Trendy eyebrows 2020 – the most trendy solutions and 82 photos

Trendy eyebrows 2020 the most trendy solutions and 82 photos

When applying makeup, girls always put their emphasis in it. Someone highlights the lips, someone eyes, for others, the tone of the face is important. But no doubt everyone emphasizes eyebrows. It is eyebrows that give the image a contoured appearance. So doing a natural makeup, eyebrows perfectly complete the image.

There are a lot of options for eyebrow shaping in 2020 for every taste. Therefore, we decided to make an article and collect the most fashionable solutions for eyebrow shaping 2020.

Natural eyebrows

The fashion for naturalness in 2020 is almost everything. And, of course, the fashion also extends to the eyebrows. 
Natural eyebrows do not imply complete grooming. These are just those magical skills when you need to do naturally, but at the same time make an effort.

To create natural eyebrows, you only need to give them the desired shape. Do not make any sharp corners and thin “strings”. Just remove the extra hairs under the eyebrow and between them. This is if you have too long hairs, then slightly trim them.

Gel eyebrows

When applying eyebrows often use a lot of tools. But the most fashionable eyebrow treatment in 2020 will be the eyebrow gel. At its discretion, this can be a colorless or colored gel. But if you still choose a colored gel, then the shade should be as close as possible to your eyebrow color. Since the gel is not able to completely overlap the color.

The fashion trend of 2019 – combing the eyebrows to the top with a gel – will remain in fashion in 2020. Such eyebrows give a bold look, you can experiment with them in different makeup options. An image with smoky ice will look especially interesting.

Eyebrows raised at the beginning

Stylized eyebrows remained in 2019. But the eyebrows raised at the beginning is the most fashionable in 2020. Such eyebrows make the look bold and even defiant. Eyebrows raised at the start are very easy to make. If your eyebrows are long, then they just need to be combed up and they will remain so. Short eyebrows are easiest to fix with a gel.

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Such eyebrows are suitable for all girls and are combined with all types of makeup. Feel free to experiment with such trendy eyebrows.

Wide eyebrows

Wide eyebrows quite often return to fashionable eyebrows. So in 2020 they are with us again. 
Such eyebrows can be achieved by growing them for a while. But do not forget to adjust the shape.

Wide eyebrows are not suitable only for girls with a small oval face. They will look best in the image if you have large eyes. So everything will look harmonious.

Colorless eyebrows

Maybe at first glance colorless eyebrows sound and look a bit unusual. But all this is not as strange as it might seem at first glance.

Trendy colorless eyebrows 2020 came to us from the catwalk. Very lucky in this case, girls who naturally have light eyebrows. But for everyone else, there is the opportunity to purchase trendy colorless eyebrows in 2020.

The effect of colorless eyebrows can easily be achieved with dyeing. The color of the eyebrows in this case can be different shades of the blond. Most often, cold tones are chosen, for example, ash-white, pearl.

Powder coated eyebrows

Rough dark eyebrows with tattoo have long gone out of fashion. In addition, eyebrow shaping techniques are always being improved and one of the most fashionable in 2020 will be powder-coated eyebrows.

This is currently the best paint application technique. The technique of applying powder spraying involves applying paint to the surface layer of the skin without going deeper. The paint is applied with small dots in abrupt movements. Thanks to this technique, eyebrows look as natural and well-groomed as possible.

Powder-sprayed eyebrows are stored throughout the year.

Shaded Eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping with shadows is one of the simplest techniques. And it is in 2020 that the eyebrows colored with shadows will be so fashionable. This method of eyebrow shaping will help to hide the missing hairs over the entire width of the eyebrow. And if you slightly moisten the brush, you will get a beautiful and clear outline. The main thing is not to make eyebrows with a sharp angle and a square beginning.

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Everything should be neat and feathery. So your eyebrows will look natural, but at the same time give your face a contoured outline.

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