change your haircut or hairstyle in your image? And when do you most often want to do this? Most likely, such thoughts creep into you after the prolonged winter colds. When you are tired of wearing hats and constant hair problems from frost. Therefore, spring is the time to change your hairstyle or haircut. For such cases, we decided to collect the most fashionable spring haircuts and hairstyles 2020.

Diversity your image, do not be afraid of changes in appearance. Each time you change your image, you will feel like a completely new person and much more attractive.

Trendy spring haircuts 2020

Choosing a haircut is always a difficult question. I want to fit into your style, as well as be fashionable and modern.

In the spring season of 2020, stylists offer different types of haircuts. The most popular will be haircuts of medium length. But long hair, as always, remains in fashion. So for such cases, we decided to pick up several different options for haircuts. So you can definitely choose the right haircut for you.

Bob haircut

Beautiful long hair is certainly beautiful, but the most important thing in this case is that they are shiny and healthy. Therefore, often in pursuit of the length of the girl forget about it. Namely, for this there is a mass of short haircuts. So the spring season 2020 will be in fashion haircut bob. 
Bob haircut combines the whole style and fashionable trends of our time.

There are several options for this haircut. This is a classic bob haircut and a bob haircut. The difference is the length of the hair. In the classic version, the hair only reaches the middle of the ear and, as it were, is rounded to the ends. The second variant of bob haircut is more elongated. The length of the hair reaches the end of the earlobe and may be slightly lower.

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The most important point in a bob haircut is volume. He gives the haircut the right look. The volume is attached using a small fleece and foam. You can also use large curlers and after them stretch your hair with a hairdryer and brushing.

Haircut cascade

Cascade is one of the most common types of haircuts. This model is worn by many girls and women. The advantage of a cascade haircut is that it can be done for different hair lengths. 
Haircut cascade is a strand of different lengths, cut into layers. Also, in the face, the strands are usually cut even shorter than the rest of the hair.

Such a haircut will look beautiful with all the colors of the hair. But the most advantageous hair will look heterogeneously dyed. This effect will refresh your look and make you more playful.

Fashionable haircut cascade easy to style. The bouffant and curls will look especially beautiful. Curls will look very natural.

Double care haircut

A rather unusual double-haircut haircut will be very popular in the spring season 2020. This is not a new haircut model, but it was accidentally forgotten. But in vain! A double bob haircut looks very cocky and sexy.

A haircut is similar to a classic square, but this is only at first glance. This haircut is performed in two slices. The bottom layer is cut evenly and shortly. Due to this, the very effect of a chic volume is given. And the top layer is made as a square with an even cut or elongated strands in front. 
With a double square, bangs work great. What does it have to do with all its variants, but it’s best if it will be oblique. And for the most daring images, let it be a slanting ragged bangs in combination with dark makeup, for example, smokey ice.

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Trendy spring hairstyles 2020

In the spring, when we finally take off our hats, we can experiment with new hairstyles. In the choice of hairstyles, usually for girls everything is standard. There are a couple of options and vary with them. But when you get bored of the same thing, then the search begins for a new and interesting one.

For this reason, we have collected the most fashionable spring hairstyles for 2020 and suggest you choose something to your liking.


Ponytail hairstyles are the most relevant. They are loved for the beauty and speed of execution. But most often, girls make a standard low or middle tail and run about their business. Yes, it is really convenient and fast. But do not forget about fashion. Fashionable spring tails are presented in different variations.

The most relevant will be a high tail, it is best to do it with a wrap. Such a tail can be easily done on slightly damp hair. First, do the usual high tail, and then with the help of foam “squeeze” the hair into curls.

Also, a tail will be beautiful and fashionable, on which a curl of hair will be wrapped over the elastic.


Various braid options are familiar to all girls from childhood. Almost every mother plaited braids in the morning, but more often it was the most common. And in the spring season of 2020, the braids are returning to our lives. Braids will be very popular for girls of all ages – from schoolgirls to adults.

Now, in the spring season of 2020, they offer to braid various braids. It can be spikelets, ordinary braids, side braid. Also, braids can be combined with tails. For example, wrap an oblique elastic band or braid one or several spikelets to the tail.

Straight loose hair

All girls, without exception, love loose hair. Therefore, the great news for you will be that it is straight straight hair that will be the most fashionable version of spring hairstyle 2020. This version of hairstyle shows all your natural beauty and femininity.

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