Tishade glasses – who are fashionable accessories round?

John Lennon, Grigory Leps, Ivan Okhlobystin, Ozzy Osborne … What unites these characters? Very stylish accessory – glasses. They are distinguished by the perfectly round shape of the lenses, often enclosed in a laconic frame. Look great on men and women, but require a competent selection of the image in order to avoid comedy.

Who are round glasses points?

Accessories serve fashionistas essential service – advantageously complement the image, focusing on the necessary areas. All this is about tishaydy. As they just do not call! “Lennons”, as the soloist of the Beatles was the first to bring an accessory to the fashionable Olympus, “bicycles”, “a la the cat Basilio” … However, they are not for everyone to face. For a start, let’s figure out who suits the round glasses.
  1. Feel free to wear them can owners of an elongated face.
  2. This shape can soften the square chin, long nose and massive lower jaw.
  3. Girls with a round face in “Lennons” will look ridiculous.
who are going round round glasses

Round glasses

This form is considered the most ancient. Remember at least the famous pince-nez. To date, round sunglasses from the sun can be very diverse: in the frame and without, mirror and color, small and oversized . Only the perfect circle of lenses that are made of glass or plastic remains unchanged. The frame can be metal, nylon or plastic. If you decide to strictly follow the fashion and in the mandatory order to choose a “bike”, then it will not be superfluous to understand their diversity.
round glasses

Mirror glasses

Mirror optics – a very extravagant element of the image. Initially, such glasses were worn by pilots. They reflect the sun rays well, so you can safely wear glasses on tourist walks in the open air. They will be perfectly combined with shorts, jeans, hats and light dresses. You can choose colored mirror lenses, and then your image will sparkle even more bright colors. One has only to carefully select the desired size of the optics. Big round glasses look more universal, and a small shape on an elongated face will be irrelevant.
mirror glasses

Round steampunk glasses

This is the most outrageous type of Tishade. In general, the style of steampunk is known for its futuristic, emphasis on mechanics. Such glasses with round glasses look more like small binoculars with an elastic band that pilots of starships would wear in the future. This model is not common, but is found in fashion shows. Steampunk accessories are loved by extremely extraordinary, creative personalities such as Lady Gaga . If you did not find the desired model in the stores, then you can make it yourself. This will require your imagination, materials and the male hand.
round steampunk glasses

Rimless Round Glasses

Tishades without rims always look very natural. The face becomes more open, the features are practically unchanged, therefore, this model will not be able to adjust the shape of the face, nose or chin. In the image with this accessory, lightness immediately appears. Given the retro-focus of this form, boldly combine it with elements of clothing in the style of “hippie”: long flying skirts, leather jackets and tops. If at the expense of “Lennons” you are going to adjust a rectangular or square face, then without hesitation choose sunglasses with a round rim.
round rimless glasses

Round glasses with clear glasses

Transparent round glasses are rightfully associated with the intelligentsia. If your task is to create an image of “nerd”, then transparent “bikes” will come to your rescue. This accessory can be not only fashionable, but also bring some benefit to its owner. For example, adjust vision. And if you apply a special anti-reflective coating to round lenses, then you can safely work at a computer or drive a car. It is possible to combine transparent glasses of tishaida with strict blouses and dresses, “diluting” the image with a light scarf or beret.
round glasses with clear glasses

Small glasses

Round sunglasses look a little frivolous thanks to the famous animated hero – the cat Basilio. On the other hand, thanks to John Lennon, this accessory can add drama to the image. Brave girls, who are eager to highlight their individuality and are ready to be surprised by passersby, are choosing such tishayds You can combine this model with casual wear: shorts, overalls or sundresses. Be sure to complement the image with a hat and catchy beads. Extravagant onion ready. Be sure you don’t get lost in the crowd.
small glasses

Round retro glasses

Domestic and overseas film stars of the 60s-70s more often preferred them to other models. The peculiarity of the “Lennons” in retro style is a massive monophonic or variegated plastic frame, large lenses of soothing colors: black or brown. Very fashionable look “bikes” in white or leopard frame. Round retro sunglasses are perfectly combined with a dress-case and a silk scarf tied to the head in the style of Audrey Hepburn. And do not forget the bright lipstick, a small bag and high-heeled shoes – the image of the temptress is ready.
round retro glasses

Fashionable round glasses

The accessory in the style of The Beatles soloist John Lennon has been gaining popularity for several seasons in a row. Many famous couturiers include this model in their collections. The price for women’s Tishade in stores varies from $ 4 to $ 600. Both quality and manufacturers vary. If you are preparing for a theme party, then cheap glasses will be just in place. Well, if you want to use them for their intended purpose, as protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays, then it will not be superfluous to purchase a more expensive model. Consider some collections of famous fashion houses.
fashionable round glasses

Round Chloe Glasses

Traditionally, the Chloe collection is characterized by simplicity and elegance. Accessories of this brand are devoid of unnecessary pretentiousness and pompousness. Chloe round glasses are famous for their smooth rim lines, double rings and thin metal threads, as well as non-defiant color palette. This accessory will suit both business and romantic images. In addition, high-quality materials make these problems the real guardians of your excellent vision and smooth skin. Excellent quality and brand awareness dictate its high price, which varies from $ 182 to $ 268.
round chloe glasses

Chanel round glasses

Virtually every woman of fashion wants to have in his arsenal a genuine accessory from Chanel. Round shaped sunglasses are a great option for such a purchase. The world-famous brand from the collection to the collection offers its fans a wide selection of glasses points. In the line of Chanel, you can choose for yourself both classic round models and decorated with rhinestones, leather, pearls and interlacing of chains in the frame. On such a stylish and high-quality accessory will have to spend considerably. In the shops you will be offered “bikes” with prices ranging from $ 236 to $ 547.
round glasses chanel

Round glasses Miu Miu

The Miu Miu brand belongs to the granddaughter of the founder of the Prada brand. Having inherited a great sense of style, Miuccia Prada creates impeccably fashionable rebellious collections of clothing and accessories. And she took the place of honor in her ruler’s glasses. The collection contains both corrective, and fashion and sun-protection models. The round glasses of the brand strike with the designer’s imagination – bright prints, unusual “torn” frames, bright lenses. This accessory for girls is 100% confident in its attractiveness. The price of such “Lennons” is quite high – about $ 341.
round glasses miu miu

The girl in round glasses ishaydah always attracts the eyes to her. The stores feature a huge variety of frames, lenses and decor that make this model almost universal. Nevertheless, the “Lennons” – a complex accessory. Round lenses dictate certain face and hairstyle parameters. Similarity with famous characters can favorably highlight the image, and can bring it to the point of absurdity. The price of women’s glasses varies greatly. If this accessory is needed for a theme party, then you can save. Choosing glasses for sight, buy a quality model.
girl in round glasses
The answer to the question with what to wear round glasses will be given by the situation itself, to which you select an image:
  1. Bicycles are combined with many styles, but not with all. The exception is sporty and military style.
  2. To work or study you can afford a blouse, a pencil skirt, transparent tyshade and bundled hair in a bun.
  3. Dress for a walk “a la hippie girl”: a flying dress, leather jacket, wavy hair and dark Lennons.
  4. On a themed futuristic party dare to the image of steampunk.
  5. Do not be afraid to experiment, because for glasses, fashionable frames are very conditional.
round sunglasses

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