Top 40 of the most sophisticated models for women and women – Collar

Color-collar is one of the most creative design variants. This is due to the special shape that gives a very attractive appearance to all products, whether it is outerwear or other closet items.

Color collar model

The classification of stylish wardrobe parts, such as collar, is determined by the nature of the design and what the material is made of.
  • Items can be made of satin, such as thick and thin wool, knit, light and airy chiffon fabric;
  • The rings can be made of similar materials or made of other materials. At the same time, it can match or contrast things in the shade;
  • As for the type of costume items that can be decorated with such details, it could be a jumper with a collar, collar, dress, blouse, Lonesome , jacket, coat;
  • This element may contain certain additional decorative details. For example, it could be a big button or a bow.
Color collar model
Knit dress with collar

Beautiful color hose clamp

Knit collar

The knit jumper with collar-collar gives a very organic and sophisticated look to any woman. It is characterized by the following design features.
  • The part is very loose and effectively falls down in the chest or has a less important size and can be almost under the throat.
  • Mating can be done in a variety of ways. This is a classic English gum and is a variant that includes all kinds of large decorative elements (such as string or woven).
  • Mating can be represented by a single shade or multiple strings, which can be alternately or subtly mutually interchanged.
Knit collar clamp

Knit collar

Another harmonious element of clothing is considered yoke knitting:
  • Parts may have different cuts, narrowed or widened. In the latter case, it can be folded and draped several times.
  • A variety of wardrobe items can be made of knitwear, including a pullover with collar, collar, dress and turtleneck.
  • Knitwear is reasonably considered one of the best options for textiles and offers a soft, feminine line like all products.
Knit collar

Satin collar

To create an unrivaled bow, you can use a beautiful color collar made of satin.
  • This fabric is often used to create unique materials. Evening dresses can be used to design blouses that can be worn on the office if needed.
  • Color satin collar can decorate products made from other materials. For example, it could be silk, chiffon, and even knitwear.
  • Satin collar collar

Button ring

If you use it to create a necklace decorated with a button, the image will be as memorable as possible.
  • Most models have large button sizes. It may be presented as a single copy or there may be multiple copies.
  • Buttons act as a kind of decorative element, bright and eye-catching.
  • The location of the buttons may vary, it is located on the front or side;
  • The collar may include a solid or buttoned and fixed front or side cut.
  • This design is decorated with all kinds of wardrobes. It is a tunic with a collar, a dress, a sweater and a blouse.
Collar button

Stand with your bow and stand up.

Making sophisticated bows can vary depending on discretion. If you use a detachable collar collar and complement the colorful bow:
  • The bow can be in front or side.
  • The bow can range in size from small to very large, and is bound by a wide band of fabric.
  • The detachable collar collar can complement the wardrobe made in various styles. These can be blouses, jumpers, dresses used in offices, or dresses made in an incredibly feminine romantic style.
Bow and Necklace

Chiffon collar

It looks great if the decorative elements like chic color clamps are made of chiffon.
  • This type of fabric can make the image very smooth and airy.
  • Parts can be made of monochromatic material or can contain any combination of all different colors. Fingerprint ;
  • This collar collar is unique to apparel items that are mainly intended for summer or warm spring.
Chiffon collar

Clothes collar

It is a sophisticated and original garment designed to complement a variety of things.
  • The product can be made in a variety of form orientations, and can be an office, romantic evening version.
  • Materials used in manufacturing may also vary. For example, this knitted dress with a yoke of color, satin, silk, chiffon made from knitted yarn.
  • Such elements can decorate the robe, it is the general option for decorating the coat;
  • This way you can decorate your dresses, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, blouses and turtlenecks.
Collar collar on clothes
Clothes collar
How to wear a color hose clampStylish collar collar

A dress with a collar

The stylish decorative elements are harmoniously added to the dresses of the various styles:
  1. The knit dress with collar is suitable for making bow every day. Can be worn as solid and insulated stockings. If we are talking about mini-length products, high boots can be supplemented for midi versions, which are suitable boots with medium-length shafts.
  2. Evening satin or silk models will look great at gala events. They can be combined with classic boats on a narrow hairpin.
  3. Office dress-cases can also contain this element. It is self-sufficient and looks great on its own, but can be combined with an elegant jacket or jacket if you wish.
  4. Romantic chiffon dresses are ideal for the summer season and will look great with sandals in a variety of styles.
Collar dress tie

Sweater with collar

This collar is very feminine and this sweater is very organic in this design.
  1. The product has a collar with a volume going down to the decollete area and a small volume covering the neck, but not too close at the same time.
  2. Knitting can be made with a variety of variations and can be used as the actual decoration of the image. This is especially true when there is a volume line or string. In this case, similar patterns can appear on the sweater or only on the neck, making it the main focus of the image.
Sweater with collar

Sweater with collar

Wear a sweater-like design and a sweater with collar. This piece of clothing can be used to point out things without reminiscent of jumbo, but “lightning”, a model with buttons or snakes, is often used. Depending on this, you can play your neck in the following ways:
  • To be hard viscous;
  • You can turn off a specific part using a button or snake (“lightning”) presented on one or several instances.
Sweater with collar

Sweatshirt with collar

A sweatshirt with a collar-collar is perfect for composing the original youth bow:
  • These products are made of soft and soft material and are often knitwear.
  • Colors can be created with contrasting colors. Sweatshirts , sleeves in the same shade as it, can go pocket.
Collar sweater

Blouse with collar

The incredibly sophisticated design solution is a blouse with collar:
  • The blouse can be very elegant and can also be used to supplement the evening bow. For example, satin or silk.
  • Knitwear blouses are suitable for everyday wear.
  • During the hot summer season, a chiffon blouse containing plain and diverse fingerprints will actually be found.
Blouse with collar

Coat with collar

Details such as the beautiful collar collar can actually decorate a variety of styles of coats.
  1. The coat can be absolutely any cut: gracefully, dimensioned to free size or peaked at the bottom.
  2. The distinctive feature of this type of sock coat is that it does not need a scarf. This function can successfully accomplish this element, which must be wrapped securely around the neck.
  3. When choosing a headgear, choosing the same shade as this element will look very harmonious.
  4. The choice of other things and shoes depends on the nature of the custom coat. The elegant mounting model should therefore be combined with a pencil skirt or a polished dress, classic straight pants and skinny skinny jeans. Shoes, ankle boots, heels or high wedge boots are suitable for shoes. They can have low or high tops and are chosen according to the length of the coat.
  5. You can choose a skinny model of overalls, trousers or jeans, warm leggings. This is necessary to balance the image and prevent overloading. The thick soles boots complemented by tractor relief look organic.
Coat with collar

What jewelry is worn with a collar?

The key to determining how to wear a collar-collar is the right gem selection. They can act as sophisticated highlights of the image:
  1. Such a collar attracts attention due to its special cuts, so it is best to choose a medium-sized decoration that fits the image organically. But do not overload it.
  2. A great broach attached to this item can be a great solution. It can include vegetables, flowers, and animal subjects.
  3. A turtlenecked turtleneck can be decorated with one or several rings. Small brooch designs are the same or different.
  4. Earrings and rings can be made in the same brooch style.
  5. Another design technique can be called using an elegant pendant on a long chain. This pendant goes down the chest with the chain on the collar.
Jewel with collar

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