Trench 2019 – season trends

Volumetric trench coats with cape will look the most relevant. They perfectly complement the multi-layer kit and suit girls bright and ambitious, in the case of choosing a model of shiny leather or vinyl.

If your style is more minimalistic, make your choice in favor of options from a matte texture, for example, gabardine, and a discreet shade – beige or gray.

Compact models should not be considered this season, give preference to models that have volume and length.

Leather, including eco-leather, is one of the most relevant materials this fall, including being used as a material for a trench coat. A colored leather cloak will allow you to create unique sets for creative and not bored lovers.

Fashion colors

If your style can be described with the words traditionalism, warmth, comfort and coziness, feel free to opt for trench coats of beige and brown.

Strong and shocking girls should experiment more boldly and turn their attention to trench coats in a large color cage or having contrasting details.

This fall we combine trench coats with actual bags – a pillow bag, a baguette bag or a cube bag. It is important to take into account your proportions, miniature girls are more in tune with small models of handbags, higher ones are larger in size.

Shoes that complement the trench kit are laced boots, Cossacks and high over the knee boots.

The variety of relevant options allows us to choose exactly what will decorate our appearance and will harmoniously reflect the individuality of each.

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