Trends in everyday life. 7 urban bows with leather skirt

Leather clothes are one of the brightest trends of the fall-winter 2019/2020 season. Leather is an expressive texture and is able to give an image of dynamics and make it more interesting.

It is worth noting that products made from eco leather are not inferior to genuine ones, on the contrary, the use of synthetic materials in the composition allows you to maintain the shape of the product for a long time, and modern technologies make the process of wearing more comfortable.

Designers offer us a total-look of leather, but not always and not everywhere such an image will be appropriate. There are many stylistic techniques for using clothes from expressive textures in everyday life. Consider some of them with an example of a leather skirt.

So, 7 city bows with a trendy thing – a leather skirt.

Accented leather skirt and white shirt

A great option for lovers of modern feminine style. The accent thing in this way, of course, is the skirt due to the print and sophisticated cut.

Leather skirt and voluminous turtleneck

A cozy look is suitable for urban autumn walks, and if you plan to go with friends in a cafe, you can complement the bow with high stocking boots.

Chocolate skirt leather and vibrant accents

Very stylish, this skirt is combined with a bright top and accent boats. Bow for a date in sunny autumn weather in the park is ready.

Maxi pleated skirt

Create a romantic look. You can warm yourself with a denim jacket, jacket or a straight midi length coat.

Trends 2020 with a leather skirt - new photos
Trends 2020 with a leather skirt - new photos


A skirt with a leather smell over a knitted midi dress – an trendy bow.

Black and white bow with a leather skirt, a sweater and interesting accessories

A colored or unusual bag, textured printed shoes and an image no longer seem austere and boring.

Trends 2020 with a leather skirt - new photos

Feminine blouse and leather skirt

A stylish image in which you can even go to work with a lax dress code.

Trends 2020 with a leather skirt - new photos

The texture does not go out of fashion and the skin remains relevant, most often just a style can become obsolete.

Stylist’s advice: if you want a trendy thing to harmoniously fit into your everyday wardrobe and last more than one season, give preference to a simple cut. A simple cut is almost always a guarantee that a thing will be relevant at all times. Play with texture, color and prints. 
Let every bow be stylish!

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