Trendy hair colors for short haircuts

The choice of hair color for owners of short haircuts should be approached with extreme caution, because such hairstyles are always original, therefore they will not remain without attention of others.

Short haircuts and hair color – is, above all, expressiveness, brightness, a special sense of style, but always a harmonious combination, which will give the girl attractiveness and irresistibility. Fashionable stylists this year brought to the attention of fashionistas some of the most striking and stylish options and methods for dyeing hair.

Stylists were named the most fashionable hair colors for short hair, which will be relevant for owners of such modern haircuts. Despite the fashion trends, which are changing rapidly every season, monotonous coloring of the strands remains out of fashion, which is important for owners of short haircuts.

Colors for short hair: the main directions

This year, we can distinguish two main areas with one-color dyeing – these are the most natural tones and noble cold colors. Taking into account this fashionable trend, it is necessary to abandon all bright explosive paints that are not typical of natural strands.

What color palette should be preferred to fair-haired beauties? The trend of hair color of the year for short hair, like platinum blond. Its popularity is not inferior to him strawberry blond – a delicate shade of pink quartz, as close as possible to the natural hair color. A more natural tone will be if it becomes less saturated when stained.

Owners of dark short strands, or those who decide to join their ranks, stylists recommend to pay attention to all the chocolate shades. This is a classic that remains relevant always, without succumbing to the influence of temporary fashion trends.

Another color that will be especially relevant for short haircuts is saturated black. In the fashion were cool shades of black, perhaps even with impurities of blue. This color scheme is ideal for dark strands, especially for ultrashort haircuts, with an emphasis on short lengths.

Natural red and his reserved shades are another fashionable 2018 hair color for short haircuts, which will be popular with admirers of naturalness. Especially stylish copper shades will look in the new season on short curly hair.

The dark blond cold shade will give the fair sex sophistication and noble restraint. It is appropriate absolutely for any short haircut. The stylists do not recommend the owners of the natural light brown color to give strands to dyeing, because they can remain in the trend of the season without harm to the hair.

Metallic – one of the most unusual colors for short hair. Color options can be different, girls choose blue, gray and pink shades. With such staining strands acquire an attractive sheen.

Metallic hair color for short hair in the photo below:

Ombre short hair coloring technique

Despite its relevance for several seasons earlier, in 2018, the fashionable ombre dyeing technique, which looks great not only on medium and long, but also on short strands, does not give up its position. This technique of coloring is quite diverse, the main thing in it is to achieve a smooth transition of tones from one to another. The color of the tips of the strands must be brighter on 2-3 tones than the roots themselves. Ultrashort length haircuts can prevent the use of three tones, then you should opt for two suitable shades. The technique of coloring “ombre” looks very nice on the hairstyle “square”, when highlighting the strands is carried out at different levels depending on the length of hair.

Highlights on short hair: trendy colors 2018 of the year (with photo)

Highlighting, having first appeared in the fashion world many years ago, has not lost its relevance in our days. This year, the trend was a highlight, made not in dark light colors, as the traditional version of this coloring, but in contrasting bright colors. Trendy are such trendy colors for highlighting 2018 for short hair like copper, lilac and ash. Especially stylish looks glare highlights, which has long been a classic. Subtle glare will give the female image expressiveness and freshness, while they will look as natural as possible.

All the most fashionable highlight colors for short hair in 2018 are shown in the photo below:

Contrast coloring bangs

The new trend for short haircuts was the contrasting coloring of the bangs. She can be painted in absolutely any tone – both bright and muffled, the main thing is that she looks as harmoniously as possible with the hairstyle and the female image as a whole.

Bright and extravagant personalities paint bangs in the most juicy and explosive colors – red, orange, purple, yellow, green, while the main tone of the strands is mostly natural black, brown and light brown.

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