Top most beautiful manicure of winter 2020

Top most beautiful manicure of winter 2020

Top most beautiful manicure of winter 2020

It is still believed that experimenting with the design of manicure is possible only in the summer season. In fact, this is not so, since for winter nail designers present no less number of ideas for every taste. Each of them is original, so all fashionistas will easily choose the most suitable solution for themselves.

The most relevant shades for manicure for winter 2020

According to experts, in the coming year there are no restrictions in terms of choosing a color scheme for manicure. But still, there are several options that are popular a little more than the rest. Among them, a variety of delicate pastel shades: pink, blue, lilac, gray, mint and other tones. Choosing such a cover, you can definitely count on an elegant manicure.

Also, do not forget about the classic white, black or red coating. Such shades are well combined with each other, thereby allowing you to create countless types of design.

Lovers of brighter design of nails should not be upset. After all, such a color scheme is simply indispensable for an image for a party or a festive event. Looks great manicure in blue, burgundy, brown or red. Especially if you add it with a scattering of sequins, rhinestones or other decor.

As for the texture of the coating, in 2020, both glossy and matte manicures will be appropriate. The design looks very interesting with “liquid foil”, which always looks bright and bold enough. The design also looks great with the help of additional details. It can be rhinestones, rubbing, sparkles, glitter and other decor. Each of them gives a completely different effect, so be sure to look at a few examples before choosing.

Trendy geometric manicure winter 2020

Despite the fact that geometric design can be done all year round, it is in the winter season that it looks especially beautiful. Of course, a lot depends on the chosen color of the main coating. For everyday life, neutral pastel shades are better suited.

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In turn, for an evening out or attending an event, dark, deep tones are more suitable. Directly, the design can be done using tape. Various stripes and their intersections in silver or golden look especially stylish. If desired, they can be made of sparkles, which also adds originality to the manicure.

Also in winter, a knitted manicure looks great. It is especially cozy, delicate, so it goes well with almost all looks. An experienced nail master will easily make such a design in a short time. In other matters, if you like to experiment with manicure at home, you can try to make such an option. To do this, you need a special acrylic powder and a basic set for working with gel polish.

Of course, to make a decent design the first time is unlikely to succeed, so it’s better to practice on paper. If the volume of the design is not a fundamental nuance for you, it is better to purchase a slider design with a knitted pattern. It looks attractive in its own way and is considered to be a good alternative to the previous version of manicure.

Since the White Rat is a symbol of 2020, we can safely place emphasis in the form of such a pattern on the nails. It can be realistic, playful or cartoony. It all depends on your preference. The color scheme in this case, you can choose any. Since the main thing is that all the details look good among themselves.

Trend foil manicure winter 2020

Every fashionista knows that foil is a must have for winter manicure. It is used both for full coverage and for emphasis or a small insert in the design. In 2020, it can be used in a variety of variations, creating countless current designs.

For beginners, nail masters are advised to experiment with simpler options for this decor. For example, small prints on a neutral coating always look gentle, fresh and stylish. In addition, such a manicure looks great on nails of various shapes and lengths.

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More experienced girls can experiment with designs such as broken glass. This design is often chosen to celebrate the New Year. Since it looks neutral, but at the same time it is incredibly beautifully poured and glistens when lighting hits it. Agree, this is the perfect complement to the festive look.

Stylish marble manicure winter 2020

Perhaps one of the most popular nail design options is still marble design. It looks great in almost any color scheme. However, girls most often do it in gray, blue, pink or brown.

As for the background, the main coating is mainly white, gray or black. Each of the options perfectly complements the cozy winter look. Therefore, we can say that marble design has become one of the most versatile solutions.

Among the whole variety of types of design, it is difficult to choose something the most beautiful, original and interesting. Moreover, for each girl, a completely different manicure will be ideal. Be inspired by ideas, save your favorite options and share your opinion in the comments about which manicure is the most beautiful.

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