Time for yourself: how to turn pampering into pleasure

Tips in our article on how to turn pampering into pleasure

Necessary routine or the opportunity to devote time to yourself? What will be the daily body care – is up to you. You can quickly take a shower and apply cream before bedtime, or you can turn skin care into a relaxing procedure that will lift your mood and distract you from anxiety. We offer 3 tips that will help make regular care a pleasant ritual that can delight and empower.

Everything has its time

The dynamic rhythm of life makes us take a shower in a hurry, hurry to scrub, quickly moisturize the skin. Such a procedure is unlikely to give positive emotions. To make your body care truly enjoyable, set aside a specific time for it in the morning and evening. Get up 15 minutes early, free half an hour before going to bed – and in these moments forget about hours, deeds and worries. Cleanse and moisturize the skin calmly, apply products with gentle and gentle movements, allow the cream to completely absorb. And most importantly, enjoy the peace and quiet! A measured and unhurried ritual will help to calm down and relax. In addition, the skin will respond well to gentle care. Devote her a little more time – and soon notice the result.

The secret is in the scent

The cosmetic market offers many products, among the advantages of which are not only effective skin care, but also a pleasant aroma. Choose the perfume composition that you like the most and evokes positive emotions. What seems closest: flowers, citruses, berries or tropical fruits? Or maybe notes of desserts? For sweet lovers, NIVEA offers a collection of shower mousses with aromas of mouth-watering treats. Recently, the lineup has replenished with two new products: “Peach Souffle” and “Vanilla Caramel”. The warming perfumery composition of “Vanilla Caramel” gives a feeling of warmth and comfort, and the sweet notes of the “Peach Souffle” mousse are wrapped in coziness and tenderness.

Pleasure will give not only the aroma, but also the texture of the product. Thick and airy foam, which cannot be achieved with an ordinary shower gel, will pleasantly envelop the body, like a fluffy cloud. Mousses have a delicate formula and contain silk extract, which makes the skin smooth, moisturized and silky. After using the mousses, it remains a delightful feeling of softness and a delicate aroma of desserts. By pampering your skin with such “sweets”, you can easily turn body care into pleasure – without a single calorie.

Desired atmosphere

Transforming daily activities and creating pleasant moments is also an art. To make body care a special ritual, come up with interesting “decorations” for it. Decorate the bathroom with beautiful details, turn on pleasant music, select the appropriate lighting: in the afternoon – bright and awakening, in the evening – muffled and soothing. If you take a bath before going to bed, you can arrange scented candles in the room and choose a relaxing playlist. Surround yourself with beauty, coziness, comfort – and instead of rushing to cope with the necessary cleansing and hydration of the skin, you will look forward to the time you devote to yourself and body care!

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