Trendy haircuts and hairstyles for short hair 2020 – 82 photos

Trendy haircuts and hairstyles for short hair 2020 – 82 photos

For girls, the decisive moment in the image is hair. Therefore, haircuts and hairstylesare chosen with particular care. A certain category of girls chooses short hair. It is very beautiful and suits many. Best of all, this hair length is suitable for girls with a narrow face of a triangular or oval shape. This will add chic volume and make your overall look more harmonious.

Haircutsand hairstyles for short hair always look especially. Of course, with such a length you can’t just pick up and tie a ponytail. Here you have to do the styling every day, but the result is worth it. And soon it will become a daily ritual for you and deliver incredible pleasure.
In this article, we will help you understand the most fashionable haircuts and hairstyles of 2020 for short hair.

Trendy haircuts 2020 for short hair

How difficult girls are sometimes given the choice of haircuts. Especially when it comes to choosing hair lengths and their healthy appearance. Definitely long hair is a wonderful decoration for a girl. But sometimes the choice is in favor of short haircuts. And they are wonderful in their own way.

Short haircuts make the image bold and attractive. Therefore, if you want to diversify your image, then you should try on one of the short cut options.


Kare is one of the most classic haircuts for short hair. This type of haircut is suitable for all types of hair. Heavy and straight hair with a bob haircut will look strict and expensive, and curly hair will create a daring and playful look.
A haircut is a straight cut of hair along the earlobes. The cut is smooth without milling.

When choosing a bob haircut, you should understand that you are now obligated to do styling daily. And will it be straight hair or curls is your choice. It is best to straighten the short hair of the caret with the help of a hairdryer, a brush of brushing and ironing, as a fixing element.

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Another trendy 2020 short haircut is the bob. A bob haircut combines elongated front strands from a bob and a ladder length from a bob haircut. This haircut is perfect for all types of hair: curly, straight, thin.
A luxurious bob-haircut will suit any type of face, both wide and narrow. In addition, this haircut is perfect for wrapping. And you can twist only the front strands and slightly stab them back.

Graduated caret

A graded bob haircut is undeniably very beautiful and deserves your attention. Graduated caret is performed very easily, the hair in it is cut in stages. The upper strands are made the shortest and further longer with each level.
This haircut is best done if you have straight hair. Because that’s how you show all hair levels. It will also be fashionable in such a haircut strands of the same color, but different shades.

2020 hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles girls change, of course, much more often than haircuts. And for this case, you need to have a lot of hairstyles in your arsenal. But hairstyle fashion is as volatile as anything else. Therefore, we suggest you look at the most fashionable hairstyles of spring 2020.
It may seem to you that with a short hair length it is impossible to make any hairstyles, but this is not so. And we will prove it to you. There are a lot of beautiful and interesting hairstyles. Almost all hairstyles we offer are suitable for different haircuts.


Hairstyle with curls has always been the cutest and most feminine. And so even the most daring short-cut look can be made cute.
In 2020, the most fashionable types of curls will be large natural curls. The advantage of short hair in this style is obvious. You will spend a minimum of time and get a gorgeous result.

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Curls for short hair can be done with a curler or with foam. If you choose a curling iron, then use a cone, it will create natural curls. This hairstyle can be created with foam. To do this, squeeze a ball of foam on the palm of your hand and bend the hair. And here you get beautiful curls with a wet effect.


If you think that having a short haircut, you can say goodbye to various weaves, then you are deeply mistaken. A short haircut is not a reason to refuse, unless you just have a haircut for a boy.
To perform braiding on short hair, certain skills and dexterity are required. Weaving for short hair is done with a gradual capture of strands and, of course, can not do without varnish, hairpins and small rubber bands. All these tools help to better consolidate your hairstyle and last it as long as possible.
It is best to do inverted weaving, they will give additional volume and effect of thick hair.


For short hair, the bouffant always remains fashionable. So 2020 it will be relevant. The easiest way to do this is on short hair of different lengths, such as graduated bob. In such a haircut, the hair is combed in layers and an elegant volume is created.
For a better fleece effect, use foam and hair spray.
Instead of fleece, you can use a curling iron gafra. To do this, you can buy a special thin for volume or gently use an iron with a corrugated plate. The corrugation is performed a few centimeters from the roots and you get the same effect as on the pile.

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