Thick legs: Styles of clothing that slim legs

Slender, beautifully shaped legs always attract the attention of most members of the stronger sex. No one can accurately determine the parameters of beautiful legs, but each woman will determine with certainty what her thick legs, ankles, and what a breeches or ears are on her hips. There can be many shortcomings, but if there are any, one must somehow mask them. And you can do this with the right clothes. Today, magazine told how to make legs visually slender with the help of clothes.

How to make legs visually slim

So the problem is that you have thick legs. What to do? Hide.

Experiment with skirts, trousers, jeans, etc. Do not be afraid to choose clothes in fashion salons and boutiques. Do you always wear long skirts on the floor? Try changing your preferences. Get jeans. They are suitable for everyone. The main thing is to choose the right style. Jeans will hide their full legs and give the appearance of youth and enthusiasm.

When choosing jeans, consider that only flared models or men’s cuts hide the fullness of legs and calves. Flared jeans will lengthen your legs and make them slim. A model with a man’s cut is sitting freely. And if you want to give a look of mischief, you can wear sneakers on a wedge, which also lengthens the legs. Another rule you should not forget when choosing – jeans should be dark in color from a soft material that can freely take any shape.

If you are the owner of a beautiful chest, emphasize your dignity with a tight top or sweater. For everyday wear, combine jeans with comfortable shoes and loose elongated sweaters, wear a tight top and stilettos in the evening.

Flared jeans help hide crooked legs and lengthen legs
For those with curved legs, stylists recommend choosing jeans and flared pants.
clothing styles for crooked legs, what to wear if a woman has crooked legs
Red flared trousers, model of trousers for crooked legs
flared velor trousers suitable for crooked legs
black women's jumpsuit, the model is great for crooked legs

Full legs: how to choose a dress and skirt

A long fluffy skirt hides not only the legs, but also the boyfriend. At the court of Louis XIY, which was famous for its love affairs, the ladies did so. In your case, the right skirt will serve as an excellent disguise for overly full legs.

Women themselves determine which style of a long skirt suits them, guided by the characteristics of the figure. For example, visually slender ladies with narrow shoulders and an aspen waist have thick legs and prominent hips. For this type, a long pleated skirt or corrugation, with pleats or many assemblies, is suitable.

Full women are better off not wearing fluffy skirts: they weight the already massive bottom, emphasize fullness. Skirts intended for full women and girls should be quite free, without assemblies and pockets, especially overheads. Stylists recommend choosing a year, pencil or trapezoid model. It is permissible to have vertical cuts in the center of the front or rear on the skirts of a straight silhouette.

A well-chosen top to a skirt or trousers will help disguise the fullness of the legs. Tunics, cardigans, jackets with a length up to the middle of the thigh will help to look stylish and elegant. Such models are suitable for both girls of high stature and miniature persons.

Of course, the presence of dresses in the wardrobe of every woman is required. It is important to choose dresses of a free silhouette with a small pattern or a vertical stripe. If you buy a plain dress, then the color should not be bright, but muted, better than dark shades. Such models make slimmer any woman. An evening gown on the floor will perfectly hide thick legs and make its owner the heroine of the celebration, it looks so beautiful and luxurious.

There are not many outfits. Look in our magazine for an overview of stylish dresses for women with large sizes .

sheath dress visually lengthens legs and makes full legs more slender and thin
dress with a belt, a model of tight hips with a length below the knee, the style of the dress lengthens the legs and makes them more slim
dress with a slit that slightly opens the legs.  such a model visually slim full legs
bright dress for women with full legs

Full foot shoes

If you have full legs, then refrain from contrasts unfavorable to you. Everyone knows that dark colors visually reduce size, while light colors, on the contrary, increase it. If you choose shoes of light shades with a massive upper with a thick heel or wedge heel, then it will reduce full calves.

Visually slim legs and a figure in general, high-heeled shoes. It can be small, but necessarily stable. For ceremonial exits, choose a hairpin.

A wedge heel or a massive platform is the most acceptable option for owners of full legs. Shoes should be with a graceful top, as a closed toe, burdened with decor, will visually make the figure heavy and heavy. Shoes with dull, square toes are also not your option.

Low shoes and ankle boots are not an option for full legs. They shorten their legs. Give preference to open models, and for the chilly season choose elegant boots.

For women with full legs, bags with short straps or clutches can be recommended. Long jewelry also visually stretches the silhouette. Dear women, love yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses.

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