Things to be excluded from the wardrobe

Thing # 1 – Low Waist Jeans

Once, any fashionista dreamed about them, which regardless of age, social status and physique was absolutely unimportant that they got off the fifth point when she tried to sit down somewhere. Unfortunately today thong sticking out of his pants, this is bad manners. Therefore, low-waist jeans are no longer the dream of millions, but evidence of a lack of taste. I advise you to take a closer look at modern models with a high waist – they sit better, and they demonstrate a figure much more spectacular.

Thing number 2 – capri

It is difficult to say why, but it is this model of trousers that is very popular among our compatriots. Especially, I will give women 45+ and “in the body”. Probably, it seems to them that in this model of trousers their figure looks more refined and harmonious. But this is absolutely not true and, to be honest, on the contrary, it adds too much. Give up capri pants in favor of classics or trousers with a length of 7/8, which really allow you to visually lengthen your figure, especially in combination with the right top.

Thing number 3. Leopard Leggings

Some representatives of the fair sex still think that this attribute is the basic basis of their wardrobe, and not a pencil skirt or anything else boring. Leopard leggings are femininity and sexuality on the verge of fantasy (naturally, in their opinion). Despite the fact that the so-called animal print periodically returns to fashion, but he does it now without leggings. Remember this and throw them away immediately. And in general, leggings are not trousers! These are tight tights. You do not need to wear them as a separate type of clothing, especially when your weight has long exceeded 50 kg.

Thing number 4. Super mini.

Today, the trend of dresses on the floor, Victorian style, and, therefore, a minimum of bare body parts. Sexuality and femininity are expressed in other ways: due to the cut, texture of the material, a tight silhouette. Fashion has become more closed, but no less sensual and spectacular. Therefore, discard the miniskirt in favor of a much more sexy and narrower pencil skirt in combination with stilettos. Remember the walk of Marilyn Monroe, who was in a hurry to catch a train in the movie “Only Jazz in Jazz”: Was she wearing a miniskirt at that moment? No. But how sexually attractive she was in a tight-fitting dress a little above her knee.

Thing number 5. Translucent turtlenecks.

Just because your bra is visible doesn’t make you sexy. Vulgar, indiscriminate in fashion and living yesterday – yes. Sexual – no, no and no! Replace this outdated fashion attribute with a beautiful tight-fitting classic-style blouse or black turtleneck, and, believe me, you will be irresistible. Again, remember Michelle Pfeiffer in the final scene of the movie “Wolf”: she was wearing an ordinary black turtleneck and jeans, but this is one of the sexiest images in the movie. Sexuality and femininity within you, learn to demonstrate them without resorting to external effects with the help of transparent or translucent clothing. Firstly, today it is not fashionable, secondly, it gives a bad taste, and thirdly, you demonstrate disrespect for yourself and the insecurity of your personal boundaries.

Anika Kerimova, designer

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