Trends in spring

  • Tropical print ;This season there are many contrasts within the masculine tendencies. If before we talked about dress suits, now we go to the opposite pole: the printed shirts. But not any print , the tropical style like fresh out of the chiringuito is the most these months. Great for those who like to dress casual.
  • Great logos ;Logomania is growing stronger and becoming one of the star trends in men’s fashion this season. Proposals to show it? This white shirt with Levi’s logo . You will not take it off.
  • Tweezers ;In the same way that jacket suits triumph, trousers are also big players. How to take them? With shirts tucked inside and with a belt.
  • Waist bag ;A few years ago we would have considered this accessory as tacky but today is an essential piece in any cool look of men. Of course, the way to carry it is not the same as always: to get the desired effect you have to put it across your chest.
  • Pole ;The poles again conquer the men’s closets this spring. This in navy long sleeve is from Studio Classics.
  • Camouflage print ;The one of camouflage, next to the tropical one, is the protagonizado print of the spring 2018. Show it with this parka of Green Coast with hood.
  • Pink colour ;It’s been a long time since pink stopped being an exclusive color for girls. Of course, this year is when more strength in male fashion. Dare to wear it with this Easy Wear T-shirt with short sleeves.
  • Jogger pants ;The sports style takes a lot. Bet on him with this gray men’s trousers U Adolfo Dominguez.
  • Large pockets ;The Saharan jackets are a gap between spring trends with designs full of maxi pockets like those of this brown biker jacket of Young Formula .

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